Mario Cucinella presents the “Ideal City” at Cersaie

The Italian Pavilion at the World Expo 2025 in Osaka offers a modern reinterpretation of the Renaissance principles of good building and good living. It will be presented at a meeting at 3 p.m. on Thursday 28 September in the Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna

Moiré WideGres Coem

Contrasting trends in the world of ceramic tiles

The rediscovery of timeless materials for reconnecting with nature is mirrored by the emergence of fresh new designs and geometries

A conference on projects in the city of Bologna financed under the NRRP programme

The conference programme for Cersaie 2023 will include an event exploring one of the most powerful drivers of urban development and regeneration in Italy

The “hic et nunc” approach

Debonademeo’s design ideas arise from overlapping fragments of journeys and visions. They are the culmination of a process that begins with a question and searches for answers in the context, in society, in details. Every project emerges from the “hic et nunc”

Françoise Fromonot

The 50 years of an architectural icon and symbol of a continent

The roof of the Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s most iconic works of architecture, is clad with more than a million ceramic tiles. At Cersaie in Bologna, architectural historian Françoise Fromont discusses this extraordinary work half a century after it was built

The reuse of ceramic sludge

Studies conducted by Centro Ceramica in Civita Castellana in collaboration with a number of local companies have demonstrated that sludge from sanitaryware production can be reused in the ceramic tile production process and in other sectors. Eco-friendly management of ceramic waste reduces companies’ environmental footprint and allows for cost savings.

The ‘Press Cafés’ are back in a new location

Located in the Mall between Halls 29 and 30, the meetings re-propose the successful scheme adopted in previous editions: 45 minutes of informal conversation between magazine editors and leading figures in architecture and design.

Route 40 exhibit - Cersaie 2023

Route 40, forty years of architectural landscapes

To mark the 40th edition of Cersaie, the exhibition space will feature a fascinating route reliving its evolution, focusing on design, technology, products and companies that have made history.

A glimpse into the future of ceramics

Route 40, an exhibition organised to mark the 40th anniversary of Cersaie, chronicles the decades-long history of ceramic surfaces and bathroom furnishings while also offering a vision of the future of an extraordinary material with almost unlimited opportunities and potential.

Cersaie 40° discusses Xu Tiantian’s Chinese rural architecture

September 27 is the appointment at Cersaie for the new edition of the cultural program "building, dwelling, thinking" with guest speaker Chinese architect Xu Tiantian of Beijing-based DnA Design and Architecture studio.