Two minutes with… Discover the new products from Ceramics of Italy! | by Carolina Benedetti

The elegance of marble, the natural colours of wood, the timeless appeal of stone and decorations inspired by Italian craftsmanship are the dominant trends amongst the Italian ceramic tile companies’ 2020 collections.

Nature and tradition are much in evidence amongst small and large size tiles suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor floors and walls. The highly realistic look and feel of nature-inspired products is enhanced by wood grain and marble veining, the texture of ancient stone, the natural colours of solid oak and curved sheets of glass that evoke the seductive textures of precious gemstones such as turquoise, ruby and onyx.

At the same time, 3D decorations sculpt walls like embroidery, creating unique chiaroscuro and light refraction effects. The floors, covered with contrasting decorative carpets, create contemporary colours and decorations with unlimited compositional potential for fully personalised spaces.

The new products incorporate innovative technologies whose function is more important now than ever before: protection of the environment. One example is the revolutionary new trend of bioactive ceramics with antibacterial, self-cleaning and pollutant-reducing properties capable of improving air quality and reducing pollution in our cities.

Finally, a new range of tile laying products ensures simple and impeccable installations with perfect results every time.

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July 2020