Italian ceramics, 360° green tiles | by Andrea Serri

There is a particular feature that makes Italian ceramic industry stand out with respect to other world competitors: the stress it gives to sustainability, which, apart from being a peculiar quality to products and processes, lies at the bottom of the industry’s global business approach.

The green nature of Italian tiles, which started with the elimination of every toxic substances from mixtures and paints, is confirmed by ceramics’ intrinsic features: durability – which ensures a longer life to the product – fire resistant, easy to clean, antibacterial – when surfaces are treated with specific glazes.

Of no less importance is the contribution coming from manufacturing lines: in factory plants, ecological footprint is kept to a minimum, thanks to constant investments that integrate the latest technologies into the production line, and to the almost total recycle of production waste. The gradual implementation of Industry 4.0 will enhance this green approach as well as the industry’s performance.

Taking a broader perspective, it is within the industry’s global business approach that sustainability finds its true dimension. One example is packaging, where less cardboard means waste volume reduction; better logistics for incoming and outgoing goods means less time on the roads and reduced traffic pollution; finally, the communication of achievements and solutions found increases consumers’ awareness that buying Italian tiles can really contribute to the safeguard and future of our planet.