Did you know you can reduce the amount of dust released when cutting Italian ceramic tiles?

Italian ceramic tiles do not release dust after they have been installed, and if they are cut properly the amount of dust produced during the operation is minimal. The following are some useful tips on how to cut ceramic tiles safely.

Make sure all the necessary safety measures are in place before you start. Wear safety glasses, gloves, ear defenders and an FFP2 face mask.

The score-and-snap cutting method is preferable to reduce the amount of dust produced.

By using an electric wet tile cutter you will obtain a straight and precise cut in a very short time without producing dust.
You can use an angle grinder to cut any shape you want and meet the specifications of your project.

To reduce the amount of dust released, be sure to wet the tile frequently, either manually or using devices integrated with the grinder.

Remember: Italian ceramic tiles are made from natural raw materials and do not emit VOCs or other harmful substances.

This means they are safe both for your health and for the environment.