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The outstanding value of Italian ceramic tile

Most products attain outstanding levels of performance in terms of some of their parameters but perform less well with respect to others. It is only a select few that maintain […]

The ever-faster information flows in the world of ceramics

Are we heading towards a world in which ceramic manufacturing will find itself at the centre of a data cloud? If we look closely at what is happening today, this […]

Manufacturing excellence takes the spotlight at Cersaie

There are very few exhibitions that can boast an attendance of more than 110,000 visitors, and almost none where international visitors make up almost 50% of the total. Cersaie is all of this and more.

Cersaie, the value of high-quality tile laying

For the first time ever, Cersaie is bringing together all the activities and companies involved in ceramic tile installation in a single space. Located in the new hall 31 A, the 2750 square metre Tiling Town will host all the institutional spaces and stands of companies operating in the world of tile laying.

The ninth star, that of Richard Rogers

Tuesday 25 September will be another memorable day for Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings. When Richard Rogers takes the stage in the Palazzo dei Congressi to give this year’s Keynote Lecture, he will become the ninth Prizker prize laureate to take part in the Building Dwelling Thinking cultural programme.

The beauty of Cersaie 2018

True beauty is never the result of a single aspect of excellence but stems from a harmonious combination of many elegant and carefully-balanced elements. This universal principle applies not just […]

In search of Freespace at the Venice Biennale

The 16th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale (26 May – 25 November 2018) is devoted to the theme of Freespace. With the aim of promoting the collective demand for architecture, Freespace centres around the concept of space that is “free” in both economic and material terms and can be experienced as a common good.

The importance of design in the use of Italian ceramic tiles

Once upon a time, there were Italian ceramic tiles with their well-known dimensional, aesthetic and technical characteristics. This was a world in which Italy enjoyed an undisputed leadership position in […]

The growing importance of large-size ceramic panels and slabs

As part of an ongoing process of technological and engineering development, 2018 has seen the start-up of a number of new plants for the production of large-size ceramic panels and slabs. This new technology complements the other well-established manufacturing processes and offers fresh business potential for the Italian tile industry.

IT & Big Data for future ceramics

With all probability, 2017 will end with an absolute record of investments in technology for ceramics, driven by the launch on the market of ceramic slabs, an economic situation showing positive signs in different markets, and by the Industry 4.0 tax incentives envisaged by the Italian Government.

The importance of installation in Italy and worldwide

The idea that Italian ceramic tiles are integral to a 'coating system' - envisaged in its broadest sense of wall or floor coating, outdoor or indoor, is getting more and more consolidated everywhere.

Industrial design on display at Cersaie

Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, is ready to open its 35th edition, where products of outstanding quality in terms of beauty, design and technology will be on display for five days.

Travelling the digital ceramic highway

The new website www.ceramica.info is an integrated information system that combines digital channels with the newly restyled Cer Magazine Italia. It serves as a hub of communication reaching out to all market players, a bridge between the Italian ceramic industry and the various parties involved in the purchasing cycle of this area of Italian excellence.

Ceramics as opportunity

The construction industry is going through a period of gradual transition in which quantity must be replaced by quality, new build by renovation and urban regeneration, and low-efficiency buildings by structures capable of producing more energy than they consume.

Bumblebees and Italian ceramics

It is the bumblebee paradox, i.e. the belief that this insect, because of its shape, should be incapable of flight; yet it does fly with no problems at all.

Italian ceramics, 360° green tiles

There is a particular feature that makes Italian ceramic industry stand out with respect to other world competitors: the stress it gives to sustainability, which, apart from being a peculiar quality to products and processes, lies at the bottom of the industry’s global business approach.