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The Italian ceramic industry optimises its Green Supply Chain

The Italian ceramic industry’s management approach aims to minimise environmental impact over the product’s entire life cycle.
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The Italian ceramic tile industry saves water to avoid harming the environment

The article describes the Italian ceramic tile industry’s commitment to saving water in order to avoid harming the environment. Accurate data on water recycling and the reduction of water source pollution demonstrate the importance of the sustainable initiatives adopted. The article also introduces the Italian ceramic tile industry’s commitment to meeting the UN’s SDGs, focusing on Goal 6 of the Agenda relating to water resources.
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Italian ceramic tile industry: what path to decarbonisation?

The decarbonisation process is necessary for the health of the planet but is fraught with risks and potential social and economic impacts if governed by ideology rather than pragmatism
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The Italian ceramic industry and the UN 2030 Agenda

A Review of the ceramic industry’s sustainability projects linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda
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A new unified water label

The European Federation of Ceramic Sanitaryware Producers (FECS), of which Confindustria Ceramica is a member, has launched the Unified Water Label to help consumers choose products that make efficient use of water