Closing a door… to open a gateway | by Andrea Serri

The end of 2022 marks the completion of one journey but, as is so often the case, the start of another. Magazine News, the e-magazine which you are currently reading and which over the past ten years has provided a monthly round-up of the most important news and information on the Italian ceramic industry and allied sectors, will be replaced by Cer Magazine online. This new digital publication will be packed with information, images and multimedia content capable of providing an even more in-depth picture of the development of Italian ceramics and its potential.

The new digital magazine will be characterised by the number five and its multiples. It will be published in five different language versions and each issue will explore ten thematic areas ranging from projects to products, from sustainability to interviews with architects and distributors, from technical topics and installation to real estate market analysis, from editorials to the history and values of a world-leading industry. Ten is also the number of issues that will be published and sent out each year to an Italian and international readership of 100,000 contacts, including architects, distributors, installers and real estate developers.

The digital magazine aims to further strengthen the already close ties with everyone involved in the industry’s international development by sharing information while at the same time listening to the proposals, ideas and requests of all market players. The social networks linked to and Ceramics of Italy will also play a key role in this with the aim of further expanding the global ceramic community.

It only remains for me to wish our readers all the best for the coming year. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2023 through these channels and the new Cer Magazine online.



December 2022