“But ceramic…”, the promotional campaign arrives in Europe | by Andrea Serri

“But ceramic… is a safe choice” went online in Italy at the end of July and is set to launch in key European markets in September. After being introduced to the Italian market in parallel with the introduction of tax incentives on energy efficiency and seismic upgrading of buildings, the third step in the communication campaign entitled The Values of Ceramics is arriving in Europe, which despite the difficulties is beginning to emerge from the months of lockdown. Because knowledge is the first, fundamental step along the path that leads individuals to become consumers.

After describing the characteristics of the product and its numerous and in many cases unfamiliar applications in sixteen video clips, this next step in the campaign looks at everyday situations where ceramic surfaces offer superior performance to other floor and wall covering materials. Ceramic is the ideal choice for example when the temperature of a room rises, perhaps due to the sun’s rays streaming in through a window in summer; it does not facilitate the proliferation of fungi and bacteria; its exceptional hardness equates with outstanding scratch resistance; and due to its homogeneous composition, for years it has been easier to recycle as a secondary raw material. But perhaps most importantly of all, ceramic stands out for its fire behaviour, as it does not burn or release toxic fumes thanks to the absence of plastic. The videos adopt a humorous tone to describe the various situations, using clear and simple language to speak directly to the end consumer.

This part of the campaign is again “no logo” in keeping with its general approach and the original idea of promoting knowledge of the characteristics and potential of ceramic according to objective criteria, thereby helping to increase its market share of the world flooring materials market. This dialogue with all the world’s markets, already initiated in the first two steps of the campaign, enjoys the crucial support and collaboration of the Italian ceramic companies.


August 2020