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The Italian ceramic industry does its part

5 key areas for opening the door to the future

Let the figures speak for themselves.


Recovered unfired and fired waste


reused wastewater


self-generated electricity


dust emissions avoided

Sustainable projects

urban residential

An urban style interior in a traditional nineteenth-century farmhouse

urban residential

A delicate balance of solids and voids

factories and production plants

Brighter and more functional workspaces

transport facilities

M4, a driverless line for a more connected city

urban residential

Geometries and colour contrasts

non-urban residential

Exotic atmospheres

public hospitality facilities

A peaceful location with views of the Carpathian mountains

urban residential

1950s Revival

shopping venues

Faber’s first brand store pays tribute to De Chirico amongst others

urban landscape

In search of a new sense of harmony in the Città Studi district of Milan

public hospitality facilities

A tribute to contemporary modernism in the countryside near Lake Garda

non-urban residential

The fluid spaces of an energy-efficient villa

healthcare facilities

A futuristic ceramic tiled ocean liner

non-urban residential

A gem by the lake

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Living sustainably.

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