freizeitgestaltung und gesellschaftliche aktivitäten

Yangtze River Delta International R&D Park - Shanghai (China)

Modernity rooted in the distant past

The new technology park designed by gmp architects in Suzhou is a sustainable research and development centre inspired by the most traditional of all classical Chinese gardens, the Garden of the Humble Administrator.

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE

The bar once owned by Bruce Springsteen’s grandfather has been transformed as part of a meticulous renovation project led by Valentina Autiero, who preserved its identity while revolutionising its colours and materials

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Ristorante Montalgeto - Carmignano (Prato) (Italy)

A hilltop restaurant

The result of a collaborative, family-oriented project led by architect Cosimo Balestri, Ristorante Montalgeto has a warm, welcoming atmosphere that reflects the history and beauty of the Tuscan landscape

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido - Casteldarne, Val Pusteria (Italy)

Rooftop hospitality

The first hotel to be opened by the Falkensteiner family back in 1957, this family resort based in Casteldarne in Val Pusteria has gradually expanded to cater to families with children. The building has been completely remodelled to a design by the South Tyrolean firm NOA based on an unusual top-down approach starting with the roof

Belagflächen: RAGNO
Residenz Malcesine - Malcesine (Verona) (Italien)

Hommage an den zeitgenössischen Modernismus in der Landschaft des Gardasees

Ein hinterlüftetes Fassadensystem und der kluge Einsatz von Materialien sind die überzeugenden Zutaten der Residenz Malcesine, die inmitten eines Olivenhains am Veroneser Ufer des Gardasees liegt

Belagflächen: RAGNO
Wissenschaftszentrum Experimenta - Heilbronn (Deutschland)

Transluzente Skulptur, die über Wissenschaft aufklärt

Italienische Keramik für Deutschlands größtes Wissenschaftsmuseum, das die Berliner Firma Sauerbruch Hutton um 17.600 Quadratmeter Fläche für Physik und Chemie, Biologie und Astronomie in einem neuen, offenen und dynamischen Volumen erweitert hat

Scheiblhofer The Resort - Andau (Österreich)

Österreichische Gastfreundlichkeit

Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects hat das Projekt für das Scheiblhofer Resort unterzeichnet, das im grünen Burgenland liegt und ein Beispiel für Architektur für gehobene Gastlichkeit ist

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Parì - Café with kitchen - Modena (Italy)

A chamber of curiosities

Parì, a recently renovated café in Modena’s historical city centre, is an elegant and functional location with striking perspective effects and soft-coloured surfaces that create a warm, welcoming atmosphere

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Eiscafé “Caffè e Gelato” - Berlin (Deutschland)

Schmackhafte Lösungen nach Maß in Berlin

Das „Caffè e Gelato“ am Potsdamer Platz erhält ein neues Gesicht und setzt auf Exzellenz und Handwerkskunst

Belagflächen: ABK
Sportzentrum Emotion Fitness - Plzeň (Tschechische Rep.)

Zuerst das Wohlbefinden, dann der Sport

Pavel Vrzák, der Innenarchitekt des Sportzentrums Emotion Fitness, hat ein Design entwickelt, das sich durch reine Farben und Minimalismus auszeichnet; die Effizienz des Ganzen hängt auch mit den ausgewählten Materialien zusammen, darunter Feinsteinzeugfliesen

Glam bar/ice-cream parlour - Tivoli (Rome)

1930s glamour

Designed by the practice OFF Roma, the Glam bar and ice cream parlour in Tivoli combines vintage details and elegant colours with a strong focus on the environment

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
The Climate Pledge Arena - Seattle, WA (USA)

Die nachhaltigste Arena der Welt

Null Kohlenstoffemissionen, kein Einwegplastik und kein Abfall. Das berühmte Stadion von Seattle aus dem Jahr 1962 wird in einem innovativen, grünen Gewand wiedergeboren

Belagflächen: FLORIM

Designed by PICCO Architetti, the new recreation centre features football pitches and beach volleyball, Padel, basketball and tennis courts as well as 1,700 square metres of modern multifunctional spaces

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Sky Pool Embassy Gardens - London (UK)

Swimming in the London sky

A futuristic water feature has appeared in the London sky: a transparent swimming pool made of acrylic, glass and steel spanning the space between two residential towers at a height of 35 metres from the ground in the luxury Embassy Gardens development, bordered by stone-effect Italian ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Masseria Borgo Ritella - Fasano (BR)

Apulian-style hospitality

With its splendid landscapes, unique architecture, scents, flavours and a slow pace of life, the region is renowned for its high standard of living

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Emma Pizza & Cocktails - Belgrade (Serbia)

Not a conventional pizzeria

Emma Pizza & Cocktails in Belgrade opts for an eclectic and elegant design with unusually sophisticated and glamorous atmospheres enhanced by material contrasts

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Aria Hub Student Residence - Mailand

Student housing in Milan’s museum district

A modern, youthful cohousing project that fits in with the historical context and the latest trends in communal living confirms Milan's leading role in the field of aesthetic and functional research for the residential sector

Belagflächen: BARDELLI
Cocktail Bar Restaurant Octo - Cuisine and Mixing - Fiano Romano (Rome)

Fullness and harmony, like a circle

A restaurant and cocktail bar near Rome famous for its use of local ingredients stands out visually for its powerful yet harmonious combinations of colours and materials

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
American Dream shopping mall - East Rutherford, NJ (USA)

American Dream

A contemporary reimagining of the traditional US shopping mall concept located in the suburbs of New York, combines sober architecture with an elegant selection of materials, finishes and colour combinations

Sushiko restaurant - La Spezia

Sushiko, a return to Japanese origins

The porcelain floor tiles blend in with a new concept based on a modern reinterpretation of the iconic elements of Japanese design

Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord - Viareggio (LU)

Sustainable simplicity

The project by TAMassociati, winners of a design competition held as part of the Percorsi Diocesani initiative, adopts a clear, simple language and a socially-engaged design philosophy. Porcelain tiles from Casalgrande Padana were chosen for their quality and sustainability

Roadhouse Restaurant - Cremona

The 150th Roadhouse Restaurant in Cremona

A distinctive blend of materials and colours define the spaces of the 150th restaurant opened by the group, which now has a total of 168 locations throughout Italy

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE

Serbia's capital boasts a new spa centre that balances natural and artificial materials, comfort and design

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Pasticceria Comi - Missaglia (LC)

Sweetly retro

With its vintage atmospheres and warm, powder tones, a restyled pastry shop in the heart of the Brianza area combines a classic, timeless design with a sense of emotion and hospitality

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Asahi Japanese restaurant - Cernusco sul Naviglio (MI)

Dining amongst precious stones

A two-level restaurant achieves a harmonious tonal balance through the contrast between pale and dark coloured glossy porcelain stoneware tiles reminiscent of rare marble and precious minerals

Belagflächen: FLORIM
La Baracchina Restaurant and Bar - Modena

The many facets of transparency

As part of a project that stands out for its essential design and use of materials, an entirely glass-walled venue has been refurbished to create a restaurant-bar with bright, light-filled spaces during the day and a more intimate atmosphere in the evening

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Camping Village Mediterraneo - Cavallino Treporti (Venice)

Ceramic surfaces for a five-star campsite

Camping Village Mediterraneo, a campsite in the Venetian lagoon known for its distinctive blend of nature and entertainment, has been given a makeover in a project using stone, wood and concrete effect porcelain tiles

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Amber Café - Modena (Italy)

An innovative location in the city of Modena

A café, fitness space and bistro are the individual components of an all-round hospitality concept at a new Modena venue focusing on wellbeing and design

Belagflächen: CIR
Tallink City Hotel - Tallin (Estonia)

Happily connected

The Tallink City Hotel, opened in the centre of Tallinn in June 2021, is a four-star establishment designed to meet the desires and needs of the contemporary traveller

Belagflächen: DEL CONCA
Adele Residence swimming pool area - Jesolo, Venezia (Italy)

A relaxing and secluded swimming pool

A newly built condominium in the northern Italian seaside town of Jesolo has a swimming pool area designed to ensure relaxation and privacy within a bustling, lively urban context. The pool has an understated, elegant look

Belagflächen: CERDISA
Life Source hospitality and wellness centre - Bergamo - Bergamo

A source of life on the outskirts of Bergamo

The Life Source complex devoted to hospitality, catering and wellness is also designed to deliver sustainability over the building's entire life cycle

Belagflächen: MIRAGE
residential/commercial complex The Piazza - Philadelphia, PA (USA) - Philadelphia, PA (USA)

A new lease of life for the former Schmidt Brewing Company in Philadelphia

To add visual appeal to The Piazza, a new mixed-use residential and commercial complex in the vibrant Northern Liberties district, Italian ceramic tile was used to cover all surfaces in the central area referred to as The Cove

Belagflächen: MIRAGE

Ro World Experience: Café, Bistro, Patisserie... An elegant space designed by Studioarcho that creates the perfect atmosphere at any time of day

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Juiss Premium Bar - Curti (CE) - Curti (CE)

A glamorous location for a relaxing break near Caserta

This elegant and sophisticated venue combining vibrant blues with the material look of stone-effect porcelain was designed by Michele Iacopo Laezza and Giosuè Violante from 2A Architects

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Mare Hotel - Savona

Architecture and recipes

Designed by an architect and chef, the Mare Hotel in Savona harmoniously intertwines design, cuisine, technology and sustainability

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Lucky Loore Luxury&Sport bar - Tartu, Estonia - Tartu (Estonia)

A sports bar with a sense of sophistication

A visually appealing and lively new bar in Tartu, Estonia stands out for its sophisticated design and welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, breaking away from the stereotype of a location aimed exclusively at sports fans

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Ta-kumi restaurant - Marbella (ES) - Marbella (Spagna)

A harmonious setting

The Ta-kumi restaurant in Marbella, Spain offers an all-round sensorial experience worthy of its fine cuisine

Leninsky 38 residential complex - Moscow (Russia)

Leninsky 38, living and having fun in Moscow

A new residential complex in the heart of the Russian capital features a shopping centre, restaurants, cafés, a fitness club, a spa, a garden, a play area and underground parking

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Sushi Club Restaurant - Cesano Maderno (MB)

A new Asian dining experience

The fifth restaurant in the Sushi Club chain in Cesano Maderno has won the Commercial category of the "Ceramics and Design" award in recognition of its role in pioneering a new Asian culinary experience within a new aesthetic and formal context

Ciudad de Valencia ferry - Porto Viro (RO) (ITALY)

Design and a maritime identity

An itinerant showcase of surfaces and colours that sails the Mediterranean

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Bifulco Exclusive - Napoli

A meat boutique

With its intriguing atmospheres and sophisticated spaces, a former 1950s factory near Naples has been converted into a meat boutique and eatery

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Central Bus Station - Sofia (BG) - Sofia (Bulgaria)

Sofia’s central bus station is a unique city landmark

An imposing building with a dramatic glass curtain wall and a high-performance ventilated ceramic façade, Sofia's central bus station is a vital hub of national transport and a major city landmark

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE

The desire to create a new space devoted to healthy and well-balanced dining is fulfilled in an architecture and interior design project inspired by nature

Belagflächen: FLORIM

A multi-stage project has transformed a historic 17th-century residence used for hundreds of years as a leisure and holiday retreat for the Savoy nobility into a contemporary event venue

Belagflächen: FLORIM
The Pantheon Iconic Hotel - Roma

Suspended between past and present

The project to transform an old building in Rome's city centre into the Pantheon Iconic Hotel restores and emphasises original structural elements while introducing a skilful play of architectural references to the Pantheon

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Home Bar - Bromley (UK) - Bromley (United Kingdom)

Drink & stay at home

Marble veining and metallic finishes dominate this futuristic space

Belagflächen: FLAVIKER
Già Gelato ice cream parlour - Rome - Roma

Shapes and colours inspired by the ice cream cone

Fresh, natural creativity in an ice cream parlour in Rome

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Oasis Lanz Beach Mate hotel complex - Lanzarote (Spain)

When architecture „talks“ to the surrounding area

A hotel complex in the heart of the Canary Islands creates a magical dialogue between the built environment and nature

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Multiplex Aquatique Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, Saint Hilaire de Riez (F) - Saint Hilaire de Riez (Francia)

Waves upon waves

The Multiplex Aquatique Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, built in a Natura 2000 area, fits in perfectly with the surrounding landscape of salt marshes, ocean and river

JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa - Venezia

Venice and roses

Amid history and nature, imagination and elegance, the Island of Roses is now home to a luxury 5-star hotel

Habitué-Vin&Cuisine Restaurant - Naples - Napoli

Elegance and good taste

The centre of Nola, a town just outside Naples renowned for its history, culture and commerce, now offers a new gourmet restaurant called Habitué-Vin&Cuisine

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Hotel Isola Sacra Rome Airport - Roma

English mood and Italian Style for the „.IT“ restaurant

A restaurant in Rome's Fiumicino neighbourhood offers fine dishes accompanied by selected wines in an elegant and cosy atmosphere

Gustavo's Pizza - Piacenza - Piacenza

An inclusive and multicoloured restaurant

The new project for Gustavo's Pizza in Piacenza was created by the practice Vanda Designers as a location promoting integration and hospitality

Rifugio Zallinger - Alpe di Siusi (BZ) - Castelrotto (BZ)

Design and sustainability at high altitude

Sustainability coupled with a passion for landscape and local history are the hallmarks of a successful restoration project for a mountain lodge in the Alpe di Siusi

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Toast to Coast restaurant - Milan - Milano

Travel and food rub shoulders in the Toast to Coast experience

The restaurant located in the Bicocca area of Milan stands out for its use of eclectic materials and furnishings to create a strongly international feel and New York-style industrial atmosphere

Belagflächen: CIR
Ristorante Ammare - Castiglione della Pescaia (GR) - Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)

‚Ammare‘! Let’s go to the seaside!

This is the name of a new restaurant located in a historic bathing establishment on Tuscany's Maremma coast. The project is entirely inspired by the sea: from the colours of the chosen materials to the use of light and the freshness of the spaces and furnishings

Belagflächen: CERASARDA
K-Kaiseki Restaurant - Castellanza (VA) - Castellanza - Varese

Sumptuous contemporary hospitality for an age-old ritual

When food becomes an artistic presentation and engages all five senses

Belagflächen: SERENISSIMA
Klab spa and fitness centre - Prato - Prato (Italy)

Stone, marble and natural inspirations

The Florence-based practice Cipiuelle has completed the project for a 500 square metre wellness area combining aesthetics and functionality in a perfect blend of materials, colours and finishings

Kaori Japanese Restaurant - Varedo (MB)

An evocation of the East

In the Kaori Japanese Restaurant, opened in Varedo in late 2018, each element is designed to interact with the light and create a play of visual references and allusions

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Himera Beach Club Resort - Campofelice di Roccella (PA)

Palm trees on the horizon

A resort on the north coast of Sicily where handcrafted details and elegant design come together to create a luxurious summer retreat

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Pasticceria Antoniazzi - Bagnolo S. Vito (MN)

Sweet sensations and pure volumes

The Antoniazzi family's fine pastry art is complemented by the sophisticated design, vintage atmospheres and terrazzo-inspired surfaces of its premises

Belagflächen: FLORIM

The Sushi Clubs commissioned by chef Andrea Li are proliferating throughout the Milanese hinterland. The architectural quality of the spaces where diners can enjoy Japanese food is a major factor behind their success

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok - Langsuan, Thailand - Bangkok (Thailandia)

Decorative inlays

A tropical oasis of hospitality in the city of Bangkok, the Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel stands out for its sophisticated design and unique blend of European taste and traditional Thai style

Belagflächen: SETTECENTO
Mohr Life Resort wellness space - Lermoos (Austria)

A theatre-like space facing onto Mount Zugspitze

The project by noa* network of architecture faces onto the Alpine landscape like a theatre complete with relaxation areas, a panoramic sauna, a lounge and a swimming pool surrounded by the mountains

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
La Casa dei Pescatori restaurant - Sirmione (Brescia) - Sirmione (Italy)

The horizon across the lake

A restaurant renovation project in Sirmione focused on refurbishing the panoramic terrace overlooking Lake Garda, which offers splendid views of the natural landscape

Club Charlie - Berlin - Berlino (Germania)

A New Life

In Berlin, a place with a grim past has been reinvented with colourful design and natural spaces

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Carlo e Camilla in Duomo Restaurant - Milan - Milano

Underground flavour

Carlo Cracco reopens his historic Milanese restaurant after assigning the renovation project to talented young architect Giò Tirotto

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Ocean Beyond Blue ice cream and coffee shop - Pefkohori (Greece) - Pefkohori Halkidiki - Salonicco (Grecia)

An ice cream-inspired colour palette

Ice cream has influenced the entire interior design of an ice cream and coffee shop overlooking the Aegean Sea

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Piadineria Pidaza - Milan - Milano

Recalling vintage kitchens: the colours of Pidaza

Avocado green, white and cherry were the three colours chosen by architect Simona Santolini to give a new identity to the interior design of a Milanese restaurant

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Cornoler restaurant - Turin - Torino (Italy)

In search of lost taste

In the Cornoler restaurant in Turin one can lose all sense of space and time

Pizzeria Briscola - Milan - Milano

The pizza sharing club

Briscola-Pizza Society is the name of the new Italian restaurant formula launched by the Foodation holding company with the aim of creating the first Italian-owned international restaurant chain. For the interior design project for the first two Milanese stores, one near the Duomo and the other in Porta Nuova, the owners contacted architect Fabio Novembre

Belagflächen: LEA
Ciara Bar Cafeteria - Rome - Roma

A modern reinterpretation of classicism

The new Ciara Cafeteria in Rome uses sophisticated combinations of materials and colours and the rigid geometric pattern of porcelain floor tiles to recreate the atmosphere of traditional Italian cafés in a modern style and a comfortable and refined ambience

Belagflächen: CIR
Porfirio's Restaurant - Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mex) - Guadalajara, Jalisco (Messico)

Exquisite aesthetic taste

Porfirio's restaurant in Guadalajara, designed by Filipao Nunes, has won international acclaim for its high-quality materials, cascading vegetation and welcoming and spectacular atmosphere

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Restaurant Meester Keeman - Waalre (B) - Markt 21, 5581 GK Waalre, (Paesi Bassi)

A library with a brasserie at its heart

As part of its focus on the well-being of residents, the Waalre town council approved a new building redevelopment project to convert a library into a modern brasserie

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Ristorante Pizzeria Roba da Matti - Scandiano (RE) - Scandiano

Warm, unexpected atmospheres

A highly original restyling project has used original, visually-striking elements to refresh the interior design of a restaurant and pizzeria in the province of Reggio Emilia

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Papo Restaurant - Turin - Torino

A walk by the sea… at the foot of the Turin hills

Based on a design concept created by VelvetLAB, Papo Kitchen & Fish creates a meticulously designed and repeatable format for a small, minimalist restaurant inspired by the sea

Belagflächen: CAESAR
AJI Oriental takeaway - Milan - Milano

Delicacies to be savoured at home

AJI (meaning "taste" in Japanese) is the perfect name for a new takeaway restaurant serving high-quality Japanese-Asian food

Belagflächen: FLORIM
San Ponziano parish church - Olbia - Olbia

From the land to the sea

Matter and spirit merge in a renovation project for an old church in Olbia, which now resonates with new light through its architecture

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
The Gate Resto-Lounge - Tunis - Tunisi (Tunisia)

A tearoom in Tunis

Looking out onto the Lake of Tunis, The Gate Resto-Lounge is a chic, contemporary version of the classic oriental tearoom

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Nuovo Picchio residential care centre - San Felice sul Panaro (Modena) - San Fellice sul Panaro (Mo)

A location spanning tradition and innovation

The Nuovo Picchio residential care centre helps guests feel at home in an innovative space that maintains its links with tradition

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Panenostro Lab - Rimini - Rimini Viale Vespucci 71

Breakfast and design

Style and fine dining based on simple, traditional ingredients

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Stassen Tea Lounge - Muscat (OMAN) - Muscat (Oman)

Savouring the flavour of tea in Muscat

The Al Falaj Hotel in Oman's capital has opened a new tea lounge designed by the same architects who built the hotel itself

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Monteborre farm holiday resort - Cento (Ferrara) - Pieve di Cento (FE)

Monteborre, a boutique hotel immersed in the countryside near Cento

A nineteenth-century property surrounded by nature was renovated and converted for use in high-end hospitality, complete with swimming pool and spa

Belagflächen: ABK
RIU Sri Lanka Hotel - Ahungalla (Sri Lanka) - Ahungalla (Sri Lanka)

Five-star comfort on the Emerald Isle

Set in dreamlike natural surroundings between the forest and the Indian Ocean, the RIU Sri Lanka Hotel in Ahungalla offers discreet luxury ideal for families

Belagflächen: CENTURY
Sushi Zero Restaurant - Buguggiate (VA) - Buguggiate (VARESE)

Sushi Zero: oriental atmospheres and innovative materials

A subdivision into functional areas, underscored by the alternation of surface coverings and custom details, makes for a welcoming and tropically inspired space. The project was created by Lend Studio

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Church of San Martino in Villapizzone - Milan - Piazza Villapizzone Milano

Architectural restoration of the Church of San Martino in Villapizzone

A liturgical and functional remodelling project for a parish church

Belagflächen: COEM
Restaurant La Ménagère - Florence

A romantic blend of tradition, flowers, food and design

A prestigious location in Florence that is at once a café, restaurant, flower shop, store and musical venue

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA

Designed by Erich Strolz and Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, the powerful new musical complex is a pure volume open to the city and its inhabitants

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA

Torre Prada brings to completion the project for the Fondazione Prada complex which was opened three years ago. The terrace offers panoramic views of the city and features a striking optical-effect black and white paving consisting of porcelain laminate panels installed in a slightly curved and visually-striking layout

Belagflächen: LEA
Humanitas University Campus - Milano - Rozzano (Milano) (Italy)

Humanitas and contemporary humanism

Located just outside Milan, the new Humanitas University Campus brings together innovative form and content to create a fascinating, timeless village designed according to principles of sustainability

Huize Hölterhof Sauna Wellness Hotel & Restaurant - Enschede (NL) - Huize Holterhoflaan 10, 7534 PH Enschede, Paesi Bassi (Paesi Bassi)

A cottage in the heart of the Dutch Twente region

The Huize Hölterhof Sauna Wellness Hotel & Restaurant is a resort where guests can relive the atmospheres of the early twentieth century

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Hotel Landgoed De Wilmersberg - De Lutte (NL) - Rhododendronlaan 7, 7587 NL De Lutte, Paesi Bassi (Paesi Bassi)

An oasis of wellness in the Dutch countryside

A spa surrounded by large windows looking out onto one of the most picturesque areas of the Netherlands is the perfect place to restore body and soul

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Holiday Apartment Lamia Matera 11 - Matera - Matera

A contemporary rock dwelling in Matera

In the European Capital of Culture 2019, a rock dwelling in the ancient village of the Sassi has been given a new lease of life. With a new layout and modern materials, it has been transformed into a contemporary hospitality facility while maintaining strong links with tradition

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Hotel and Visitor Centre at Nyíregyháza Zoo - Hungary - Nyíregyháza (UNGHERIA)

A ceramic Pangea

The architecture of a large zoo explores the relationship with nature, using ceramic tiles to enhance form and function

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Palazzo di Varignana Lounge Bar - Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) - Caste San Pietro Terme (BO)

Relaxing in a lounge bar

Guests at the Palazzo Varignana Resort & Spa can chill out in an elegant and prestigious location in the Emilia-Romagna countryside

Belagflächen: AVA
Azzurra Fitness Club - Cisterna, LT (Italy) - Cisterna (LT)

Azzurra Fitness Club: a warm, friendly space designed for all

The aim of the project was to create a fitness centre where it would be a pleasure to train, relax and socialise

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Beyond Society Gastrobar - Xanthi (Greece) - Xanthi (Grecia)

A distinctive but hospitable style in the heart of Xanthi

A location that combines the classical elegance of Eastern Greece with a retro touch and cosmopolitan atmosphere

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
APOTECA Provviste Alimentari - Roma - Roma

A touch of inspiration in Rome’s Flaminio neighbourhood

Observe, design and restore are the golden rules of an architectural renovation project in the heart of Rome, gastronomy included

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Tino Caffè - Florence - Via della Scala 55r, 50123, Firenze

British tradition meets Italian contemporary design

The vintage industrial style of British pubs meets Italian design in an experimental project for a new café in Florence

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
La Terre 楽田 café-restaurant - Chengdu (PRC) - Chengdu (Cina)

Food philosophy

An organic, contemporary space where guests can relax while enjoying delicious dishes and celebrating the age-old connection between food, man and nature

Hotel Chateau de Drudas - Toulouse (France)

Staying at a Chateau

In the countryside near Toulouse, the eighteenth-century summer residence of the Rességuier family has been transformed into the elegant Hotel Château de Drudas

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Sede Telekom - Bonn (D) - Bonn (Germania)

Splendid atmospheres

The canteen in the Telekom headquarters in Germany stands out for its elegant interior design

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral - Raleigh (USA) - Raleigh, North Carolina (USA)

A LEED-certified church in North Carolina

In the city of Raleigh, North Carolina, the practice O'Brien & Keane designed and built a new church which welcomes congregants from the Catholic community and hosts numerous liturgical celebrations and diocese events. The architects opted for classical architectural elements and LEED-certified products to guarantee an efficient performance of the building

Belagflächen: EMILGROUP
Ristorante Cracco - Milan - Milano

More than just a restaurant

Ristorante Cracco, located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, the iconic shopping mall known as the "Salon of the Milanese", is more than just a restaurant. The spaces of the patisserie bistro-bar, the private rooms, the cellar and the events room on the last of the four floors are pervaded by an atmosphere of times past, but the culinary and cultural offerings could hardly be more contemporary

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Caffè del Voltone - Pieve di Cento (BO) - Pieve di Cento (BO - Italy)

Caffè del Voltone

A bar in Pieve di Cento offers a taste of the past

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Pécs Zoo - Pécs (Hungary) - Pécs (Ungheria)

A bright new cladding for the façades of Pécs Zoo

One of Hungary's most popular tourist attractions, Pécs Zoo was recently renovated by architects from the practice Nara Studio who chose laminated porcelain large-size panels for the façade cladding

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Italia&Amore Restaurant, Market and Wine shop - Bolzano - Bolzano

A gastronomic store and restaurant in Bolzano

The synaesthesia between food and cooking provided the inspiration for this renovation and expansion project in an 18th century building in the centre of Bolzano

Belagflächen: VOGUE
StrEat Food Restaurant - Milan - Milano

A food experience spanning past and present

Warm vintage atmospheres and contemporary functionality come together in the restyling project for the StrEat Food Tortona restaurant in Milan

Belagflächen: CIR
Rosalia Salad Gourmet - Florence - Firenze

Mediterranean energy

An establishment offering healthy and tasty street food was recently opened in the centre of the new university town of Novoli just outside Florence

Caffè Napoli - Milano - Milano (Italy)

A Neapolitan atmosphere in Milan

Caffè Napoli in Milan recreates the homely, picturesque atmosphere of Neapolitan houses, its details revealing powerful, authentic cultural inspirations

Starfield Library - Seoul (South Korea)

A library turns into an attraction

This beautiful library in Seoul has become one of the city's coolest attractions and is boosting business too

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Valamar Girandella Premium Villas - Rabac, Istria (Croatia) - Rabac, Istria, Croazia (Croazia)

Splendid architecture for a holiday in eastern Istria

In search of Rabac, a splendid location where the hospitality of the Valamar Girandella Resort is a sublime art in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Centro Cinofilo Cusinato - Pove del Grappa (VI) - Pove del Grappa (VI)

Outdoor living

Country life provides the inspiration for interior design

Belagflächen: BLUSTYLE
Eracle Sports Center - Como - San Fermo della Battaglia (CO)

The Eracle Sports Center expands

The recently expanded Eracle Sports Center, owned by Italian footballer Gianluca Zambrotta, offers an innovative range of multidisciplinary activities, recreational spaces and a spa close to the centre of Como

Belagflächen: DEL CONCA
Majestic Mountain Charme Hotel - Madonna di Campiglio (TN) - Madonna di Campiglio (Trento)

A mountain setting

The restyling project for a splendid hotel in Madonna di Campiglio brings together modernity and tradition while respecting the local spirit

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
In Croissanteria Lab - Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) - VIA VARIANTE DI CICOLA 13 Carobbio degli Angeli (BG)

The pastry shop reimagined

In Croissanteria Lab, a new pastry shop concept

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Fattoria Toccaferro Restaurant - Pescara - Via Firenze, 285 65129 Pescara PE

A combined restaurant and shop

A restaurant in Pescara combines traditional cuisine with the unique experience of farm shopping. It uses interior design materials to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere inspired by the past

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Ocean Prime Restaurant - Naples FL, USA - Naples (Florida)

Warm and glamorous interiors on the Gulf of Mexico

The Ocean Prime restaurant in Naples, the fourteenth location in the chain set up by entrepreneur Cameron Mitchell, was designed by Mark Knauer and his firm Knauer Incorporated and is situated on the historic 5th Avenue South in the city's Old District

Fulin Restaurant Luxury Chinese Experience - Florence - Firenze

A taste of the Orient

The true flavours of Chinese cuisine can be found in a tasteful and elegant restaurant in Florence

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Markus Food Experience - San Paolo Bel Sito (NA) - San Paolo bel Sito (Na)

Markus: vesuvian cuisine 3.0

An interior created by architect Leonardo Caliandro is the perfect setting for the gastronomic inventions of the young Neapolitan chef Maurizio De Riggi

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Media Math 4 World Trade Center - New York (USA) - New York (USA)

A creative hub in New York City

The New York studio of Jennifer Carpenter Architect won the Tile Competition's Commercial award for their work in Media Math's new offices.

Belagflächen: REFIN
Całoroczne sports centre - Olsztyn (Poland)

Bringing a lake to life

The Całoroczne Centre aims to forge a new identity for Olsztyn

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Josef Mountain Resort - Avelengo (Bolzano) Italy - Avelengo - Merano

A destination in the woods

The Josef Mountain Resort in South Tyrol stands out for its natural energy following a renovation project that has forged even stronger links between the exterior and the surrounding environment

Belagflächen: FLAVIKER
Spant! Theater - Bussum (NL) - Bussum (Olanda)

More than just theatre

The multifunctional basement at the Spant! theatre in Bussum, Holland, is finally a place of light and boasts a sophisticated and elegant interior to welcome guests

Acropolis Venue - Olympia Estate, George (South Africa) - George (South Africa)

A location in the heart of nature

Nestling on a temperate plateau, and characterised by a refined but welcoming atmosphere, this unique location is an ideal resting place for horses and riders, a great place for cultural events and corporate meetings and an original venue for private parties

Belagflächen: CENTURY
Darling Harbour Live International Convention Centre - Sydney - Sydney (Australia)

A new entertainment venue

The Australian consortium Darling Harbour Live has invested a billion dollars in redeveloping one of Sydney's prime locations to create new convention, exhibition and entertainment venues set in parkland between the waterfront and the city

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Theory Bar & More - Athens - Atene (Grecia)

Colonial revival meets fusion style in the north of Athens

The restyling of a well known venue in Chalandri, a northern suburb of the Greek capital, provides the perfect opportunity to express an original, vintage-oriented idea

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Les Dunes, Société Générale campus - Val de Fontenay, Paris - Val de Fontenay, Parigi (Francia)

A Horizontal Campus

Drawing inspiration from the settlements of camper vans that form on the beaches of the Camargue, and the wood and steel moorings used in Venice, the architect Anne Démians designed a peaceful work environment built around light, gardens, restaurants and sharing

Belagflächen: LEA
Repulse Bay Road - Hong Kong - HONG KONG (CINA)

A piece of Italy in Hong Kong

The cotto and stone surface of Repulse Bay Road exemplifies Hong Kong's fascination with Italian tile.

Church of Our Lady of Mercy (Glass Church) - Baranzate (Milano) - Baranzate

Communion, Sharing, Contemporaneity

The renovation of a religious building from the 1950s, based on a restoration project drawn up by the original architects, is an excellent example of "philological" restoration in modern architecture.

Camping delle Rose - Moniga Del Garda (Brescia) - Moniga del Garda

A lake view terrace

The redevelopment project for a campsite on the shores of Lake Garda aims to integrate harmoniously with the landscape

La Polveriera day centre for the disabled - Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

La Polveriera gets a beautiful and practical makeover

A military complex dating back to the Second World War has recently been restored in Reggio Emilia. The project was guided by social values and is characterised by the lack of architectural barriers. Ceramic plays a leading role

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
The District food court - Sydney - Sydney (Australia)

Food Court, Food Theatre

An old area next to a railway interchange in Sydney, Australia has been redeveloped as a futuristic dining precinct

Belagflächen: CIR
The "Rotonda Italiana" coffee bar - Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia

Art Deco and a focus on craftsmanship

The "Rotonda Italiana" coffee bar in Reggio Emilia takes you on a journey in time, thanks to vintage tiles that express Italian quality in all its facets

Belagflächen: CIR
Food Court MyChef - Milan Malpensa - Milano - Malpensa Airport

Flavours of Italy

Food is the perfect way to remember the place you are leaving and celebrate the place you are travelling to

Belagflächen: REFIN
Burger King restaurant - Dunstable, UK - Dunstable (United Kingdom)

The American industrial look meets the English tradition

The industrial inspiration behind American metropolitan culture blends with the architectural tradition of deepest England, giving rise to spaces with a strong identity

Sant'Arialdo Patisserie Bar - Angera (VA) - Angera (Italy)

Heavenly flavours in charming atmospheres

A ceramic carpet for a sweet homely ambience

PlusCity First Class Shopping - Pasching (Austria) - Pasching (Austria)

PlusCity in Pasching, Upper Austria, almost a city of its own dedicated to leisure activities

The extension has added 20,000 sq.m to the floor surface of what is now the biggest shopping centre in the region, featuring 220 stores, 48 restaurants, a multiplex cinema, a fitness centre and a family entertainment centre

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
Erika Spa and Relax Hotel - Tyrol (Bolzano) - Tirolo

Wellness among the colours of nature

Framed by gardens and mountains, the Erika Spa and Relax Hotel in Tyrol offers a full immersion in nature and in the beauty of its carefully designed spaces

Belagflächen: FONDOVALLE
San Giovanni Bosco parish centre - Treviolo (Bergamo)

Inclusive education

The new San Giovanni Bosco parish centre in Treviolo is built on principles of openness, inclusion and participation

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Hilton Hotel - Milan

Quintessentially Milanese

Elegant, stylish, sometimes modern, sometimes classical, often surprising: these epithets apply equally to the city of Milan and to the new lobby of the well-established Milan Hilton. You can take an architect's word for it!

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Camping Lacona Pineta - Lacona (LI) - Capoliveri LI

A campsite by the clear blue sea

Set amongst pine trees just a short walk from the sea, the oldest campsite on the Island of Elba offers the fun and relaxation of a spa-grade swimming pool

Belagflächen: COEM
Sky Lounge Bar Kempinski Residences & Suite - Doha (Qatar) - Doha (Qatar)

A breathtaking view over Doha

The luxury suite of the top two storeys of the Kempinski Residences & Suites in Doha has been converted into a Sky Lounge Bar

New Alexander Forbes headquarters - Johannesburg, South Africa - Johannesburg (South Africa)

Functionality, environmental quality and high energy-efficiency

The Alexander Forbes office complex stands out for the vitality and dynamism of its interiors, set against the silently sober presence of the ceramic floor coverings used on every level

Le Greco Restaurant and Wine Bar - Tournai (Belgium) - Bruxelles (Belgium)

A background blend of traditional and industrial styling

A recent remodelling project has brought a fresh, contemporary look to Le Greco, a restaurant and wine bar in the Belgian town of Tournai

Belagflächen: VERDE
Marseilles Docks, France - Marseille (Francia)

Ceramics as a living material

The historic dock buildings are given a new lease of life in a carefully designed redevelopment project in which ceramic tile plays a key technological and emotional role

Le Salon Coiffeur-Visagiste - Voiron (France) - Voiron (Francia)

A salon with character

Original colours and coverings set the glamorously sparkling tone of a small beauty salon in France

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Halifax Restaurant - Hoboken, NJ (USA) - Hoboken (USA)

A Restaurant With A Canadian Flavour On The Shores Of The Hudson River

The Halifax restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey, reflects its chef's origins, with seafood dishes, natural woods and the colours of nature

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Antica Sartoria di Napoli Restaurant - Trieste - Trieste

‘Tailor-made‘ redefined

In the heart of Trieste, this evocatively named hamburger bar welcomes its customers into an eclectic and elegant ambience

Belagflächen: FAP
Sicilia's Bar & Shop - Agira (Enna) - Agira (EN) e Catania

Traditional Sicilian flavours in vintage and retro atmospheres

The thousand-year-old Sicilian food and wine culture meets the vintage spirit of Sicilia's bar-restaurants, the ideal places in which to feast on the culinary delights of Sicily in a retro style ambience

Belagflächen: FAP
Sport Hotel Prodongo - Brallo di Pregola (PV) - Loc. Prodongo, Brallo di Pregola, PV

Sport and relaxation in the high valleys of Pavia’s Oltrepò region

This thoughtfully restored hotel, located along the ancient salt road, far from the mass tourism routes, offers guests wellbeing and tranquillity

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Chiesa della Misericordia - Terranuova Bracciolini - Arezzo (Italy)

Porcelain tiles that define the architecture

The project by Archea Associati for the local Brotherhood of Mercy has created a new association headquarters and a farewell room that can be used for many of the client's activities

Belagflächen: TAGINA
Portopiccolo tourist and residential complex - Sistiana (TS)

The village without a past

A disused quarry has been converted into a highly eco-sustainable tourist and residential complex

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Farm B&B Sant'Egle - Sorano (GR) - Sorano (GR)

In the old customs house

A old 17th century customs house, which once marked the boundary between the Papal States and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, has been renovated as an organic farm B&B using exclusively green building and sustainable techniques

Pizzeria "Amici" - Munich (D) - Monaco di Baviera (Germania)

A custom dining experience

An Italian restaurant in the suburbs of Munich has warm, intimate interiors featuring customised wood and industrial retro touches

Belagflächen: SUPERGRES
Pierre Bistrot - Bath (United Kingdom)

Pierre Bistrot, a corner of France in the UK

The UK chain's Bath restaurant is housed in a 19th century Georgian home.

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Religious complex - Fasano (BR) - Fasano BR

Form and symbolism

A new place of worship establishes a powerful dialogue between the original forms of the local architecture and the expressive power of contemporary materials

An original renovation project in a historic building close to the Milvian Bridge combines echoes of the past with post-industrial atmospheres

Belagflächen: TONALITE
Ristorante Trippa - Milan - Milano

The retro charm of modern Milan

A restaurant in a perfect vintage style invites clients to taste traditional cookery, in an original "old school" setting

Belagflächen: FAP
Caffè Pasticceria Bahira - Pistoia - Pistoia

A sweet other half

Caffè Bahira in Pistoia offers a blend of classic and modern styles

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Matlosana Mall - Johannesburg (South Africa) - Johannesburg (Sudafrica)

Design and a minimalist style in keeping with tradition

In Klerksdorp, South Africa, a shopping centre narrates the rich history of the region through the use of sophisticated and essential forms and materials.

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Tribes Mobile Office Network - Eindhoven (NL) - Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Tribes, a new coworking concept in Eindhoven

A multilevel structure in the Flight Forum business park designed by MVRDV caters for "business nomads", offering hybrid and multifunctional spaces that combine workstations with a gym, a library, a bar and a restaurant

"Da Emilia" Bistrot - Torino

A corner of Emilia in Turin

At the northern edge of Turin's baroque historic centre, a small bistro opened by three young partners combines antique objects and furnishings in a cosy vintage ambience

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Grand Hotel du Midi - Montpellier (Francia)

Super et génial

A unique and poetic renovation project has given a new lease of life to a historic hotel in the centre of Montpellier

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Mosque at the International Airport - Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei - BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (BRUNEI)

A place of honour in the Sultanate

4,000 sq.m of Italian ceramic tiles installed in the mosque at Masjid Brunei Darussalam Airport, the prestige visiting card of a small, but extremely rich, country

Belagflächen: CIPA GRES
Ex Metalmetron - Savona - Savona (Italy)

Redeveloping the Le Officine complex in Savona

A judicious use of colour gives new life and architectural unity to the essential volumes of a new multifunctional centre

Church - Sonnenbühl (D) - Sonnenbühl (Germany)

A modern church

A church in Germany rejects the architectural conventions of places of worship. Lacking a steeple and other architectural elements, it stands out for its use of neutral colour tones and natural light

Golf Club - Nantes (F) - Nantes (Francia)

A game immersed in nature

Combining natural elegance with functionality, the porcelain floor tiles are one of the highlights of the clubhouse remodelling project on a historic French golf course

Belagflächen: CAESAR
ChristChurch Presbyterian - Atlanta, GA (USA) - Atlanta, GA (United States)

Urban spirituality

The ChristChurch Presbyterian in Atlanta is an outstanding example of a religious building that combines contemporary architecture with functional requirements

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Hotel La Madonnina del Gran Paradiso - Cogne (AO) - Cogne (AO)

A green vacation amongst the „wonders of Italy“

The newly constructed wing of an old holiday home in Cogne, now converted into the exclusive La Madonnina del Gran Paradiso hotel, offers guests an unforgettable stay

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Starbucks Central Embassy - Bangkok (Thailand)

Thai Landmark

Located within the former gardens of the British Embassy on Bangkok's main shopping street, Ploenchit Road, Central Embassy is an ultra-luxury shopping mall with a futuristic aluminium façade inspired by ancient Thai temples

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Aquapark - Uherské Hradiště (Rep. Ceca) - Uherské Hradiště (REPUBBLICA CECA)

Fragments of sky blue

Water surfaces and ceramic waves create a multicoloured floor covering in the swimming, leisure and relaxation areas of the Uherské HradištE water park

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Barsa Taberna - Toronto (Canada) - Toronto (Canada)

A Spanish atmosphere in downtown Toronto

The disorderly architecture of an old basement proved to be the ideal location for the Barsa Taberna tapas restaurant

Jersey Gardens Mall - Elizabeth, NJ (USA) - Elizabeth NJ (USA)

An open central space

Jersey Gardens Mall is a crossroads between pedestrian flows and retail activities.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
SUGO Concept Store - Padua - PADOVA

Street food, Italian style

Local products and the flavours of home cooking take pride of place in a space that is intentionally simple but not minimalist, eco-friendly yet steeped in tradition

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Pub Fabbrica di Pedavena - Treviglio (BG) - Treviglio (BG)

The home of beer

Fabbrica di Pedavena in Treviglio is a pub with a difference, offering customers the chance to relax and enjoy a truly unique ambience

Hotel San Giovanni - Porto Vecchio - Porto Vecchio (Francia)

Immersed in nature

Located between the sea and the mountains of Corsica, Hotel San Giovanni in Porto-Vecchio has undergone a renovation project aimed at promoting a sense of well-being and featuring a swimming pool set amongst the greenery

Belagflächen: FAP
Sheraton Mirage Resort Villas - Port Douglas, QLD (AUS) - Port Douglas, QLD (Australia)

Tropical porcelain

Italian ceramic tiles have played a key role in a remodelling project for a villa in the Sheraton Mirage Resort in Port Douglas, Australia

Belagflächen: VERDE
Nemea Energy Village - Cardito (NA) - Cardito (NA)

A holistic wellness centre

Philosophy meets materials at the Nemea Energy Village

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Mercato Centrale (marketplace) - Florence (Italy)

Eating out at the market

The Archea firm of architects has redesigned the commercial spaces of Florence's San Lorenzo market in a modern vein for food artisans

Belagflächen: TAGINA
Jamie's Italian Restaurant - London (UK) - Londra (UK)

An Italian-style terrace

London, UK. Following in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsay, another British cooking star has chosen the style and quality of Italian ceramic tiles for his restaurant.

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Smart City - La Valletta - La Valletta (Malta)

Malta embraces smart technologies

An environment-friendly technology park is under construction just a few kilometres from the capital

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Y-40 the Deep Joy - Montegrotto Terme (PD)

A scuba diver’s paradise

This unique 40 metre deep pool is maintained at a constant temperature of 33°C

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Stayen Stadium - Sint-Truiden (Belgium)

A new home for a football team

Home to the club STVV, the recently refurbished Stayen stadium in Belgium is also a multifunctional structure

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Hard Rock Café - Rome - Roma

The soundtrack to
La Dolce Vita

The Hard Rock Cafe themed restaurant in Via Veneto, Rome is changing music and renovating its interiors

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Accà Ristopizzaperitivo - Florence

Pizza, ceramics and… imagination

Simplicity, comfort, a fresh young look and a vaguely industrial chic atmosphere are the key ingredients of Accà, a fashionable new eatery in Florence

Belagflächen: FLORIM
CET Multifunctional complex - Budapest - Budapest (Ungheria)

The Budapest whale

Two nineteenth century granaries built on the banks of the river Danube encounter the visionary architecture of Kas Oosterhuis

Belagflächen: NOVABELL
Hotel Riu - Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain - Tenerife (Spagna)

The landscape of hospitality

In the renovation project for a hotel on the island of Gran Canaria, ceramic tiles are artfully set amongst the natural elements of sun, sea and sand

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Aquarena Acquatic Complex and SPA - Arras (France) - Arras (Francia)

A shell cradled by the waves

Aquarena: a fantasy world centred on the restorative power of water

Akadem Park Shopping Centre - St. Petersburg (RU) - San Pietroburgo (Russia)

The secret garden

A St. Petersburg department store has been refurbished as part of an interior design project inspired by nature, a concept enhanced by the original use of porcelain tiles

Plaza of the Americas - Dallas, TX (USA) - Dallas (Texas, USA)

A rediscovered plaza

In Dallas, Texas a covered plaza has been given a new lease of life as an oasis for all seasons, where fountains and vegetation are immersed in a controlled microclimate.

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Ristopub Bir&Fud - Rome - ROMA

A place in the heart of the Trastevere

The seductive colours of amber and wood are key to the story of the development of the new Bir&Fud in the heart of Rome's Trastevere district

Maison du Parc Restaurant - Milan - Milano

Breakfast at Maison du Parc

Offering splendid views onto Parco Sempione, an oasis of greenery in the centre of Milan, a new restaurant has established itself on the Lombardy region's dining scene

Belagflächen: REFIN
Restaurant Persé - Milan - Milano

Flavours of the Mediterranean and history

In Milan, your palate can enjoy Mediterranean flavours while your eye runs over the green of its trees to the marbles of the Arco della Pace, with its imposing history - which, it turns out, is not without its ironies

Ghelamco Arena - Ghent, Belgium - Gand (Belgio)

An ultra-white football paradise

The Ghelamco Arena, the ultra-modern stadium of the Belgian city of Ghent, has a unique fairytale atmosphere

Casa dei Bambini Montessori school - Milan - Milano

Colours for growth

The design of the new Casa dei Bambini (Children's House) in Milan, a Montessori school in which education starts with the built environment, is based on the use of colour

Belagflächen: VOGUE
30 Jellicoe Avenue Building - Johannesburg (South Africa) - Johannersburg (Sudafrica)

Beyond the image

A new commercial complex recently completed in South Africa's economic capital highlights the role of ceramic envelopes in architecture and in technological and energy performance

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Hotel d'Angleterre - Copenhagen (Denmark)

A ceramic spa in the centre of Copenhagen

Minimalist yet alluring, the new facility contrasts with the historic setting of the 250-year-old Hotel d'Angleterre

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Bar del Duomo - Altamura (Ba)

A historic bar revisited

In the old town centre of Altamura, customers are greeted by a carpet of coloured tiles

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Relaxxi Rest Home - Noale (Venice)

Putting people first

A rest home organised into individual housing units to cater for different levels of user needs

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Lambrone Sport Center - Erba (CO) - Erba

A state-of-the-art swimming centre for the town of Erba

The Parco del Lambrone sports and leisure centre has been renovated and new swimming pools built

Belagflächen: CEDIR
Hotel-Business Management School Georges-Frêche - Montpellier (FR) - Montpellier (Francia)

Fuksas, ceramics and a catering school

A landmark city project has been completed in Montpellier, France

San Pio da Pietrelcina church compound - Rome - Roma

A roof that combines aesthetics and symbolism

The parish complex of San Pio da Pietrelcina has become the landmark of the Malafede neighbourhood in the suburbs of Rome

Nuova Chiesa Parrocchiale - Medolla (MO) - Medolla (MO)

A new church for earthquake-hit Medolla

A contemporary interpretation of the place of worship but in keeping with the Christian tradition

Belagflächen: MIRAGE
Wiltshire County Hall - Trowbridge (GB) - Trowbridge (Great Britain)

Under an ETFE sky

The architectural renovation project for an old administrative complex centres around a bright internal courtyard paved entirely with ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: REFIN
Villa Balke Cypraea private club - Torre del Greco (Napoli) (Italy)

Spellbound by the Bay

Two new saltwater swimming pools built in the exclusive Villa Balke and Club Cypraea complex in Torre del Greco offer guests a magnificent view over the Bay of Naples

Belagflächen: TAGINA
Disney Magic cruise ship - Cadice (Spagna)

On board with „helmsman Mickey“

The Disney Magic cruise ship recently underwent a major overhaul to bring its levels of safety and comfort into line with the changing needs of the market

Phi Beach Club - Baia Sardinia (Ot) - Baia Sardinia

The most exclusive club in Europe

The Phi Beach summer beach club in Baia Sardinia, Costa Smeralda operates 24 hours a day thanks to a furnishing project and a programme of events that covers everything from sunbathing to relaxing, diving to reading, musical aperitifs to a romantic dinner

Belagflächen: SERENISSIMA
Algiubagio Restaurant - Venice - Venezia

Not just a restaurant but a place of restoration

Not far from the centre of Venice, a seventeenth century building hosts a haven of peace and tranquillity, an eatery that combines design with sophisticated cuisine

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Barclays Center Arena - Brooklyn, NY (USA) - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

An arena at the service of the city

The new Brooklyn Nets basketball arena provided an opportunity to redevelop the urban life of one of New York's most famous neighbourhoods

Hotel Wilshire - Los Angeles, CA (USA) - Los Angeles, CA (USA)

Hotel Wilshire, city lights

A Los Angeles business hotel reflects the sobriety and grandeur of the Californian city and offers a spectacular view over the hills of Hollywood

New Administrative Centre (NAC) - Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium)

A new administrative centre

In the town of Houthalen-Helchteren in Belgium, the social and administrative services, public library and municipal police station are housed under the same roof - or, to be more precise, under the same roof garden.

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Dolci Luxury Taste Bar - Milan

A feast for the eyes and the palate

The Dolci Luxury Taste pastry shop stands out for its curved lines, bright colours, screen-printed mirrors... and of course delicious home-made pastries

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Mozart Vital Hotel - Ried im Oberinntal (Austria) - Ried im Oberinntal (AUSTRIA)

A haven for all the family

A family-friendly four-star hotel in the Tyrolean Oberland in Austria

Belagflächen: COEM
Altamarea Beach Village - Cattolica (Rimini) (Italy)

A pool on the beach

Altamarea Beach Village in Cattolica features a ceramic paving set in the sand

Belagflächen: TAGINA
University residence Camplus Bononia - Bologna - Bologna

Camplus Bononia:
a city university residence

The new university residence is a modern structure immersed in greenery and equipped with the latest energy-saving solutions

Belagflächen: CAESAR
"The house of the sun" nursery school - Barberino Val d'Elsa (Florence) - Barberino Val d'Elsa, Firenze (Italy)

A house of colour for children

A kaleidoscope of colours symbolising children's development from the ages of 3 to 6.

Relais Sant'Uffizio Wellness & SPA - Cioccaro di Penango (AT)

The philosophy of wellness

A former monastery in the Langhe region of northern Italy houses a modern spa promoting mental and physical relaxation

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Zebra Restaurant - Prague (Czech Republic)

Asian fusion, lanterns and bamboo

A new restaurant in Prague's old city centre offers a splendid reinterpretation of an oriental style that combines warmth and nature

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Library and Cultural Center - Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario (CND) - Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON (Canada)

Bradford West Gwillimbury Library and Cultural Center

A space designed not only for the storage, diffusion and transfer of knowledge but also to become a a centre for social gathering

Belagflächen: MIRAGE
Central Saint Giles - London (GB) - Londra (Inghilterra)

Ladies and gentlemen, ceramic tiles!

A vibrant new development by Renzo Piano puts ceramic on London's architectural map

Belagflächen: REFIN
Mucche & Buoi Restaurant - Milan - Milano

A Meat Restaurant in Milan

This open-kitchen steakhouse is a cross between a butcher's shop, a family-run restaurant and a chic winebar

Belagflächen: REFIN
Union Square 999 Building - Washington DC (USA) - Washington DC (Stati Uniti)

Award-winning quality

The coveted Ceramics of Italy Design Competition Award 2012 was won by a successful office complex refit project using high-quality ceramics in the heart of NoMa, a rapidly developing neighbourhood of Washington DC

Belagflächen: LEA
Hotel Le Terrazze - Treviso

A new
lease of life for
Le Terrazze

An abandoned concrete structure has been converted into a modern multifunctional centre

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Il parco tematico Rainbow Magic Land - Valmontone (RM) - Valmontone (Roma)

Rainbow Magic Land

The magic world of entertainment, retail and catering in a theme park just outside Italy's capital

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Museum Design Hotel - Montaldo Torinese (To) - Montaldo Torinese (To)

Museum Design Hotel

The castle of Montaldo features a sophisticated cultural exhibition as part of an original accommodation and wellness concept

Casale Marchese - Camporotondo Etneo (CT) - Camporotondo Etneo (CT)

Neoclassicism rivisited


Copperhill Mountain Lodge - Åre (S) - Åre (Svezia)

A relaxing holiday

American architect Peter Bohlin has created a luxurious five star Swedish hotel that combines traditional materials and themes with an utterly contemporary idiom

New Public Library - Greve in Chianti (Florence) - Greve in Chianti (FI)

A diaphragm-like surface covering

The project successfully explores the dynamic relationship between cladding and architecture, making creative use of a well-established clay ventilated façade system

Caffé Propaganda - Roma - Roma

A triumph of taste


Belagflächen: ETRURIA
Mama Burger - Milano - Milano

Quality Fast Food


Belagflächen: CESI
Centro commerciale e residenziale Cvjetni - Zagreb (Croatia) - Zagabria (Croazia)

A new complex in Flower Square

The new Cvjetni multifunctional complex opened in Zagreb's central "Flower Square" in May last year adds to the elegance and discreet charm of this cosmopolitan city.

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Hard Rock Cafè - Singapore - Singapore (Singapore)

Shimmering star-like reflections

Made from 40% recycled material, the ceramic floor coverings in the Singapore Hard Rock Cafe appear to be studded with thousands of jewels, shimmering star-like reflections created by a blend of selected raw materials and haematite powder.

Seattle Design Center - Seattle, WA (USA) - Seattle (USA)

The Seattle Design Center

A permanent furniture show inside a shopping mall constructed around a large covered square.

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Restaurant "Alfio" - Dro (Trento) - Dro (TN)

An innovative approach to tradition


BLA Library, Play Centre, Municipal Archives - Fiorano Modenese (Mo)

BLA: a new cultural centre opened in Fiorano Modenese

A modern building clad with a large porcelain tile façade has been constructed in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna ceramic district to house a town library, play centre and municipal archives

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Alpengasthof Aschinger Alm - Ebbs (Austria) - Ebbs (Austria)

A retreat in the Austrian Tyrol


Belagflächen: COEM
Parco dei Principi Restaurant - Albiate (MB) (Italy)

Yesterday a nursery, today a restaurant

An old farmhouse in Brianza evolved first into a kindergarten and then a restaurant

Belagflächen: TAGINA
Hotel Baia dei Pini - Torri del Benaco (Verona) - Torri del Benaco (VR)

the past in a corner of
Lake Garda

A recently refurbished hotel on Lake Garda offers a superb blend of contemporary design and an early twentieth century atmosphere

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Plaza Happening Center - Vasto (CH) - Vasto (CH)

Contemporary classic, a kind of magic

Overlooking one of the most magnificent bays in the Adriatic, a large centre for events and ceremonies offers the experience of a lifetime

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Edmondo Landi Nursery - Lavezzola (RA) - LAVEZZOLA - RA

A natural education

A nursery at Conselice, in the province of Ravenna, offers an all-round educational project, from the sustainability of the building to the most innovative teaching methods

Omnia Center Multiplex - Prato (PO) - Prato (Italy)

More than just a cinema

A multifunctional centre in Prato houses hyper-technological film theatres along with a wide range of shops.

Astragalo Cocktail Restaurant - Gravellona Toce (VB) - Gravellona Toce (VB)

21st century meeting spaces

The Astragalo Cocktail Restaurant, a fashionable dining and entertainment venue, undergoes daily metamorphosis from a daytime restaurant to a lively evening disco pub

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Blitz CineStar Arena - Zagreb (Croatia) - Zagabria (Croazia)

The Blitz-CineStar Arena multiplex in Zagreb

The new multiplex cinema allows the audience to choose not just the film they want to see but also the theatre ambience

Sky Shopping Centre - Riga (Latvia) - Riga (Lettonia)

A human-scale shopping centre

With their large floor spaces and open areas, shopping centres are destined to redraw the landscape of the suburbs, in the best cases forging new territorial identities.

Fitness Village Virgin Active Classic - Milan - Milano

Virgin Active Classic in Milan

An exclusive and elegant fitness village designed for wellness and new functions

Belagflächen: FLORIM
Barton Creek Square Mall - Austin, TX (USA) - Austin, Texas (USA)

The realm of shopping

Barton Creek Square in Austin features more than 180 commercial spaces devoted to America's most prestigious brands

Belagflächen: LEA
Outlet The Groove - Incisa Valdarno (FI) - Incisa Valdarno (FI)

Ceramic tiles take centre stage

Exercises of luxury and design from a new player on the international fashion shopping scene.

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
OS Club - Rome - Roma

Modernity and memory

In the heart of an extraordinary archaeological area in Rome stands a modern agora for cosmopolitan citizens.

Belagflächen: COEM
"Da Claudio" fishmonger's - Milan - Milano

„Da Claudio“, the fishmonger’s loved by the Milanese

Completely refurbished, the shop has now been expanded with a first-floor restaurant.

"Casa Cassiano Tozzoli" Alzheimer's centre - Imola (BO) - Imola (BO)

A building made of colour and light

Spaces and itineraries in the Centro Sanitario Alzheimer in Imola: constructing homely, liveable spaces that make an active contribution to therapy

Kempinski Residences & Suites - Doha (Qatar) - Doha (Qatar)

Kempinski Residences & Suites Doha

Unobtrusive luxury, exceptional comfort, elegance, excellent service and privacy come together in the new facility

Belagflächen: NAXOS
Charlie Pizza Restaurant - Vilnius (LT) - Vilnius (Lithuania)

Charlie Pizza restaurant in Vilnius

A pizza restaurant inspired by Charlie Chaplin in the Panorama Entertainment and Shopping Center in Vilnius Zverynas

Belagflächen: MONOCIBEC
Schlosshof Resort swimmingpool - Lana (Bolzano) - Lana (BZ)

„Acquaviva“, a terrace overlooking Merano

The ceramic tiles used around the swimming pool are inspired by the natural colours of local stone

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Locanda Liuzzi - Cattolica (Rimini) - Cattolica (RN)

A designer chef in Locanda Liuzzi

In Cattolica an eclectic and controversial restaurateur indulges his passion for cooking in a restaurant with idiosyncratic furnishings

Belagflächen: KEOPE
Restaurant "La Limonera" - Rovellasca (CO) (Italy)

Lunch in a former lemon-house

The former orangerie in the late eighteenth-century villa in the town of Rovellasca (CO), has opened its doors to the public as a restaurant.

Belagflächen: TAGINA
Multiplex Cinema - Prato - Prato

In the dream factory

Prato, Multiplex Cinema. Architecture designed to offer a journey through a cinematic space where dream and reality merge, at least for a short span of time in the dark of the movie theatre

Belagflächen: COEM
Sant'Agostino Multifunctional Centre - Paderno Dugnano (Milan) - Paderno Dugnano

Sant’Agostino Multifunctional Centre

An innovative ceramic tile installation layout and unusual colours lend architectural strength to a building with simple shapes

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre - Accra (Ghana) - Accra (Ghana)

Accra Citizen Kofi Entertainment Centre

Built according to remarkably innovative standards, this prestigious centre contributes to improving Ghana's position within the international tourist industry

Fatti & Fritti - Altamura (BA) - Altamura (Ba)

Fatti&Fritti, a modern yet traditional shop

Tiles play a key role in a project that combines aesthetic research and hi-tech products

Hotel Club Cala Longa - Montauro (Catanzaro) - Catanzaro

A hotel inspired by the sea

In the Hotel Club Cala Longa the wave decoration is a ubiquitous presence.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa - Dubrovnik (Croatia) - Orasac-Dubrovnik (Croazia)

Looking out to sea

With its striking architecture blending into the Dalmatian coastline, the Radisson Blu Resort in Dubrovnik projects a modern image based on glass walls, rigorous geometries and ceramic materials.

Belagflächen: NOVABELL
Saint Jerome Catholic Church - Oconomowoc, WI (USA) - Oconomowoc (Wisconsin) (USA)

Saint Jerome Catholic Church in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

The simplicity of the geometry and attention to construction details is highlighted by the paving inspired by high-quality natural stone

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Romeo Lounge Bar - Carpi (Modena) - Carpi

Timeless good taste


Belagflächen: LEA
Polo per l'infanzia "Lama Sud" - Ravenna - Ravenna

Sustainability and tradition at the service of children

The province of Ravenna is home to a new project based on best practices that establishes the Emilia Romagna region as the world leader in the field of educational facilities

Mediatheque in Mokrá - Brno (CZ) - Mokrá (Repubblica Ceca)

Mediatheque in Mokrá

A remodelling project has transformed an old coal-fired power station into a multifunctional centre for cultural, social and recreational activities

Belagflächen: CENTURY
Hotel Valamar Sanfior - Rabac (Croatia) - Rabac (Croazia)

Suspended between Nature and Artifice


Centro Sportivo Babel - Roma - Roma

A world-class swimming centre

Built for the 2009 swimming championships in Rome, the new sports facility in the Infernetto district is now open to the public

Belagflächen: SETTECENTO
Pizzeria Gastrò - Aversa (CE) - Aversa (CE)

Not too fast food


Aquapark - Druskininkai (LT) - Druskininkai (Lituania)

Wellness in a sea cave

The spa resort designed by architect Astijus Taujanskas in the Lithuanian resort of Druskininkai

Belagflächen: APPIANI
Blue Fin Building - London - Londra (UK)

Environmental focus for the Blue Fin Building in London

The declared intention of the designers from 11.04 Architects Ltd. was to adopt an approach reserved for large-scale projects. "Bad buildings weigh down occupiers: good ones raise the spirit".

Caffè Mangiarebere Coffee and Wine Shop - Catania - Catania

Space and decoration

Mangiarebere café and wine bar in Catania, designed by Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo, fits into a 100 square metre space on the ground floor of an apartment tower block

Baia Taormina Grand Palace Hotel - Taormina (ME) - Taormina

Baia Taormina Grand Palace Hotel

Sober and elegant luxury reign in a Mediterranean style hotel suspended between the sky and the sea.

Belagflächen: EMILCERAMICA
Sofitel Lyon Bellecour - Lyon (F) - Lione (Francia)

Luxury and savoir fair

Patrick Norguet reinvents the Sofitel Lyon Bellecour, the first hotel in the city to boast five stars

Belagflächen: LEA
San Giuseppe Church - Riva del Garda (TN) (Italy)

Between Baroque and Neorganic

History and modernity come together in the floor coverings fo the Church of San Giuseppe in Riva del Garda

Belagflächen: TAGINA
"Da Willy" Restaurant Pizzeria - Milan (Italy)

Dining at Willy’s

Ceramic tiles with an iridescent metallic effect have been chosen for the latest Milan restaurant in the "Da Willy" chain, also present in Dubai, Beirut, Sharm el Sheikh and Shanghai

Belagflächen: TAGINA
Klay Sports Club - Paris - PARIGI (FRANCIA)

A hotel-style club

The Klay, the most fashionable sports club in Paris, has opened at 4 bis Rue St Sauveur in the heart of the busy Montorgueil pedestrian area.

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Yekaterinburg Duma - Yekaterinburg (RUS) - Ekaterinburg (Russia)

Ceramic tiles in Parliament

Ceramiche Coem has been involved in a prestigious project in Russia. The Granito collection has been used in the new Duma building in Yekaterinburg.

Belagflächen: COEM
Nino Bellini Sports Village - Crema (CR) - Crema

The sea in a swimming pool

A pool with artificial waves surrounded by a real sandy beach has been created in the Swimming Centre in Crema

Belagflächen: NOVABELL
Phoenix Skyarbor Airport-T4 - Phoenix (Arizona (USA))

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Italian ceramic tiles played a key role in the spectacular remodelling project for Terminal 4 in Arizona's largest airport

Job Corps. Center - Cleveland, Ohio (USA) - Cleveland (OH) (USA)

At school in a ceramic ‘fortress‘

The Cleveland Job Corps Center acts as an urban and social microcosm, where the concept of a community becomes a city

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Weimar Atrium Shopping Mall - Weimar (D) - Weimar (Germany)

Historic renovation

In Weimar, home to Goethe and the Bauhaus movement, the renovation of a large historic building features the use of porcelain tiles with a high aesthetic and technological content from Ceramica del Conca

Belagflächen: DEL CONCA
Pizzeria "Solo pizza" - Naples - Napoli

Naples, Via Medina: „Solo pizza“

Vietri ceramic tiles play a key role in the rebranding of a restaurant chain

San Marino Football Federation Headquarter - Republic of San Marino - San Marino (San Marino)

The home of football

Less than two years after the first stone was laid, the "Casa del Calcio" was officially opened last October as the "home" of football in San Marino

Belagflächen: DEL CONCA