THE PLAN explores the materials of architecture

The conference hosted by the magazine at Cersaie 2018 with Benedetto Camerana and Giovanni Multari.

Improving living spaces with ceramic tiles

The right choice of finishing materials is vital for creating high-quality contemporary living spaces, an application in which Italian ceramic tiles can play a particularly important role.

Ceramic Architecture by Cotto d’Este

A publication dedicated to the history of the company, to its milestones, to the continuous technological and aesthetic research, to the attention to the environment, told through some of the […]

The unexpected cities

Lisbon tops the rankings of European cities in terms of real estate development prospects. Madrid, Amsterdam and Helsinki are also well positioned.

The outstanding value of Italian ceramic tile

Most products attain outstanding levels of performance in terms of some of their parameters but perform less well with respect to others. It is only a select few that maintain […]

Ceramics of Italy heads to Miami

The Italian Association of Ceramics to Co-Host B2B Event with the Italian Trade Agency on December 5, during Art Basel & Design Miami.

2019 Tile Competition Call for Entries

26th edition recognizing exemplary use of Italian Ceramic Tile in North American architecture and design.

Bertozzi & Casoni Museum

From formal hyperrealism to compositional surrealism, Sassuolo embraces contemporary ceramic art.

A modern material for contemporary architecture

Ceramic has played an important role in the history of architecture and is a key component of contemporary projects, standing out for its intrinsic aesthetic and functional qualities and its unique ability to adapt to different design needs.

Ethical and bioclimatic architecture

Elisa Valero Ramos, winner of the 2018 Swiss Architectural Award, adopts a silent, counter-current approach to promote a form of architecture that is environmentally friendly as well as sophisticated and innovative in the use of reinforced concrete and ceramic.