Video clips exploring the many different applications of ceramics | by Andrea Serri

Best known for its use on architectural surfaces and furnishings, ceramic tile is in fact a high-value material that adapts well to a wide range of applications. While the aim of the first part of the campaign entitled “The values of ceramic. A safe choice” was to speak directly to end consumers and inform them about the material’s key characteristics (it is fireproof, resistant to weathering, durable, inert and hard-wearing), the aim of the second part of the campaign (visible in Homepage) was to explore the material’s countless fields of application – in practice anywhere there is an opaque surface that needs to be covered.

The eight video clips making up the second part of the campaign explain how ceramics can be used in outdoor applications such as walkways and pavements, extra-thick pavings suitable for vehicular traffic, wet areas such as swimming pools and spas, and exterior building façades (ventilated or glued-on cladding), which as well as decorating individual buildings also make a big contribution to the aesthetic quality and energy performance of entire cities. At the same time, ceramic tiles are becoming increasingly popular for specific functions in interior applications, such as heated floors (thanks to their excellent thermal transmittance), raised office floors (essential for optimising spatial organisation) and surface coverings for tables, doors and other furnishing accessories.

These 16 video clips provide a journey through the world of ceramics, revealing the secrets of a material that is as old as the Earth itself but whose characteristics and beauty continue to be appreciated for cutting-edge design and architecture solutions.


August 2019