Who we are

Ceramica.info is the official web portal set up by the Italian ceramic industry to communicate with market players the world over.

The Italian ceramic industry consists of more than 220 companies located throughout the country along with about another twenty operating outside Italy but owned by Italian groups. The industry has a total turnover of more than 6.2 billion euros and employs a workforce of 25,000 people. The individual segments making up the industry are ceramic tiles, ceramic sanitaryware, tableware and refractory materials, all of which are affiliated to the Italian employers’ federation Confindustria.

A key segment of the country’s home design industry, Italian ceramics stand out for two key characteristics: a strong international focus and substantial investments in technological innovation. The sector’s international scope is demonstrated by the fact that 85% of ceramic tiles and 55% of ceramic sanitaryware produced in Italy are exported. Investments in technological innovation are consistently higher than 5% of annual turnover and in 2016 amounted to a record 400 million euros, 14% up on the previous year and equivalent to 7.4% of turnover. The sector’s companies have a strongly cluster-based distribution. Although present throughout the country, they are concentrated in particular in the clusters of Sassuolo, Imola-Faenza, Civita Castellana, Vietri sul Mare and Impruneta.

Confindustria Ceramica is the trade association representing industrial-level manufacturers of ceramic tiles, ceramic sanitaryware, ceramic tableware and refractory materials, while other companies in the supply chain are present as aggregate members. Edi.Cer. spa is Confindustria Ceramica’s service company responsible for organising Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings held annually in Bologna, and for carrying out publishing activities including this web portal.



The companies making up the Italian ceramic industry each have unique characteristics, dimensions and strategies that enable them to operate successfully in the domestic and international markets. So along with general information and trends regarding the sector as a whole, it is also useful to be able to find specific details about individual companies.

The search engine below can be used to find company information sheets providing physical and digital addresses, turnover, product types and number of employees.

Ceramics of Italy is the institutional trademark used for all promotional events relevant to the Italian ceramic industry, both in Italy and worldwide. It can be licensed for use by member ceramic companies in accordance with a specific authorisation process.

Confindustria Ceramica member companies may apply for a licence to use the Ceramics of Italy trademark after signing a contract that regulates its characteristics and use. The trademark is applied strictly to products of Italian origin, enhancing their value in terms of design, sustainability and market appeal.

You can read below the list of companies and brands entitled to use the Ceramics of Italy trademark.