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2019 Ceramics of Italy Spring-Summer Tile Trend Report

After reviewing hundreds of new products from Italian tile producers at Coverings in Orlando and ICFF in New York, Ceramics of Italy is pleased to announce the top design trends […]

A future-looking comfort zone

The bathroom is evolving and changing look, breaking away from pre-established patterns and offering flexible solutions to the needs of contemporary living

How ceramic surfaces are changing

A material of natural origin that is transformed through human inventiveness into a product suitable for use in the world of design and architecture

From large sizes to decorative details

First held at Cersaie 2016, the Press Cafés aim to promote discussion of ceramics in architectural design through informal meetings between industry professionals, companies and editors of leading Italian magazines in the sector, such as AD and Interni.

2018-19 Fall Winter Italian Tile Trend Report

There are a handful of events that set the stage for defining the world of design each year. Cersaie – the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings – […]

The hi-tech and low-tech bathroom trends

The pervasive and increasingly sophisticated presence of technology – albeit virtually invisible and highly user-friendly – sparks a desire for rough, minimalist and aesthetically low-profile bathroom furnishing solutions where re-used materials are combined with latest-generation or industrial-inspired surfaces.

Beyond trends towards customisation

Not just new collections but an entire value proposition that combines catalogue products with new offerings tailored to market demands

The 2018 Spring Summer Italian Tile Trend Report

Cersaie may be the biggest tile moment of the year but Italian manufacturers continue to innovate and launch new products throughout the year.

Comfort “made in Italy”

The third “mood” to emerge at Cersaie 2017 after “Poetry” and “Tradition” is that of Comfort, in this case the well-deserved luxury of spending time in places that nurture a sense of well-being

The sustainable lightness of wellness

The bathroom is currently the most exciting domestic space in terms of aesthetic and technological research. Today’s this space is focusing not just on functional performance but also on its emotional and multisensorial components.

What’s new in the bathroom

The bathroom brings together several different sectors including furnishings, taps and sanitaryware, each of which is proposing new products featuring latest-generation materials and extra-luxury finishes

Memory and tradition in Italian ceramics

In this second article devoted to memory and tradition we continue our journey through the aesthetic trends that emerged at last year’s Cersaie. The discussion was inspired by an article […]

The moods that inspire Italian ceramics: poetry

The latest ceramic trends unveiled at Cersaie 2017

Ceramic tiling maintenance: just water and a normal household cleaner

Italian standard UNI 11493 establishes the requirements that ceramic tiling must meet to ensure that it can be cleaned easily and effectively through periodic maintenance operations.

The bathroom, increasingly at the heart of the home

An aesthetically designed, ultrafunctional, welcoming and sustainable all-round living space is a fairly accurate description of the contemporary bathroom, reflecting a desire to transform what was once seen as a purely utilitarian space into an environment with a strong design content.

Wood-look tiles in interior design

The range of Italian wood-effect ceramic tiles has expanded significantly. Aesthetic trends, guide to installation and advantages.

Mimetic variations

The increasingly high levels of aesthetic and functional performance of porcelain tile are once again grabbing attention at this year’s Cersaie.

The beauty of nature, the strength of porcelain

Part of a growing trend, wood-look ceramic tile offers many advantages over traditional parquet flooring but without losing the warm, welcoming look of the original material.

A wood-look floor that is cool in summer and warm in winter

Underfloor heating – also known as in-floor heating or radiant floor heating – is often considered a very recent innovation, but as some people may remember it was already in use in the period between the 1950s and 1970s.

Contemporary lifestyle

Intense, desaturated colours, soft touch surfaces, visually striking washbasins with rounded, organic shapes: the latest bathroom furnishing trends draw on elements inspired by the natural world to create a relaxing, homely atmosphere. Without forgetting the technology that discreetly underpins every function.

Natural inspirations, simple soft lines, evocative colours

With market statistics suggesting that the worst of the storm is over, Italian companies can congratulate themselves on their hard work and above all their determination to remain true to their nature.

The latest tile trends take the spotlight at Cersaie

Once again this year Cersaie is showcasing tile collections produced by companies from all over the world, and once again “made in Italy” is enjoying the lion’s share, offering a parade of creativity and technology that never ceases to amaze – even in a market that has become accustomed to the extraordinary quality of Italian products.

Dress code

Fashion and tiles: a bond dating back to the origins of ceramic industry which gives surplus value to tiles Made in Italy.

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