You only buy what you know | by Andrea Serri

Every purchasing decision begins with knowledge: people buy things they know are capable of satisfying an existing or latent need. This is self-evident, as clearly no one purchases a product or service they know nothing about. Communication, the act of providing information, therefore plays a key role in the decision-making and purchasing processes. These considerations were the starting point for the communication campaign entitled ‘The values of ceramic’, a digital marketing strategy for the Italian and international markets aimed at improving end consumers’ knowledge of the many unique qualities of ceramic.

The communication campaign reaches consumers through media they are familiar and comfortable with and use on a daily basis: the Facebook and Instagram accounts of and the landing pages specially set up on the website. A range of content consisting of text, photos and videos provides information on the distinctive characteristics of ceramic and explains them to end consumers in simple and down-to-earth language.

Outstanding resistance to frost, acids and fire, durability, healthiness, environmental friendliness and safety are just a few of the unique attributes of ceramic, setting it apart from other natural and industrially-made competitor materials. Even more importantly, ceramic guarantees consistently high values in terms of all these characteristics, making it ideal for any application.

Modern consumers are strongly influenced by aesthetic factors but also have the good fortune of being able to choose between a range of different products – something that is as true in the field of surface covering materials as anywhere else. In this respect, ceramic’s unique versatility in terms of aesthetics and colour and the fact that digital decoration can reproduce any material in high resolution and with photographic quality makes it suitable for all possible applications. Its unique combination of beauty and technical characteristics makes it the right solution in any situation.


February 2019