Wellness 4.0. The bathroom becomes a private spa

During the Cersaie 2021 Press Café entitled “Wellness 4.0. The bathroom becomes a private spa: from spaces to materials and objects” held on 28 September, AD journalist Elena Dallorso discussed the historical and conceptual evolution of the most private room in the home with designers and architects Sara Ricciardi and Marco Piva. How has the bathroom changed over the years? How have the rituals of personal care evolved? What about times and methods? Starting out from the social function performed by the bathroom in certain cultures and historical periods – from Roman baths to Turkish hammams – and then going on to explore the different levels of lighting necessary for relaxation, the participants discussed personal and contemporary needs and solutions for creating the ideal bathroom space. The discussion touched on both materials and ideas, with an approach that was both narrative and technical in nature.
“I have never been an advocate of the idea that there is a single best material or structure for the bathroom. Instead, there are intimate and personal needs that determine how we each design our own bathrooms,” said Sara Ricciardi.

  • October 2021