Ceramic tiles at the centre of transport networks

One of the defining characteristics of today’s globalised world is the potential for almost unrestricted travel, which in turn is fuelling a proliferation of temporary transit spaces such as airports […]

“But ceramic…”, the promotional campaign arrives in Europe

“But ceramic… is a safe choice” went online in Italy at the end of July and is set to launch in key European markets in September. After being introduced to […]

The use of ceramic tile in museums and foundations

As modern-day temples of culture, museums are enormously popular and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. The durability and versatility of ceramic tile makes it the ideal material for use in these spaces.

The health benefits of ceramic tiles in different living spaces

Thanks to their strength, scratch resistance, resistance to corrosion and chemicals and durability, ceramic and porcelain tiles are sustainable products that can make a valuable contribution to the maintenance and cost-effective running of fitness and wellness centres.

CERSAIE prepares for 2021, with a busy schedule of meetings starting next autumn

The organisers of Cersaie have worked hard to explore the possibility of holding an international level trade fair, but they have had to recognise that the general conditions determined by […]

The impact of Covid-19 on construction and global tile consumption

The pandemic has struck all the world’s continents, albeit with different effects and degrees of severity between one sector and another.

CERSAIE skips the 2020 show and prepares for 2021

A busy schedule of meetings, starting next autumn, is expected in the fifteen months from the opening of the 38th edition of the exhibition

Surfaces for Hospitality & Wellness

As part of the Press Café events held during Cersaie 2019, the magazine GUEST hosted a discussion of materials and surface coverings for hospitality spaces such as hotels, resorts and […]

Floor coverings and slip resistance

Materials must be chosen taking into account the place of installation, conditions of use, laws and applicable standards

Ceramic identity. Surfaces and architectural design

At the Interni Press Café at Cersaie 2019, architect Cino Zucchi reflected on the design and environmental value of facades and their interaction with the surrounding space