The Italian ceramic industry is strongly committed to environmental and social sustainability with the aim of achieving a harmonious balance between nature, well-being, beauty and quality. At Cersaie 2021, Ceramics of Italy launched the campaign entitled “Italian ceramics, a sustainable choice” to promote awareness of the sustainability of Italian ceramic products. This journey continues today with the “Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability” project promoted by Confindustria Ceramica and organised by Edicer and Cersaie in collaboration with Focus Lab and with the support of the Italian Trade Agency ITA and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The aim

The aim of the campaign “Italian ceramics, a sustainable choice” and the communication project “Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability” is to promote awareness of the Italian ceramic industry’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and to serve as an info point for anyone who wants to find out more about the subject for professional or personal reasons.

Although the Italian ceramic industry has been carrying out investments and projects as part of its commitment to environmental and social sustainability for several decades, the subject is often discussed using scientific terminology and data that make it difficult to understand for non-experts. At the same time, however, a superficial approach to communication risks underestimating the importance of figures for conveying the value of the industry’s sustainability efforts.

The new communication style launched with the “Italian ceramics, a sustainable choice” campaign and further developed with the “Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability” communication project adopts clear and simple language while using numerical data to provide comprehensible and complete information.

The pillars of sustainability for the Italian ceramic industry

The campaign “Italian ceramics, a sustainable choice” introduced the topic of sustainability with a video and a brochure. The narrative focuses on the pillars of sustainability in the ceramic industry, highlighting process, product, certifications and social responsibility as phases in the analysis of sustainability criteria.

The Italian ceramic industry adopts a virtuous circular process in which each stage of production is optimised in terms of water recycling and reuse of waste, as well as reducing emissions. The result is a product made from natural materials that is hygienic and safe, lasts for more than 50 years and is certified by leading international organisations.

In 2015, the UN approved its Agenda for Sustainable Development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030. The Italian ceramic tile industry rose to the challenge by undertaking numerous projects with enhanced environmental sustainability goals.