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Borgo Hermada - Turin (Italy)

Ancient origins with a modern twist

The restoration of a former 20th-century convent and the ancient Villa Angelica in Turin was the first step in a project to redevelop the urban area surrounding the Gothic Russian Orthodox church of San Massimo and the entire zone located between the city and the hills

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Villa Esperia - Milano

L’architettura per il benessere

Lo studio Archè si è occupato del progetto di ristrutturazione per il Poliambulatorio di Villa Esperia, dove l’eleganza dei materiali comunica le intenzioni progettuali: la funzionalità di un centro medico passa anche attraverso la tensione verso il benessere

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Biafora Resort - San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) (Italy)

A resort in the heart of the Sila national park

The new Biafora Resort’s outdoor areas are paved with porcelain stoneware slabs in sophisticated colours inspired by local natural rock

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Villa Anna - Siracusa (Italien)

Eine modernistische Villa inmitten der Düfte der mediterranen Macchia

An der Plemmirio-Küste in Siracusa führt uns die zeitgenössische Architektur zu einer multisensorischen Erfahrung inmitten der sizilianischen Meereslandschaft

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Marfisi Meat Store - Lanciano (CHIETI)

A retail outlet becomes an experiential destination

The Marfisi meat store in Lanciano is one of several buildings involved in a suburban redevelopment project. The work involved regenerating the urban fabric and reimagining retail spaces as new experiential destinations that combine manufacturing history with innovative retail offerings

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Centro ricreativo di Reale Mutua Group - Torino

The Reale Group’s new employee recreation centre in Turin stands out for its innovation and sustainability

Designed by PICCO Architetti, the new recreation centre features football pitches and beach volleyball, Padel, basketball and tennis courts as well as 1,700 square metres of modern multifunctional spaces

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Emma Pizza & Cocktails - Belgrade (Serbia)

Not a conventional pizzeria

Emma Pizza & Cocktails in Belgrade opts for an eclectic and elegant design with unusually sophisticated and glamorous atmospheres enhanced by material contrasts

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Penthouse Suite Hotel La Chiave dei Trabocchi - Marina di San Vito (CH) - Marina di San Vito CH

The hotel that tells the story of Abruzzo

On the Costa dei Trabocchi in the province of Chieti, a 1960s hotel building has been given a new lease of life through a sympathetic and meticulous restyling project that delves deep into the region's history to reclaim its beauty and traditions

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Private residence The Black House - Isle of Skye (Scotland) - Isola di Skye (Scozia)

The Black House

Perched on the rocky coast of the Isle of Skye, the strictly geometric volumes are inspired by black houses, the traditional agricultural buildings of the Scottish Highlands

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Collegio San Filippo Neri retirement home - Lanzo Torinese (TO) - Lanzo Torinese, Torino

A new lease of life for a former Salesian school in Lanzo Torinese

The Turin-based practice Picco Architetti has restored and converted an abandoned complex, giving it new urban and social value as a retirement home

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Atelier Settebello Boutique - Palermo - Palermo

A woman’s world

A high fashion womenswear boutique in the province of Palermo stands out for its curved lines, warm, intimate atmospheres and sophisticated interplay of modernity and vintage elements

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Millennium Park Residence - Moscow (RU) - Mosca (Russia)

Architectural contrasts

A perfect combination of Nordic rigour and contemporary style, this building located in the heart of Moscow's Millennium Park residential complex stands out for its cosmopolitan architecture and combines Russian tradition with typically modern details

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The Prague Style Outlets - Prague (Czech Rep.) - Praga (Repubblica Ceca)

Architectural appeal for an unforgettable shopping experience

Along with the atmospheres of Prague's old city centre, the stores in The Prague Style Outlets shopping centre recreate the forms of the capital's old buildings together with a touch of modernity

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Sushi Zero Restaurant - Buguggiate (VA) - Buguggiate (VARESE)

Sushi Zero: oriental atmospheres and innovative materials

A subdivision into functional areas, underscored by the alternation of surface coverings and custom details, makes for a welcoming and tropically inspired space. The project was created by Lend Studio

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Mondojuve Shopping Center - Turin - Torino

Leisure and relaxation in the suburbs of Turin

When completed, the Mondojuve shopping centre will become one of the largest structures of its kind in Italy with a multifunctional outdoor space serving as a year-round event and leisure venue

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QC Terme Dolomiti - Pozza di Fassa (TN) - Pozza di Fassa

The perfect architectural envelope for a spa resort

A low wood and stone structure with large windows that connect the interior and exterior spaces combined with architectural solutions for a low environmental footprint: the architects who designed QC Terme Dolomiti have clear ideas about how to create a building that is friendly to both humans and nature

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Bernini2 residential complex - Turin - Torino

A new model of residential architecture in Turin

The project by Filippo Orlando + Studio Architetti with Mediapolis Engineering renovated a building originally designed by Asnago and Vender, creating a dynamic and varied complex of 28 apartments

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Hotel Vinotel Gospoja - Vrbnik, Croatia - Vrbnik (Croazia)

Good food and wine at this slow tourism hotel on the Croatian coast

Idis Turato is the designer behind this hotel in Vrbnik, run by the Toljanić family. The hotel boasts 22 rooms and suites overlooking the sea, and forms part of a project to combine responsible tourism with the traditions of the island of Krk.

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Private residence - Nacka (Sweden) - Nacka (Stoccolma) (Svezia)

Nordic living

gggggggggImmersed in the silence and light of Northern Europe, a house near Stockholm stands out for its simple, functional design, including ceramic tiles chosen to underscore the minimalist style

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Sport Hotel Prodongo - Brallo di Pregola (PV) - Loc. Prodongo, Brallo di Pregola, PV

Sport and relaxation in the high valleys of Pavia’s Oltrepò region

This thoughtfully restored hotel, located along the ancient salt road, far from the mass tourism routes, offers guests wellbeing and tranquillity

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Rainbow Holiday Apartments - Colico (Co) - Colico (CO)

A holiday home with a view

The Rainbow Holiday Apartments on the shores of Lake Como are the perfect place for a relaxing, comfortable break surrounded by nature

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Belchen Hotel - Aitern (D) - Aitern (Germania)

Family-run hospitality

A hotel in the Black Forest builds on its past while looking to the future

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Caffè Pasticceria Bahira - Pistoia - Pistoia

A sweet other half

Caffè Bahira in Pistoia offers a blend of classic and modern styles

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Hotel La Madonnina del Gran Paradiso - Cogne (AO) - Cogne (AO)

A green vacation amongst the „wonders of Italy“

The newly constructed wing of an old holiday home in Cogne, now converted into the exclusive La Madonnina del Gran Paradiso hotel, offers guests an unforgettable stay

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Private House - Stockholm (Sweden) - Stoccolma (Svezia)

Perfect integration

In the municipality of Nacka in the suburbs of Stockholm, a contemporary home engages with its natural surroundings by means of large openings and a meticulous choice of materials

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Jamie's Italian Restaurant - London (UK) - Londra (UK)

An Italian-style terrace

London, UK. Following in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsay, another British cooking star has chosen the style and quality of Italian ceramic tiles for his restaurant.

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Smart City - La Valletta - La Valletta (Malta)

Malta embraces smart technologies

An environment-friendly technology park is under construction just a few kilometres from the capital

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Private house - Isle of Skye (Scotland) - Isola di Skye (UK)

A Black House with an Italian soul

In Scotland, the style and quality of Italian tiles are ideally suited for an exclusive holiday home. Quality of design and care for the environment were the guiding principles behind the project

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Museum of Egyptian Antiquities - Turin - TORINO

A museum of Egyptian splendour

Construction of the new underground floor brings to completion the first stage of the works, which by early 2015 will have totally renovated the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities of Turin

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Hotel Premier Aqua - Vrdnik (Serbia) - Vrdnik (Serbia)

Forms inspired by water

Italian ceramic tiles enjoy pride of place in a new five-star hotel offering the highest level of comfort and spa facilities

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Private residence - Schaijk (Netherland) - Schaijk (Olanda)

Gardens and surroundings

The value of outdoor design

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Hotel Baia dei Pini - Torri del Benaco (Verona) - Torri del Benaco (VR)

the past in a corner of
Lake Garda

A recently refurbished hotel on Lake Garda offers a superb blend of contemporary design and an early twentieth century atmosphere

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Schlosshof Resort swimmingpool - Lana (Bolzano) - Lana (BZ)

„Acquaviva“, a terrace overlooking Merano

The ceramic tiles used around the swimming pool are inspired by the natural colours of local stone

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Locanda Liuzzi - Cattolica (Rimini) - Cattolica (RN)

A designer chef in Locanda Liuzzi

In Cattolica an eclectic and controversial restaurateur indulges his passion for cooking in a restaurant with idiosyncratic furnishings

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