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The Parc Hotel Germano spa - Bardolino (VR) (Italy)

An underground oasis

The Parc Hotel Germano spa was built in 2020 as an extension to a hotel set on the hillside in Bardolino in the province of Verona, on the eastern shores of Lake Garda

300 East Washington Street residential complex - Syracuse, NY (USA)

The New York lifestyle recreated in Syracuse

In Syracuse, the “Salt City” situated in upstate New York, a nondescript 1970s building has undergone extensive renovation to create a luxury commercial and residential complex

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Paraiso 354 vacation home - Guanacaste (Costa Rica)

Exotic atmospheres

Paraiso 354 is a vacation home looking out onto a beautiful tropical landscape. Its close relationship with the natural environment is reflected in the sophisticated, minimalistic interiors where natural materials such as wood contrast with the chic elegance of marble-effect porcelain.

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HAY Boutique Hotel and SPA owned by Edem Family - Bukovel, Ukraine (Ukraine)

A peaceful location with views of the Carpathian mountains

A hotel that blends into the landscape and uses materials that integrate harmoniously with the surrounding environment, such as Mirage's Norr stone-effect ceramic tile collection

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Private apartment - Chengdu (China)

Among skyscrapers and pagodas

Italian-made products stand as a guarantee of all-round quality in an apartment designed for a discerning client in the far west of China

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Millo Office Building - Bucharest (Romania)

Millo Office Building, the new face of Bucharest

A dynamic, vibrant office complex has given a fresh new look to the Romanian capital. The monumental façade was created using Italian porcelain stoneware

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Life Source hospitality and wellness centre - Bergamo - Bergamo

A source of life on the outskirts of Bergamo

The Life Source complex devoted to hospitality, catering and wellness is also designed to deliver sustainability over the building's entire life cycle

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residential/commercial complex The Piazza - Philadelphia, PA (USA) - Philadelphia, PA (USA)

A new lease of life for the former Schmidt Brewing Company in Philadelphia

To add visual appeal to The Piazza, a new mixed-use residential and commercial complex in the vibrant Northern Liberties district, Italian ceramic tile was used to cover all surfaces in the central area referred to as The Cove

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Aquardens Thermal Water Park - Verona - Verona

The timeless pleasure of being immersed in water

One of the largest spas in Europe, the Aquardens park in Pescantina (Verona) was conceived as an oasis combining the pleasure of an escape from reality with the benefits of balneotherapy

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Maraya Concert Hall - Wadi Ashaar (Saudi Arabia) - Wadi Ashaar (Arabia Saudita)

The colours of the desert

Inaugurated in Wadi Ashaar in 2019, the Maraya Concert Hall stands as a symbol of change for Saudi Arabia, which aims to promote the building as an international-level cultural centre

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Il Centro Shopping Centre - Arese (MI) - Arese (MI)

Unexpected, thrilling architecture

The iconic "Il Centro" shopping centre building in Arese, one of Europe's largest retail spaces, stands on the site where the legendary Alfa Romeo cars were built

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Concorde nursery school "Don Arrigo Mussini" - Fiorano Modenese (MO) (Italy)

A showcase nursery school

All-round excellence reigns in the company nursery built by the Concorde Group for its employees' children and for the benefit of the local area

Nuova Chiesa Parrocchiale - Medolla (MO) - Medolla (MO)

A new church for earthquake-hit Medolla

A contemporary interpretation of the place of worship but in keeping with the Christian tradition

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Mirage Headquarters - Pavullo (MO) - Pavullo (MO)

An eco-friendly office restyling project

Research, environmental sustainability and aesthetics come together in the renovated Mirage headquarters

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Library and Cultural Center - Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario (CND) - Bradford West Gwillimbury, ON (Canada)

Bradford West Gwillimbury Library and Cultural Center

A space designed not only for the storage, diffusion and transfer of knowledge but also to become a a centre for social gathering

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Al Castello. Luxury Bed and Breakfast - Reggio Calabria - Reggio Calabria

Al Castello. Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Mediterranean history merges with contemporary creativity in spaces dominated by a rigorous aesthetic.

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Orio Al Serio Airport - Bergamo - Bergamo

In the blue, painted blu…

At Bergamo's Orio al Serio airport, technology meets ceramic products reminiscent of natural materials

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Metropolitan Subway - Seoul (South Korea) - Seoul (Corea del Sud)

Seoul’s ceramic-clad metropolitan subway

With its 14 lines, 436 stations and a total length of 314 km, this large metropolitan subway system has embraced the aesthetics and functionality of Italian ceramic tiles

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