The Italian ceramic industry’s “sustainable toolbox” | by Andrea Serri

Following its social media launch over the summer and world debut at Cersaie 2022, the communication campaign focusing on the sustainability of the Italian ceramic industry is continuing with expanded content, more diversified tools and an even wider target audience. The campaign aims to achieve effective and sustainable communication backed up where possible by facts and figures.

The Italian ceramic industry portal serves as a kind of digital toolbox for all these messages and content and is a communication tool in its own right. Available in a choice of five languages, the thematic area devoted to sustainability has become an extensive landing page where all the information is organised according to the “five Ps”: Process, People, Products, Projects and Planet. Articles, images, infographics, video footage and product and project galleries are all used to illustrate the sustainability of the Italian ceramic industry, while news items describe specific actions that have been taken by individual companies and the levels of performance they have achieved. This is accompanied by a series of video tutorials aimed at architects, distributors and installers that explain the basic aspects of creating an environment- and people-friendly industry.

Posts on the industry’s and other parties’ social media accounts in Italy and worldwide play an important part in disseminating knowledge amongst communities of architects, distributors and installers, while the Italian ceramic producers themselves can make a vital contribution by creating synergies between corporate and association tools. The aim of all these efforts is to promote an appreciation of ceramic products and materials and to raise awareness of the vital role they can play in sustainable architecture and consequently in safeguarding the future of our planet.


November 2022