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The ISO 17889-1 standard certifies the sustainability of Italian ceramic tiles

Are you in search of a sustainable material for your project? The sustainability of Italian ceramic tiles can now be measured and certified. ISO 17889-1 is the first international standard...
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Durable and sustainable: Italian ceramic products stand the test of time

Did you know that Italian ceramic products have a longer lifespan than other materials? Italian ceramic floor and wall tiles and sanitaryware are extremely hard-wearing and durable. They last as...
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The advantages of the green supply chain in terms of sustainability

For several years now, the Italian ceramic tile industry has been adopting a green supply chain to improve the efficiency of its industrial processes and the sustainability of its products....
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Photovoltaic Tiles

Did you know that the Centro Ceramico is working together with Italian ceramic tile producers to develop the first photovoltaic tile? The project is based on BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics)...
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What is the wincer research project?

Do you know what Wincer tiles are? They are produced in Italy and contain 85% recycled materials. They are made using waste glass and unfired tile scraps instead of sand,...
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Environmental sustainability certifications

Did you know that Italian ceramic tiles contribute to achieving the most important environmental sustainability certifications for buildings? Ceramic tile is ideal for use in residential and public building projects...