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The ISO 17889-1 standard certifies the sustainability of Italian ceramic tiles

Approved in 2018, it is a unique, international standard for evaluating the environmental, economic and social impact of ceramic tiles.
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Ceramic ventilated façades: cost and energy savings

Ceramic ventilated façades reduce energy consumption and cut utility bills
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A material for comfort and well-being

What is the best material for the construction of buildings? Italian ceramic products are the ideal choice for personal well-being and comfort.
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Chemical resistance of ceramics to cleaning products

Ceramic materials are resistant to chemical agents and represent a hygienic solution, helping keeping environments healthy.
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Ceramic materials are incombustible

The ceramic is an inert and incombustible material, one of the building materials with the best possible performance of reaction to fire.
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Five ways Italian tile can improve the value and safety of your home

If you’ve been working from home for the past several months, it’s likely that you’ve spent more than one lunch break and countless weekends daydreaming about (or even planning) a...
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Building envelopes: energy requalification, aesthetic improvement and saving

Within a climate of renewed attention to beauty and design in building construction, and under the spur of new fiscal incentives, one of the most interesting challenges contemporary architects are facing today is the issue of well-designed sustainable and energy saving building envelopes, be it simple coating solutions or more performing ones such as ventilated façades.