Ceramic surface trends respond to specific needs | by Elena Cattaneo

Alongside the need for hygienic and easy cleanable surfaces that emerged in the wake of the pandemic, the latest home design trends have focused on three specific requirements: flexibility and customisation, intimate spaces, and visually-striking effects that brighten up the home.


Flexibility and customisation

Flexibility and customisation are now taken for granted. Spaces take on different functions without being limited by traditional boundaries, so surface finishes have to be flexible and give occupants the freedom to use the rooms in their homes as they wish according to the time of day.

01. The Imola Ceramica brand’s choice of expanding its The Room collection with a new selection of precious marbles caters for one of the most popular contemporary trends, that of giving free rein to personal tastes.

02. The Mediterranea coloured-body porcelain tile collection from Tagina is inspired by sun-drenched, timeworn stone from Mediterranean lands.

03. One of the most interesting new products presented by Nuovocorso at Coverings is Macchia Vecchia Azzurra from the Bigslabs large-format porcelain tile collection.

04. Oxide from Gardenia Orchidea stands out for its industrial-style inspiration and a highly realistic surface that reproduces the tactile and visual appeal of oxidised metals.

05. The Poetry House collection is the result of a collaboration between ABK and Paola Navone’s design firm Studio Otto, starting with two types of ceramic surfaces developed from inspirational materials: wood and stone.

06. Casalgrande Padana has elegantly reinterpreted the austerity of concrete in its new Metropolis collection of porcelain slabs in eight different colours.


Intimate spaces

Alongside the need for flexibility, another trend that has reasserted itself in the home is the desire for solitude, for an intimate space where one can spend time alone. It doesn’t matter which room it is, the important thing is that it should have a warm, welcoming and unobtrusive atmosphere. The materials must be combined delicately, with nature-inspired colours used to create backdrops that blend in with any furnishing style. The need for intimacy and comfort is also bound up with the need for safety, informed by our experience during the past two years. This is why porcelain is currently so popular: its guaranteed hygiene and ease of cleaning and maintenance makes it the perfect solution. Finally, the need for intimacy is also reflected in the popularity of the minimalist aesthetic trend, particularly for the bathroom and kitchen.

07. One of the new products presented by Appiani (Bardelli Group) is the Lapis, ceramic mosaic collection developed in collaboration with Studio Metco, a specialist in the application of silver particles.

08. The Jungle Stone series from La Fabbrica’s Pietre collection explores the idea of energy, solidity and purity. Available in 5 colours, the three-dimensionality of the surface is achieved using glues and grits.

09. The More collection, shown here in the colour Nut, is created using the innovative 3D Shaped Technology, a unique three-dimensional digital printing technology adopted by EdimaxAstor.

10. The Paint porcelain tile collection is the result of painstaking colour research carried out by Dado Ceramica. The original inspiration is Venetian stucco, a finish dating back around 4,000 years.

11. The Terra Crea collection from Kronos, available in 5 colours, is based on the study of clay and its use in the age-old artisanal tradition.


Dramatic effects

Alongside the search for intimacy and minimalism, we are observing another only seemingly contradictory trend: the desire to surprise. In reality, we don’t choose visually dramatic decorations for our living spaces because we want other people’s approval, but simply to project our own personalities onto the rooms where we spend most of our time, free from external influences and judgements. This means that one room in the home may be delicately coloured, minimalist and essential in style while another is decorated with vibrant motifs and bright colours. The important thing is a sense of harmony and an experience of genuine well-being on the part of the occupants. 3D ceramic surface decorations have enormously expanded the range of available solutions, allowing designers and homeowners to truly unleash their creativity.

12. The new Tintùri collection from Cerasarda comes in thirteen luminous colours and stands out for its shiny craquelé glaze and unusual diamond shape.

13. For poetic, nature-inspired spaces, the Japan series (ART Project) from Sichenia features a decoration that refers to the Japanese word Sakura or cherry blossom, a symbol of prosperity.

14. Jasper, the new collection from Ceramiche Mariner, reinterprets a classic product with a modern twist thanks to its contemporary shade variations and colour combinations.

15. The Shine porcelain tile collection from Saime Ceramiche is a cutting-edge material that recreates the charm of precious stones such as onyx and alabaster.

16. The new Fap Murals collection consists of eye-catching wall tiles. The large ceramic surfaces with their geometric macro-patterns become furnishing elements in their own right.


Other Italian ceramic tile collections can be found in the Product Gallery. But if you want to see the latest ceramic collections for yourself at a single venue, be sure to visit Cersaie!



March 2022