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The advantages of energy cogeneration

Today, Italian ceramic companies are able to self-produce a significant portion of the energy needed for their industrial processes. This helps to save raw materials and protect the environment. The...
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The Italian ceramic tile industry and logistics: the key to success

The Italian ceramic tile industry is one of the country’s leading sectors with annual sales of more than 450 million square metres of tiles worldwide. The secret to the industry’s...
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Roadmap 2050: towards climate neutrality

The Italian ceramic tile industry has long been working to reducing its atmospheric emissions in accordance with the goals of the European Green Deal. The European Climate Act has set...
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The role of cogeneration in the Italian energy transition

In recent years, many Italian ceramic companies have adopted state-of-the-art energy cogeneration systems to improve their manufacturing efficiency and reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Cogeneration systems...
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Saving water to combat environmental degradation

The Italian ceramic tile industry has long been working to reduce water usage and lower the risk of polluting reservoirs and aquifers. The innovations introduced by the Italian ceramic tile...
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The secret to durability lies in firing

Italian ceramic tiles are produced in under an hour but last for over 50 years. Their compact surface is the result of an innovative industrial process that combines high levels...
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Recycling waste, reusing water, reducing consumption

The Italian ceramic tile industry’s production process reuses all waste product and wastewater.
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Italian ceramic tiles. From earth, for the Earth

Italian ceramic products contain only controlled, recycled and recyclable natural raw materials.
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The longstanding connection between Italian ceramics and sustainability

The Italian ceramic industry is also the world leader in terms of its commitment to sustainable development through continuous investments in processes, products and relations with the local community. The case of Coem was presented at a conference
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The European ceramic industry towards 2050

The energy transition in hard-to-abate industrial sectors can only be achieved through a diversified portfolio of solutions, some of which are not currently available. Energy efficiency, the circular economy, green fuels, CO2 capture and electrification could cut expected direct emissions by up to 40% within 10 years
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Sustainability in the ceramic production and logistics cycle

Substantial investments in technological innovation and new factories and warehouses have enabled the Italian ceramic industry to establish a world leadership position.