Coverings 2022 confirms the Italian ceramic tile industry’s leadership position | by Andrea Serri

The presence of more than 90 Italian companies and brands at Coverings 2022 is the perfect response to the pandemic and the difficult international situation facing businesses, citizens and economies the world over. This almost record level of participation testifies to the Italian ceramic industry’s strong focus on the North American market, a commitment that according to official statistics has been amply rewarded by surging demand for Italian tiles.

Coverings 2022 marks the Italian tile industry’s full-scale return to the North American show, a level of participation that could hardly be taken for granted considering the soaring costs of containers and the difficulty in organising shipping across the Atlantic. The Italian tile producers were able to overcome these difficulties thanks to their determination to exhibit new products tailored specifically to this market, to build relations with the US distribution system and the world of architects, and to continue to play a leading role in the world of construction and property renovation.

The activities organised by Ceramics of Italy play a fundamental role in terms of engagement, relationships and trade. The Italian Pavilion located at the centre of the Las Vegas Convention Center is the central hub of all of these initiatives and stands out for an exhibit design inspired by Italy and the country’s unique lifestyle.

The Italian tile producers’ presence at Coverings is also an opportunity to consolidate the industry’s growth in a strategic market. US tile imports from Italy reached €790 million in 2021, an increase of 26% – higher even than the excellent market-wide figure of 25.4%. These values cement Italy’s status as the top importer country with a 32% share of US consumption, an impressive 7 percentage points clear of the second largest foreign supplier. The Italian tile industry’s leadership position is also demonstrated by the fact that factories in the United States controlled by Italian groups accounted for one-third of the entire US ceramic tile industry’s output in 2021. Italian imports and local production by these Italian-owned companies amounted to a highly respectable figure of more than €1 billion.

See you at Coverings 2022 in Las Vegas!



March 2022