Italian ceramic sanitaryware is produced with the utmost attention to the environment.

Ever since the 1980s, factories in the Civita Castellana cluster have been introducing recycled raw materials into their production processes to reduce the use of natural resources.

Today, 10% of solid waste and all products that do not conform to quality standards are ground and fed back into the production process for use as ceramic body. The remaining 90% is entirely recovered in other industries.

In addition, some companies are studying new technologies for reusing glass bottles originating from municipal waste collection.

The Italian ceramic sanitaryware industry does not waste a single drop of water. Treatment plants filter the water used for high-pressure casting, glazing, and testing. While different plant solutions have different impacts, wastewater recovery in the production process can lead to significant savings of this vital resource. 

Energy consumption is optimized by supplying the dryers with heat recovered from the kilns together with electricity from photovoltaic panels, thereby dramatically reducing annual CO2 emissions.