Construction firms

The unexpected cities

Lisbon tops the rankings of European cities in terms of real estate development prospects. Madrid, Amsterdam and Helsinki are also well positioned.

A modern material for contemporary architecture

Ceramic has played an important role in the history of architecture and is a key component of contemporary projects, standing out for its intrinsic aesthetic and functional qualities and its unique ability to adapt to different design needs.

The ever-faster information flows in the world of ceramics

Are we heading towards a world in which ceramic manufacturing will find itself at the centre of a data cloud? If we look closely at what is happening today, this […]

Global real estate markets remain robust in 2018

First-half performance points to a strong finish to the year despite rising uncertainty. This is the picture that emerges from the Jones Lang Lasalle report on the global prospects for the real estate market

Ceramic for architectural envelopes

From traditional vertical façade cladding to the latest dry-mounted ventilated façade technologies, ceramic has demonstrated an exceptional ability to meet the needs of the world of architecture and construction.

Where will the world’s real estate investments be concentrated in 2018?

According to a Knight Frank report, ten of the twenty most attractive cities for prime property investments are in North America. London and Dubai are the top ranking cities for luxury hotels.

An encouraging outlook for the world building industry

More moderate but at the same time more widely distributed growth is expected in the residential building segment (and consequently in tile consumption) in 2018-2019.

European real estate demand

The most important resources are in Germany, the UK and France

Despite its heterogeneity, the residential building segment continues to drive the growth of the ceramic tile industry

A total figure of around US $3,300 billion was invested in the residential building sector worldwide in 2016, equivalent to more than 4% of global GDP.

U.S. construction market: prospects for 2017

U.S. residential construction market is made up of two main segments: new residential construction, the most important sector for ceramic tiles, furniture, electrical appliances and other house products; and new home sales, generating home improvement spending

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