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Confindustria Ceramica wins the Media Key Venice Award 2024

The Italian ceramic producers’ association has won first prize in the Sustainability & Green - Integrated Campaign category for its Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability communication campaign
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Creating healthy environments with Italian heavy clay products

In recent years, the European Commission has issued a series of directives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of buildings. nZEBs (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) are buildings with almost zero energy consumption based on construction models typical of northern Europe.
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Corporate welfare in the ceramic tile industry

The Italian ceramic tile industry has the necessary tools to improve the well-being and quality of life of its workers. This is confirmed by a survey conducted by Focus Lab,...
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The Italian ceramic tile industry reduces the emissions of its industrial process

Confindustria Ceramica, on behalf of Italian ceramic tile producer companies, has signed an agreement with the Emilia-Romagna regional government to reduce the industry’s emissions.
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FONCER: how does the supplementary pension fund work?

Alongside the obligatory state pension, workers in the Italian ceramic industry can also sign up to a supplementary pension scheme. Called Foncer, it is a capitalisation pension fund for employees...
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The Italian ceramic tile industry’s efforts to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

The Italian ceramic tile industry keeps constantly abreast of the risk factors associated with manual load handling. In recent years, the industry has introduced a number of technical/organisational measures and adopted shared protocols aimed at improving occupational well-being and preventing the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders.
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Italian ceramic tile production plants comply with the CE marking

By implementing the recommendations of the “Guide to CE Marking” drawn up through a constructive dialogue between the Emilia-Romagna regional government, the Modena and Reggio Emilia local health authorities, the trade unions and ceramic industry employers, the Italian ceramic tile industry meets the requirements of the European Machinery Directive.
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The Italian ceramic industry’s CSR practices

Italian ceramic companies are committed to ensuring occupational safety, to providing advanced corporate welfare and to entering into partnerships with training institutes for research projects. This is demonstrated by the...
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Falls from heights: risk prevention

The Italian ceramic industry cares about people and takes all the necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of its employees. This involves providing personal protective equipment, informing workers about occupational...
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Protection from exposure to crystalline silica and feldspars in accordance with Italian and European laws

Ever since the early 2000s, the Italian ceramic tile industry has been adopting technical and organisational measures designed to protect workers from the risk of exposure to chemical agents. Respirable...
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The Italian ceramic industry embraces CSR and UN Global Goals

The sustainability of the Italian ceramic industry includes actions to protect workers, the local area and the community, with a particular focus on the 2030 Agenda.