Construction firms

Despite everything, the real estate sector is holding up

December is traditionally the time for conducting a preliminary analysis of the year that is about to end. Taking stock is always a useful exercise, but this year it is […]

The stay-at-home lifestyle drives the global building sector

Prime global real estate is showing unexpected resilience in the face of the pandemic, as Covid-19 redefines lifestyles all over the world

The time to redesign spaces

The Covid-19 pandemic is transforming our world in profound ways, some of which are of great relevance to the international construction industry. And although these transformations are taking place against […]

New challenges and opportunities for the reuse of abandoned religious buildings

CHIESA OGGI Press Café (12 November 2020). Caterina Parrello and Giuseppe Maria Jonghi Lavarini talk to Mons. Alberto Nicelli and architect Mauro Severi

Therapeutic beauty

INTERNI Press Café (22 October 2020). Gilda Bojardi discusses the aesthetic and design qualities of medical facilities with Filippo Taidelli

Architecture at the service of human beings

The Rome-based practice Labics, conceived as a laboratory of ideas devoted to research and experimentation, carries out projects that address the complex and highly topical themes of comfort and sustainability, issues that are now particularly urgent due to the Covid-19 health emergency

As Millennials search for homes, ownership begins to replace rental

According to the Cushman & Wakefield report, the world will experience a series of seismic demographic shifts over the next decade. These changes will produce profound impacts, particularly for the real estate sector. India and China are amongst the areas that will see the biggest growth in the real estate market

Back from SAIE, much more than a trade show

Saturday October 17th was the closing day of Saie – Riparti Italia (“Restarting Italy”) which hosted the Ceramics and Brick Area, a 200 sq m space promoted by Confindustria Ceramica to […]

Spiritual matters

Religious architecture is the first form of architecture developed by any emerging civilisation and touches on a fundamental aspect of humanity. As we in the West turn away from religion, […]

How real estate markets are changing during the Covid-19 pandemic

Hotels and residential rentals are amongst the worst hit segments.