Italcer becomes a Benefit Company and reaffirms its commitment to ESG

Italcer, the Italian ceramic design hub led by Graziano Verdi and controlled by the Mindful Capital Partners Investment Fund, has become a Benefit Corporation.

This marks the continuation of Italcer Group’s ongoing efforts to pursue goals for the common good alongside those of profitability. The company is committed to operating responsibly, sustainably and transparently towards people, communities, territories and the environment, with a particular focus on inclusivity and gender equality. These goals, included in Italcer’s articles of incorporation, include reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its business processes, enhancing energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic systems, pursuing ongoing product innovation with an increasing use of recycled materials (already exceeding 50%), promoting a circular economy, and implementing corporate and community welfare policies for the benefit of its employees.

Graziano Verdi, CEO and co-founder of Italcer Group, explains: “Becoming a Benefit Corporation is a significant milestone for Italcer, which consistently implements green policies and has been recognised as a champion of sustainability. Over the years, we have made conscientious choices and significant investments to ensure that our plants and production processes are increasingly efficient, technologically advanced and sustainable. This has been achieved thanks to the constant commitment and dedication of all our employees.”

Italcer has invested more than €20 million in sustainable innovation over the past two years with the aim of reducing its environmental impact and meeting the needs of increasingly eco-conscious consumers. Each year, the company allocates over 3% of its revenue to research and development and uses over 50% recycled raw materials in its production processes. In October 2022, Italcer was recognised as one of the top 100 Italian companies in terms of sustainability, receiving the Sustainability Award for its continuous improvement in sustainability and efficiency of its production processes. This was made possible through more efficient material usage, increased energy savings, reduced emissions, and a more conscientious approach to water and waste management.

Italcer, a leading Italian ceramic industry group, employs approximately 1,100 people, has been involved in hundreds of projects and serves 15,000 customers worldwide. Today, it operates through prestigious brands and long-established ceramic industry companies that produce outstanding products for interiors and exteriors: Ceramica Fondovalle, La Fabbrica-AVA, Elios Ceramica, Devon&Devon, Ceramica Rondine, Bottega and Equipe Cerámicas.

Cer Magazine International 65 | 11.2023
Eterno Ivica