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New Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of Italian ceramic surfaces

The sector-level EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) that has accompanied the production of Italian ceramic tiles on the markets since 2015 has been updated.
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Mater Ceramica project, mapping Italian ceramic production

The Mater Ceramica project was launched in 2017 with the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The aim of the initiative is to document Italy’s artisanal, artistic and...
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The role of structural clay products in green building

Structural clay products have been used since antiquity. They have reliable characteristics and are particularly suitable for use in contemporary green building projects. Their natural characteristics ensure a low environmental impact and help improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
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Wincer project, towards even more sustainable products

The Wincer Tiles research project has developed the most sustainable surface covering products on the market. Wincer tiles contain 85% recycled materials (infographic showing the composition of WINCER tiles) and...
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Italian ceramic tiles need very little water for cleaning

Italian ceramic tiles inhibit the proliferation of germs and bacteria and avoid the wastage of water for everyday cleaning.
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The ISO 17889-1 standard certifies the sustainability of Italian ceramic tiles

Approved in 2018, it is a unique, international standard for evaluating the environmental, economic and social impact of ceramic tiles.
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Wincer, ceramic tiles with 85% recycled materials

Thanks to the Wincer project, it is now possible to produce ceramic tiles with materials originating from municipal and industrial waste.
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UNIMORE LCA analysis of flooring materials

By comparing their respective environmental impacts, the Life Cycle Assessment showed that porcelain stoneware is more sustainable than other materials.
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The EPD study endorses Italian ceramic tiles in the European market

A comparison between EPDs conducted in Italy, Germany and Spain has shown that the Italian ceramic tile industry outperforms its competitors in many areas of environmental sustainability.
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A new style of communication to explain the sustainability of Italian ceramic products in a simple way

The campaign entitled “Italian ceramics, a sustainable choice” initiated promotion of the Italian ceramic industry’s sustainability profile.
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Ceramics of Italy: paths to sustainability

An extensive process of consultation with various European stakeholders will lead to the formulation of a communication and promotion plan over the coming months
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Chemical resistance of ceramics to cleaning products

Ceramic materials are resistant to chemical agents and represent a hygienic solution, helping keeping environments healthy.
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