The Edem family’s five-star Hay Boutique Hotel and Spa in Bukovel, Ukraine’s largest ski resort, is a perfect location to escape from the world and reconnect with nature and one’s inner self. Dmytro Bonesko and Volodymyr Nepyivoda, co-founders of Yod Group (, the Ukrainian firm that supervised the project, describe it as “a modern hotel with outstanding service located in an idyllic spot in the Carpathian mountains. The Hay Boutique Hotel and Spa has two restaurants, a sixth floor spa with swimming pool, and 40 guest rooms.”

The hotel also offers stunning views of the Carpathian mountains. “Our main source of inspiration was Ukraine’s natural environment. The region is home to 88 different types of local plants, which inspired the names 88 Vinotheque and 88 Daily Local. The sun scorches the fields on hot summer days, transforming them into a bed of fragrant hay that rustles gently underfoot. This served as the inspiration for the hotel’s name, which became a central theme in its design.” The hotel blends in perfectly with the natural landscape. “Local trees, herbs, strawberries, and blackberries decorate the façade, terraces and balconies, their colours changing just as they do in nature.”

The project took three years to complete. “When the war broke out, the hotel was under construction. Initially, Hay Hotel and all of our other projects in Ukraine were put on hold, but the situation became clearer after a few months, and the western region of Ukraine appeared to be the safest area of the country. When many Ukrainians and even entire companies began relocating here from Kiev, Kharkiv and other cities in central and eastern Ukraine, we realised it would be worthwhile to complete the project. The hotel opened in December 2022, ten months after the Russian invasion. It is now fully operational, and we are confident that it will be full when foreign tourists return after Ukraine’s victory.”

The hotel is a perfect spot for guests to immerse themselves in nature, commencing with the interiors which feature colours inspired by sun-scorched grasses and richly textured materials such as wood, steel, wool and surfaces made from pressed hay. The furnishings and accessories showcase Ukrainian craftsmanship in a modern setting. “The fabrics by Ukrainian firm Morgental are inspired by our country’s symbols and mystique, the carpets by Litvinenko Design offer an artistic interpretation of traditional sheep’s wool weaving, and the armchairs by Ukrainian brand Noom draw from a modernist aesthetic.” Numerous details pay homage to Ukrainian craftsmanship. “The solid oak-top table mounted on an anvil-shaped cast-iron base recalls the ancient techniques of Carpathian blacksmiths, while the coat hooks shaped like forged nails look like those displayed in museums.”

The panoramic hill view spa is one of the project’s real highlights, with the architects opting for the Norr ceramic tile collection from Mirage for the interior. The collection features a stone-effect surface with a harmoniously irregular grain, pebbles of various colours and sizes, and three-dimensional colours. “Because this is a five-star hotel, the quality of every product is of the utmost importance. We chose ceramic tiles to guarantee an exceptional guest experience while ensuring maximum surface durability to satisfy the needs of the client.”