Villa Sassi - Turin

An exclusive retreat in the hills outside Turin

A multi-stage project has transformed a historic 17th-century residence used for hundreds of years as a leisure and holiday retreat for the Savoy nobility into a contemporary event venue
Laura Milan
Fabio Oggero
Lageard Architettura, Studio Vairano Architettura & ACC Naturale Architettura

Now a contemporary event venue situated in the hilly green countryside near Turin, Villa Sassi is a historic residence that has been modernised and refurbished in a renovation project carried out by architects Norberto Vairano, Michela Lageard and Cristiana Catino.
Set in extensive grounds surrounded by vineyards, the villa was originally built in the early seventeenth century and for over three centuries served as a leisure and holiday retreat for the families of the Savoy nobility. After being sold in the mid-twentieth century to the Turati family, owners of the historic Turin-based Carpano vermouth brand, it made its debut as a high-level hospitality facility, a function that was confirmed in the 1980s when it was added to the Relais & Châteaux portfolio.
The project was commissioned in 2017 by the real estate development company that was completing the transformation of another historically important building, the Palazzo della Luce on the edge of Turin’s Roman quarter. The listed spaces of the villa and its outbuildings were renovated in a manner compatible with both their present function and their history. State-of-the-art environmental control systems were also installed.
Villa Sassi takes its name from the Turin neighbourhood in which it is located and consists of the main 4-storey volume standing on sloping terrain and an outbuilding of lesser value. The main façades face north-west, where the main entrance is located, and south-east, where the building looks out over the large grounds.
The project was conducted in stages, the first of which was completed in 2019. It involved an internal reorganisation of the villa, particularly on the highest above-ground level. While the basement has retained its service function and contains warehouses, storage rooms, changing rooms and technical rooms, the large ground floor spaces are used to host events and include a large kitchen and bar area. The first floor houses 11 ensuite guest rooms, while the old rooms on the second floor have been converted into a large apartment with a living room looking out onto the grounds.
Without altering its volumes or colours, the semi-independent side building will be completely reorganised to house a restaurant in place of an old warehouse. The outdoor areas close to the buildings have been redesigned with flowerbeds created in place of the old tarmac car park.
To conclude the first stage of the project, the interior of the villa was converted and redesigned with fresh colours, materials and furnishings. Neutral, cool tones contrast with the restored original elements such as eighteenth-century doors and antique wood panelling alongside contemporary designer furniture.
The flooring has been completely replaced and serves as an important interior design element. Italian ceramic tiles from Florim proved a highly versatile choice in terms of finishes, sizes and textures and were used to create a variety of cool tones and geometric designs. Tiles from the Neutra 6.0 collection by Casa dolce casa – Casamood (Made in Florim) bring a lot of character to the communal areas, where powder, iron and petroleum colours stand side by side with white and gold in a refreshing combination of old and new.
Architect Michela Lageard was tasked with the interior design project: „Given the large floor area and the fact that the spaces would be open to the general public, we needed a solution that would be both highly durable and easy to maintain, so we opted for a large format porcelain floor tile. Depending on the layouts and intended uses of the spaces, we chose multicoloured geometric themes in checkerboard and frame patterns. To preserve the sense of grandeur of the historic spaces, we introduced glass mosaic and oxidised metal inserts to add lustre and opulence. We’re thrilled with the finished project, which clearly demonstrates the design intent and the expected aesthetic results.“

Neutra 6.0
02 polvere 03 perla 04 ferro 07 petrolio
120x120 - 60x120 - 80x80 - 40x80 cm

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