The creative side of Italian ceramics

There are five declinations of the flair of Italian ceramics: technology, aesthetics, customer relations, product uses, business organization.
By Andrea Serri

One of the most important characteristics of the Italian ceramic tile industry is its creativity, a quality that goes well beyond aesthetics and actually touches on five different aspects. The first two involve technology – the use of state-of-the-art industrial processes to manufacture products in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses – and aesthetics, where the unlimited potential of digital decoration is now capable of creating textured surfaces.

The third key characteristic of the Italian ceramic tile industry is its ability to reach out to many different categories of customers. Originally intended for use in new buildings, where the client is the construction firm commissioned to build the house or apartment block, Italian ceramic tiles have long since gained popularity among end consumers for home renovation projects. And the advent of porcelain stoneware tiles, with their larger sizes and consequently fewer joints, has paved the way for collaboration with large architectural firms and general contractors, both in Italy and worldwide.

The fourth creative aspect of Italian ceramic tiles is their versatility and ease of application to a very wide range of projects. And unlike competitor materials, the same production lines are used to create collections that can be used either in the confined spaces of interior design or in large-scale urban developments, indoors or outdoors, and in private or public spaces. This level of technology and the sheer diversity of the target markets is unmatched by competitors in the ceramic industry or indeed by any other manufacturing sector worldwide.

The Italian ceramic industry’s fifth key quality is its versatility. Only the most superficial of observers would imagine that the output of these companies consists of uniform pallets of ceramic tiles. In reality, Italian companies of all sizes offer a highly varied product catalogue catering for the tastes of consumers while at the same time producing customised products tailored to specific needs, as in the case of large volumes or special project requirements. Moreover, the products themselves are accompanied by a wide range of services, in which the design of layouts, installation and prompt delivery to the construction site are all factors capable of generating value.



June 2023

Cer Magazine International 61 | 06.2023
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