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Sales bounce back after the 2020 downturn. Countdown to Cersaie

In mid-February, the organisers of Cersaie revealed the dates for the 2021 edition of the show, confirming its customary late-September scheduling while at the same time announcing an important new feature

commercio piastrelle di ceramica

World production falls, but Europe holds its ground

The pandemic led to an 8.7% contraction in the global tile market in 2020. Analysis of consumption patterns in the world’s main countries

facciata ventilata modulare lastre in gres porcellanato

When the façade module meets porcelain

Design2Curtain is the new ceramic solution from Florim and Schüco Italia that goes beyond classic ventilated façades

The recovery of the housing market depends on Next Generation EU funding

According to numerous studies of consumer behaviour conducted in Italy and abroad over the past few months, the pandemic has enhanced the perception of the places we live in, their […]

What is BIM and how is it used?

Confindustria Ceramica has presented the disciplinary model for ceramic tiles developed during 18 months of work in collaboration with companies, designers and industry experts

Design scenarios, solutions for the “new normal”

The Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken to combat it have brought profound changes to our behaviour and lifestyles, while the lockdowns in particular have forced a significant portion of […]

Despite everything, the real estate sector is holding up

December is traditionally the time for conducting a preliminary analysis of the year that is about to end. Taking stock is always a useful exercise, but this year it is […]

The stay-at-home lifestyle drives the global building sector

Prime global real estate is showing unexpected resilience in the face of the pandemic, as Covid-19 redefines lifestyles all over the world

The time to redesign spaces

The Covid-19 pandemic is transforming our world in profound ways, some of which are of great relevance to the international construction industry. And although these transformations are taking place against […]

New challenges and opportunities for the reuse of abandoned religious buildings

CHIESA OGGI Press Café (12 November 2020). Caterina Parrello and Giuseppe Maria Jonghi Lavarini talk to Mons. Alberto Nicelli and architect Mauro Severi