Italian ceramics, a sustainable material | by Andrea Serri

The perceived sustainability and value of ceramic materials in the European and North American markets coupled with the intrinsic characteristics of Italian products and manufacturing has served as a springboard for a major communication and promotional campaign for the Italian ceramic industry. Over the next few months, the Ceramics of Italy for Sustainability project will illustrate the distinctive characteristics of Italian ceramics and the important role these materials can play in sustainable contemporary architecture.

The project was initiated in October 2020 and was divided up into five separate phases. Following an initial assessment of the ways in which the Italian ceramic industry has studied and communicated its sustainability practices over the last ten years, the next step was to expand the scope of the analysis to include competitor materials. Phase three involved extensive consultations with international distributors, designers and installers regarding their perception of sustainability in the use of materials in construction and, above all, their future expectations in terms of demand, market trends and consumer awareness. The next phase was to establish the position of Italian ceramic materials with respect to the emerging trends in the world of urban planning, construction and interior design in the various countries where our products are used. The fifth and final step will see the launch of the strategic communication and promotional plan over the coming months.

Italian ceramic materials are widely recognised for their potential and value in terms of sustainability. The market is already aware that Italian products are made in factories that optimise all their atmospheric emissions, reuse waste from the production cycle and minimise the use of water and all other production factors. At the same time, these products deliver the distinctive value of Italian design and the intrinsic characteristics of ceramics, such as hygiene and ease of cleaning, healthiness, durability and suitability for the purpose of green building ratings.

By focusing on the sustainability of Italian ceramics, this major communication and promotion project underscores the fact that it is everyone’s duty to protect the planet.


March 2022