The bathroom and the environment, an important relationship

Renovating a home or purchasing sanitary fixtures for a new property are actions that inevitably have environmental consequences. This is why it is becoming increasingly urgent to make decisions that strike the right balance between cost, aesthetics and sustainability

Installation of large ceramic slabs

Large-size tiles and slabs are becoming increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor applications but must be installed by qualified professionals known as slab layers

Ceramic tile as a design element

The latest porcelain tile collections are no longer adopted exclusively as floor and wall coverings but are increasingly being used to define and divide up spaces by means of their colours and textures, and they are even taking on a new role as furnishing and interior design elements

Cersaie presents the new Press Cafés

While awaiting the 2021 exhibition (Bologna, 27 September – 1 October), Cersaie is once again presenting the Press Cafés, the initiatives organised for the fifth consecutive year in conjunction with […]

Promoting large size tiles and their underlying design concept

Recubre is a Mexican retail chain that operates in the capital region and the Yucatan tourist area. We discuss the uncertainties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic

“But ceramic…”, the promotional campaign arrives in Europe

“But ceramic… is a safe choice” went online in Italy at the end of July and is set to launch in key European markets in September. After being introduced to […]

The use of ceramic tile in museums and foundations

As modern-day temples of culture, museums are enormously popular and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. The durability and versatility of ceramic tile makes it the ideal material for use in these spaces.

Two minutes with… Discover the new products from Ceramics of Italy!

The elegance of marble, the natural colours of wood, the timeless appeal of stone and decorations inspired by Italian craftsmanship are the dominant trends amongst the Italian ceramic tile companies’ 2020 collections

Ceramic tile e-commerce

Set up fifteen years ago by two young entrepreneurs, is now one of the tile industry’s top e-commerce websites.

The health benefits of ceramic tiles in different living spaces

Thanks to their strength, scratch resistance, resistance to corrosion and chemicals and durability, ceramic and porcelain tiles are sustainable products that can make a valuable contribution to the maintenance and cost-effective running of fitness and wellness centres.