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Converting waste into a resource using CO2

A research project, coordinated by the Ceramic Center, studying the possibility of using the CO2 generated in the ceramic tile production process to mineralize certain wastes, thus obtaining secondary raw materials for the building sector, with a view to the circular economy
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The reuse of ceramic sludge

Studies conducted by Centro Ceramica in Civita Castellana in collaboration with a number of local companies have demonstrated that sludge from sanitaryware production can be reused in the ceramic tile production process and in other sectors. Eco-friendly management of ceramic waste reduces companies’ environmental footprint and allows for cost savings.
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Waste-proof glazing

For years, several Italian ceramic companies in Civita Castellana have been working on the innovation of their industrial processes, to produce sanitaryware and bathroom furnishings with minimum environmental impacts. Particular attention...
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Ceramic glaze recovery

Ceramic sanitaryware producers recover and reuse glazes originating from the vitrification process. This improves sustainability and complements the companies’ efforts to further reduce their environmental impact and cut raw material consumption.
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Process innovations to reduce consumption and protect the environment

Italian ceramic sanitaryware is produced with the utmost attention to the environment. Ever since the 1980s, factories in the Civita Castellana cluster have been introducing recycled raw materials into their...
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Heat recovery in ceramic sanitaryware production

Ceramic production processes require high temperatures and large quantities of energy. Italian sanitaryware producers adopt innovative solutions to optimise energy consumption and reduce their environmental impact. By recovering heat from kilns, they are able to cut CO2 emissions and reduce the use of fossil fuels.
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The complete recycling of plaster molds

The Italian ceramic sanitaryware industry combines innovative design with sustainable industrial processes, such as complete recycling of the plaster molds used to shape products.
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Clean energy generated by photovoltaic panels

The Italian ceramic sanitaryware industry’s attention to the environment is demonstrated by its use of photovoltaic panels to produce renewable energy.
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Recycling waste, reusing water, reducing consumption

The Italian ceramic tile industry’s production process reuses all waste product and wastewater.
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The advantages of energy cogeneration

Today, Italian ceramic companies are able to self-produce a significant portion of the energy needed for their industrial processes. This helps to save raw materials and protect the environment. The...
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The Italian ceramic tile industry and logistics: the key to success

The Italian ceramic tile industry is one of the country’s leading sectors with annual sales of more than 450 million square metres of tiles worldwide. The secret to the industry’s...
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Roadmap 2050: towards climate neutrality

The Italian ceramic tile industry has long been working to reducing its atmospheric emissions in accordance with the goals of the European Green Deal. The European Climate Act has set...
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