Home Bar - Bromley (UK) - Bromley (United Kingdom)

Drink & stay at home

Marble veining and metallic finishes dominate this futuristic space
Elisa Montalti
Richard Gooding
Studio Astounding

Created by Astounding Interiors, a London-based firm specialising in bespoke design and hospitality, this home bar is intended to be both original and intriguing. The design brief was for an innovative, luxury interior where the clients would be able to relax and enjoy a cocktail without having to go out to a pub. Since completing this project, the London-based firm has received other similar assignments and has established itself as a leading player in the UK home bar market. Its aim was to satisfy the clients‘ tastes and personality, to go beyond their imagination and create exclusive spaces by using a combination of different materials, such as copper, mirror, leather mosaics and porcelain stoneware. „These days people are spending a lot of time at home, so they need spaces with atmosphere and design where they can enjoy quality time with family and friends,“ explain the designers.
Custom-designed glass panes are used to create a fragmented roof that follows the slope of the existing ceiling above the bar counter, helping to create a cave-like ambience. In this futuristic space, the sinuous shapes, soft roof and rounded edges all help to create a mellow, seductive atmosphere. The surfaces reveal a fascinating Lemurian blue granite colour with shades of indigo, Prussian blue and peacock blue. Large 120×120 cm slabs from Flaviker’s Supreme Evo collection create a reflective surface with marble-inspired veining and colours. The chosen dark tone, Noir Laurent, adds a touch of colour that complements the gold detailing of the stool supports, the metal grilles and the display case. The bar counter itself was created using this marble-effect porcelain stoneware. For exclusive projects of this kind, Flaviker recently expanded its range of materials with a selection of six new surfaces, each inspired by a different variety of marble. The designers explain that they „chose ceramic tiles because they come in the form of very thin panels with outstanding technical performance, low maintenance and much higher strength than authentic marble. Porcelain’s slip resistance and the fact that it can be used with underfloor heating also contributed to our decision.“
A mosaic composed of small 5×5 mm pieces creates a dramatic backdrop on one wall of the home bar, a cascade of coloured tiles that emphasise shapes and furnishings. All the furniture was handmade by Italian, Portuguese and Spanish companies and combines a high level of manufacturing expertise and a tailor-made service. The lighting fixtures, with their golden, shimmering surfaces, create luminous shapes and spatial geometries. The bar counter and bottle display case glow with a cold, diffuse blue light, while the connecting staircase and sofas and upholstered armchairs stand out for their warm artificial lighting with angled beams.

120x120 cm

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