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The Parc Hotel Germano spa - Bardolino (VR) (Italy)

An underground oasis

The Parc Hotel Germano spa was built in 2020 as an extension to a hotel set on the hillside in Bardolino in the province of Verona, on the eastern shores of Lake Garda

Casa V - San José (Costa Rica)

Mit Kunst und Natur leben

Im neuen Wohnprojekt von Taller KEN in Costa Rica tragen der üppige Bambus, das für die Decke verwendete Holz und die vom Stein inspirierte Keramik dazu bei, Casa V zu einem besonderen Ort zu machen

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Residential building 250-260 Gold Street, New York - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Chaos outside, calm within

The multi-family building at 250-260 Gold Street in downtown Brooklyn rejects showy opulence in favour of a more relaxed aesthetic

Casa Las Vistas - Escazu (Costa Rica)

Nature inside and out

The jungle "invades" the interior of a single-family home in the hills surrounding San José, the capital of Costa Rica

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MXM single-family villa - Aragón (E) - Aragòn (Spagna)

Living in harmony with nature

In Aragón in northern Spain, i2G Arquitectos has designed a single-family home based on ecodesign and passive house principles, incorporating solar collectors, CO2 sensors, a geothermal system, a green roof and scenic architecture totally integrated into nature

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Rob Roy private home - Perth (Australia) - Perth (Australia)

A panoramic view of the Indian Ocean

A new and contemporary form of modernism provided the inspiration for this home with large spaces and high-quality finishes on Australia's west coast

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Fresh_The Good Food Market - Dublin (Ireland) - Dublino (Irlanda)

Foodvenience in Dublin

Design, service and quality come together in a single urban project: a supermarket chain that combines the Irish tradition of local markets as a place for shopping and socialisation with 21st century aesthetic and functional requirements

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Centrul de Diagnostic German medical diagnostic centre - Chisinau (Moldova ) - Chisinau (Moldavia)

A meticulously designed medical centre

Built in Chisinau in 2019, the Centrul de diagnostic German is a private medical centre in the heart of the city with a pleasant and welcoming design

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Business Lounge Chisinau Airport - Moldavia - Chisinau (Moldavia)

A journey towards total comfort

Airport design has become a highly innovative area of professional specialisation in the last two decades, especially with regard to the waiting/relaxation areas for frequent flyers. The new Business Lounge at Chisinau Airport in Moldova is an outstanding example

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City Lodge Hotel - Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) - Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)

Comfort in the little things

Opened in November 2018, the City Lodge Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is one of the latest additions to a chain of more than 60 hotels located throughout Africa

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Magyar Telekom Headquarters - Budapest (H) - Budapest (Ungheria)

An architectural paradigm for innovative office buildings

Projects of big scale are made up of multiple elements, one of the most important of which is the ability to embrace an innovative vision for the future of workplace management

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Shopping Center Selfridges - Manchester Trafford (UK) - Manchester (Gran Bretagna)

A temple to shopping

In Selfridges Manchester Trafford, shopping for personal care products in the Hair & Beauty Hall is a multi-sensorial experience that also appeals to a personal sensibility for architecture

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Central Bank of Ireland - Dublin (IRL) - Dublino (Irlanda)

An environmentally-conscious bank

The new headquarters of the Central Bank of Ireland was built by renovating an existing structure and adopting technical solutions to optimise energy performance. It was the first building in the country to obtain Outstanding BREEAM certification and an A2 BER energy rating

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Private residence - Perth (Australia) - Perth (Australia)

A minimalist house in Australia

Materials with strong textures and a sophisticated palette of whites, blacks and greys have been used to lend personality to a private residence in Perth

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Milan Suite Hotel - Milano - Milano

The mimetic capacity of Listone D

The hotel industry is constantly on the lookout for new ways to give rooms a homelier, cosier and more welcoming feel

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Health Club Virgin Active - Pretoria (RSA) - Pretoria (Johannesburg) (SudAfrica)

A question of materials

The world's largest chain of fitness centres has chosen the aesthetic quality and performance of an exclusive concrete-effect ceramic tile collection for its clubs in Pretoria

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Skechers shoes store - Santiago de Compostela (E) - Santiago de Compostela (Spagna)

Fabulous shoes for a fabulous town

In this new Skechers store, materials that reassuringly evoke local traditions underscore the contemporary spirit of the brand's footwear

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Halifax Restaurant - Hoboken, NJ (USA) - Hoboken (USA)

A Restaurant With A Canadian Flavour On The Shores Of The Hudson River

The Halifax restaurant in Hoboken, New Jersey, reflects its chef's origins, with seafood dishes, natural woods and the colours of nature

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Private Residence - Glynde (AUS) - Glynde (Australia)

A sand coloured living room

In Glynde, Australia, a ceramic tile design tailored to the specific needs of the owner produced an open-space living room with soft colours

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Private House - Angers (France) - Angers (Francia)

The house on a podium

Perched on a stone and ceramic plinth, a private house in Angers, France stands out from the landscape

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Hotel Sonnenhof - Pertisau (Austria) - Pertisau (Austria)

Natural Spa

The new nature-inspired wellness centre at Hotel Sonnenhof features caves, woodland corners and waterfalls and provides a physical and emotion itinerary in harmony with the region

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Vabali Spa - Berlin - Berlino (Germania)

The island of Bali recreated in the centre of Berlin

An oasis of peace for the body, mind and soul in an Indonesian village just a ten minute walk from Berlin Hauptbahnhof

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Bahia Plaza residential complex - Portorico (USA) - Porto Rico (USA)

A retreat in Puerto Rico

The Paseo Caribe residential complex in the Puerto Rican capital is a highly organised paradise for permanent vacations, with the Bahia Plaza luxury residence at its heart

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Matlosana Mall - Johannesburg (South Africa) - Johannesburg (Sudafrica)

Design and a minimalist style in keeping with tradition

In Klerksdorp, South Africa, a shopping centre narrates the rich history of the region through the use of sophisticated and essential forms and materials.

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Poiano Resort Wellness Centre - Garda (Verona) - Garda (VR)

Local energy

Architecture and nature lie at the heart of well-being at the Poiano Resort Spa on Lake Garda

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AIB Bankcenter Ballsbridge - Dublin (IRL) - Dublino (Irlanda)

The new AIB Bankcentre in Ballsbridge, Dublin

Ireland's largest historic bank doubles the size of its headquarters

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Job Corps. Center - Cleveland, Ohio (USA) - Cleveland (OH) (USA)

At school in a ceramic ‘fortress‘

The Cleveland Job Corps Center acts as an urban and social microcosm, where the concept of a community becomes a city

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The Avenues Mall - Kuwait City - Kuwait City (Kuwait)

Ceramic architecture in Kuwait City

The Avenues Mall is the largest shopping centre in Kuwait and in under a year has become the country's leading attraction

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