Signals from the future

An architect and curious intellectual, Italo Rota is capable of appreciating – often in advance – many aspects of the changes that are shaping society and the ways in which technology and science are transforming lifestyles.

China’s new real estate market

The growing role of rehousing and the digital sales channel

Australian residential construction is in decline

More sustainable homes could point the way to new sources of investment

A century of Bauhaus: its legacy and the modern era

One hundred years is a highly significant number and certainly a cause for celebration. But the veritable explosion of events held to mark the centenary of the Bauhaus have far […]

Construction sites and projects in 2019-2021: the focus of NiiProgetti

On 25 September, the Press Café held at Cersaie 2019 hosted a talk organised by NiiProgetti entitled “Focus on the Tertiary Sector: sites and projects for the three-year period 2019-2021” […]

Cersaie 2020, the evolution of Archincont(r)act

Archincont(r)act is a highly innovative event in the world of international trade fairs and is set to see major development at Cersaie 2020 in terms of both concept and exhibition […]

Ceramic materials, from colours to virtual reality

A focus on ceramic products in their countless colours and the use of virtual reality to visualise finished installations were among the most interesting trends in ceramic products and their […]

Colour as a design tool

Colour is an essential design tool with the ability to improve our daily lives. This statement marked the starting point for the conversation held at the Press Cafés organised during […]

Sustainability in the spotlight at Cersaie

The theme of sustainability dominated Cersaie 2019, taking centre stage everywhere from the architecture conferences to the inaugural convention, from installation materials to ceramic slabs. And while ceramic products were […]

Comparing the environmental performance of ceramic tiles

Italy, Germany and Spain have developed industry-average EPDs allowing for a comparison between product sustainability parameters