The importance of installation in Italy and worldwide | by Andrea Serri

The idea that Italian ceramic tiles are integral to a ‘coating system’ – envisaged in its broadest sense of wall or floor coating, outdoor or indoor, is getting more and more consolidated everywhere. What may seem obvious and taken for granted is actually a major step forward in the evolution of products, increasing both the range of intended uses and clients satisfaction.

This kind of reasoning has had a deep impact on manufacturing companies that a few years ago decided to set up, through their own Association, Assoposa – an Association providing training and servicing to installers and to retailers firmly believing installation plays a central role in their business. The training provided is dedicated to school-leavers as well as to people coming from other sectors of the construction industry; but also to professionals who are already working in the field needing professional updating in order to seize the ever more rapid evolution of products, from large format tiles to relief decoration – two of the current innovations.

Its ability to be employed for non conventional uses – just think of paved outdoor surfaces or urban decoration – makes Italian ceramics a favourite among buyers and designers all over the world, especially after successfully acquiring all the necessary technical specifications to be employed into such uses. An extremely varied choice if one is to think that installation can take place on cement, sand or gravel, or any other material respecting building regulations.

A perfectly installed ceramic tile surface is the best advertising campaign for Italian ceramics – also by word of mouth. The chance to fully admire its beauty, enhanced by the lack of surface defects, together with its easy to clean and durability features, make ceramics a unique valuable material, that very few other coating materials can challenge. An important achievement, that can only be reached when quality in manufacturing and expertise in installation go hand in hand.

November 2017