That line tying Arabia with Cersaie | by Andrea Serri

The Arabian peninsula is a rapidly changing area. From oil-focused countries to multisectoral economy; from nations with no relations with the world to a place crossed by travel routes of international visitors. The real estate industry is destined to increase its importance in the area, in the light of the Saudi Vision 2030 programme, the Asian Games to be hosted in Qatar in 2030, and the strengthening of the important construction development already started in Dubai.

Saudi Arabia, the largest country in the area, has been encouraging tourism and business tourism: construction plans have been approved to build 8 cities along the west coast of the Red Sea, and 575 billion dollars have been allocated for the building of over 1.3 million new homes, over 3 million sq m of new offices and new hotels with a total of more than 100,000 rooms. Not to mention the big project ‘The Line’: a 170-km long city in the south part of the Arabian peninsula, developed around a 500-metre high and 200-m large axis, with a surface of 34 sq km ready to host 9 million inhabitants with the highest living and environmental comforts. The numbers speak for themselves. These government-funded important initiatives provide great opportunities to the Italian ceramic industry and exhibitors at Cersaie too.

The next edition of the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, to take place in Bologna 26 to 30 September, will be hosting a delegation of leading architects and developers from Saudi Arabia that will join the exhibiting companies in a round table discussion moderated by architect Massimo Iosa Ghini. It is a significant opportunity to discover first-hand the potentialities of a strongly developing market, and at the same time a proof that Cersaie is the most important chosen place in order to develop international business at the utmost levels



July 2022