A hundred years of history. Ceramics viewed from Montelupo Fiorentino

Throughout its history, Bitossi has collaborated with eminent figures from the world of design. The company’s Archive Museum in Montelupo Fiorentino tells the story of its illustrious past in relation to its present and its vision for the future. The result is an outstanding example of a corporate museum

Ceramic surface trends respond to specific needs

Italian ceramic products cater for the new home design requirements of flexibility and customisation, the need for intimate spaces and the desire for visually-striking effects that brighten up the home

Classic but with a twist

The increasingly popular vintage trend combines twentieth-century geometries and decorations with the latest technological innovations in terms of water saving, production process efficiency and materials research

Café della Stampa AD a Cersaie 2021

Wellness 4.0. The bathroom becomes a private spa

The Cersaie 2021 Press Café entitled “Wellness 4.0. The bathroom becomes a private spa: from spaces to materials and objects” was held on Tuesday 28 September.

Eight Italian ceramic products selected for the ADI Design Index 2021

An exceptional achievement both for the Italian ceramic industry and for Cersaie, the world’s foremost exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings which has been collaborating with ADI and its Emilia-Romagna Observatory for more than seven years.

2021 Fall-Winter Tile Trend Report

To possibly offset the dreariness of the pandemic, this year’s edition of Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramics Tile and Bathroom Furnishings - which took place in Bologna, Italy at the end of September - was popping with exuberant colors, intricate patterns, and tactile surfaces.

Amazzonite by Energieker

Five surface style trends

Floral decorations, continuity between interiors and exteriors, 3D effects, a natural material look and pictorial surfaces are among the recurring themes in the world of ceramic tiles.

Nuda Flaminia

Nature is a need

Well-being and safety are the two main bathroom design trends in evidence at Cersaie 2021. Nature is closely connected with both, combining a visual sensation of calm with the sense of reassurance that comes from projects with a low environmental footprint.

Francesco De Maio Ceramics Museum

Hand-decorated majolica rooted in a timeless artisanal tradition carried on by terracotta master craftsmen

New surfaces for comfortable spaces

Over the last year we have all had to make minor or major adjustments to the way we use our living spaces, and the tile producers’ proposals for the coming months could hardly fail to take these transformations into account.