Pasticceria Antoniazzi - Bagnolo S. Vito (MN)

Sweet sensations and pure volumes

The Antoniazzi family's fine pastry art is complemented by the sophisticated design, vintage atmospheres and terrazzo-inspired surfaces of its premises
Elisa Montalti
Cierreesse Arredamenti

The Antoniazzi family has been carrying on its pastry tradition in the northern Italian town of Bagnolo San Vito since 1968. Over the years, the small artisanal pastry producer gradually expanded to become a full-scale business enterprise specialising in the production of exquisite sweet and savoury creations and established itself as a well-known brand with stores in Mantua, Milan and Bologna.
To keep up with the times, the traditional pastry shop in Bagnolo San Vito was recently given an elegant makeover. The store now also functions as a cafeteria and has been expanded out into the arcade area to create an outdoor space ideal for use in the summer. The interior design project was entirely handled by Cierreesse Arredamenti, a company with extensive experience in the design of food and hospitality spaces. The designers focused on the Antoniazzi brand to create a tailor-made environment designed according to the specific needs and image of the pastry shop. Their idea was to install exclusive patented contact-refrigerated display counters with fibreglass structures at the centre of the shop to show off the pastry products to the maximum effect. The project sought to create a vintage atmosphere by using materials, textures and shapes typical of the period in which the first pastry shop was founded while modernising it in accordance with contemporary needs. Relatively subdued white, black and brown tones were chosen for the background in order to highlight the colours of the confectionery products and their packaging.
The display counters, glass-topped monoliths with marble-effect porcelain sides, define the spatial layout and separate the areas reserved for customers and the pastry chefs. Some of these counters are firmly anchored to the ground whereas others almost appear to float above the floor. For the floor covering itself, the designers opted for an eye-catching terrazzo-inspired pattern with juxtaposed light and dark tones and a dynamic play of perspectives. They were impressed by Casamood’s experimental approach and in particular were struck by the new and original interpretation of terrazzo offered by the Artwork porcelain tile collection. They chose the Magnum 80×80 cm and 60×120 cm sizes for the floor and walls in both the shop itself and the restroom area, opting for contrasting colour combinations (grey-white and black-white) and the Micro 01 and Micro 02 grain sizes, both with a matt finish. Santo Scibetta, CEO of Cierresse Arredamenti, commented: „We chose ceramic for aesthetic reasons because we wanted a terrazzo surface with a decidedly vintage effect. Porcelain is cheaper than stone while at the same time ensuring greater practicality thanks to its superior mechanical strength and resistance to wear and staining. This made it ideal for use in food preparation and consumption areas.“

Micro_01 Micro_02
80x80, 60x120 cm

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