Cersaie, the value of high-quality tile laying | by Andrea Serri

For the first time ever, Cersaie is bringing together all the activities and companies involved in ceramic tile installation in a single space. Located in the new hall 31 A, just inside the Piazza Costituzione entrance, the 2750 square metre Tiling Town will host all the institutional spaces and stands of companies operating in the world of tile laying, a vitally important sector for both ceramic tile manufacturers and professionals attending the exhibition.

High-quality installation is crucial for ensuring that Italian ceramic tiles achieve their full potential. In the event of substandard installation, even the highest quality tiles can suffer aesthetic issues that completely defeat the manufacturers’ efforts to generate value. Throughout the week, Cersaie will be holding meetings where visitors can find out more about a wide range of topical issues, with particular emphasis on the installation and safe use of large-size slabs. Complemented by live workshops, Tiling Town is the only initiative of its kind in the world. It will feature a wide-ranging programme of events drawn up by Assoposa, the Italian association responsible for organising training initiatives and representing the sector.

Previous editions of Tiling Town have shown that the target audience for these activities is not limited to tile layers and ceramic tile suppliers. Strong participation in the seminars and conferences on the part of architects and interior designers clearly demonstrates the interest in tile laying amongst these professionals. Moreover, ignorance – or worse still inadequate knowledge – of these aspects, particularly during the design stage, results in wasted opportunities for innovative and original applications and creates problems when designing installation layouts. As always, knowledge is the basis of every high-quality tile installation.

August 2018