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Yobitsugi private house - Zelechinek (Poland)

A home where different styles and multidimensional spaces coexist

The challenge facing the architect was to create a sense of harmony and give a contemporary feel to a house in the Polish countryside marked by a series of previous interventions

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Vista Wine Bar - Castel Gandolfo, Rome (Italy)

A lake-view cocktail bar

The Vista Wine Bar, a contemporary restaurant and cocktail bar with a dreamlike atmosphere, is located in the breathtaking setting of Lake Castel Gandolfo. It invites customers on “a journey to an extravagant and eccentric destination”, say the architects from Studio Gad

Kintsugi Home - Rome (Italy)

A sophisticated renovation project based on the concept of memory

A Rome apartment renovation was inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of kintsugi, an art form that highlights the signs left by the passage of time. The spaces are coherent and harmonious, based on a holistic design approach unified by the use of very special ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Parì - Café with kitchen - Modena (Italy)

A chamber of curiosities

Parì, a recently renovated café in Modena’s historical city centre, is an elegant and functional location with striking perspective effects and soft-coloured surfaces that create a warm, welcoming atmosphere

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private apartment - Genoa

A refurbished apartment

The interiors of a brightly lit sea-view apartment located in the far western suburbs of Genoa stand out for the original colour patterns of the ceramic tiling

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Privatwohnung Loop - Rom (Italien)

Ein individuell gestalteter, flexibler Raum

In Rom verwandelt Brain Factory eine herkömmliche 60 Quadratmeter große Wohnung in einen weißen, minimalistischen, offenen Raum, der durch Holz und Feinsteinzeug, gemischt mit Holzsplittern, die zufällig platziert verschiedene Dekors bilden, erwärmt wird

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Privatwohnung - Rom (Italien)

Funktionalität und Emotionen

Das Projekt des Studios Brain Factory für dieses einzigartige und überraschende römische Penthouse kann nur „M'inclino“ genannt werden

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Cocktail Bar Restaurant Octo - Cuisine and Mixing - Fiano Romano (Rome)

Fullness and harmony, like a circle

A restaurant and cocktail bar near Rome famous for its use of local ingredients stands out visually for its powerful yet harmonious combinations of colours and materials

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private residence in Kópavogur - Kópavogur (Iceland)

Northern atmospheres

Immersed in the crisp northern light on the outskirts of Iceland's capital Reykjavik, a two-floor home stands out for its essential yet warm interior architecture. Italian ceramic floor tiles make an important contribution to the sensation of harmony and serenity

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private country house - Amelia (TERNI)

Contemporary classic

A renovation project in the bucolic setting of the Tiber valley in central Italy recreates the timeless appeal of a rural farmhouse while adding a contemporary touch through a judicious choice of materials and finishes

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Oleeva B&B - Riva del Garda (TN)

A room with a view, from olive trees to Lake Garda

Located in Riva del Garda, Trentino, Oleeva is a quiet getaway that combines green private spaces with tastefully designed communal areas

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Frame project, Sea&Sky Apart-Hotel - Odessa (UA) - Odessa (Ukraina)

An apartment with a view

For a vacation apartment looking out over the Black Sea in Odessa, designer Nina Romanova used colour and ceramic tiles as key design elements

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Thiel's by Daniel Thiel - Wiesbaden (D) - Karl-Glässing-Straße 5, Wiesbaden (Deutschland)

Sustainable fashion

Thiel's by Daniel Thiel, a new concept store opened in Wiesbaden at the height of the pandemic, is already a popular location for discerning urban shoppers

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Marrow Fine store - Newport Beach, CA (USA) - 3431 Via Lido #103 Newport Beach, CA 92663 (USA)

Pink, rust and the Memphis style

The Marrow Fine jewellery store in California, designed by Bells&Whistles, is brimming with references to Italian design, from the volumes inspired by Sottsass through to the terrazzo-effect floor

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
426 Tompkins Ave Residential building - New York (USA)

Brownstone 2.0

The residential building at 426 Tompkins Avenue successfully combines past and present and is inspired by the classic red brick houses that populate the historic neighbourhoods of Brooklyn, New York, while adopting a contemporary design based on innovative formal and material choices

Hotel Bennett - Charleston, SC (USA)

Southern heritage

The old Charleston County Library in South Carolina has been converted into one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the US state, Hotel Bennett

Restaurant Meester Keeman - Waalre (B) - Markt 21, 5581 GK Waalre, (Paesi Bassi)

A library with a brasserie at its heart

As part of its focus on the well-being of residents, the Waalre town council approved a new building redevelopment project to convert a library into a modern brasserie

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Ristorante Pizzeria Roba da Matti - Scandiano (RE) - Scandiano

Warm, unexpected atmospheres

A highly original restyling project has used original, visually-striking elements to refresh the interior design of a restaurant and pizzeria in the province of Reggio Emilia

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private residence - POGLIANO MILANESE

Porcelain in Black & White

A project for a single-family home in the Milanese hinterland focuses on contrasting colours and materials. The innovation and high performance of an astonishing marble-look porcelain contrasts with the traditional appeal of classic travertine

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
22 SUMMITS Boutique Hotel - Zermatt (Switzerland) - Zermatt (Svizzera)

Matterhorn Dreaming

An exclusive boutique hotel combines a home atmosphere with stunning views of the Matterhorn

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Marina Garden Hotel - Marciana Marina (Livorno) - Viale Giuseppe Cerboni, 1 57033 Marciana Marina LI

Hospitality in colour

The aesthetics of decoration in the renovated Hotel Marina Garden on the island of Elba

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
APOTECA Provviste Alimentari - Roma - Roma

A touch of inspiration in Rome’s Flaminio neighbourhood

Observe, design and restore are the golden rules of an architectural renovation project in the heart of Rome, gastronomy included

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Tino Caffè - Florence - Via della Scala 55r, 50123, Firenze

British tradition meets Italian contemporary design

The vintage industrial style of British pubs meets Italian design in an experimental project for a new café in Florence

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Bar Pasticceria La Veneziana - Ravenna - via Salara, 15 , Ravenna

A pastry shop with hexagonal floor tiles

A more than hundred-year-old shop in a splendid historical setting underwent a contemporary restyling project

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
"Da Gianni" guesthouse - Arco (Trento) - Via San Marcello 21 38062 Arco (Tn)

Family-run hospitality by Lake Garda

The Da Gianni guesthouse, a charming establishment on the Trentino shores of Lake Garda owned by the Negri family, was recently restyled using tiles from Ceramica Fioranese

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
In Croissanteria Lab - Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) - VIA VARIANTE DI CICOLA 13 Carobbio degli Angeli (BG)

The pastry shop reimagined

In Croissanteria Lab, a new pastry shop concept

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Fattoria Toccaferro Restaurant - Pescara - Via Firenze, 285 65129 Pescara PE

A combined restaurant and shop

A restaurant in Pescara combines traditional cuisine with the unique experience of farm shopping. It uses interior design materials to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere inspired by the past

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Pistamentuccia Restaurant - Bologna - Via Alfredo Testoni N.2B - BOLOGNA

The reinvention of a cloister

The opening of the new Pistamentuccia restaurant in Bologna puts an unusual architectural space back on the city's map

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Thy Madame beauty salon - Pistoia, Italy - Via Camillo Benso Cavour, 8, 51100 Pistoia

A beauty salon inspired by thirties film stars

The Thy Madame beauty salon recently opened in Pistoia is a point of reference for women with sophisticated tastes who in addition to having their hair styled are in search of an all-round aesthetic and emotional experience

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private House - Piombino (LI) - Piombino

Designer and producer: a successful partnership

Attention to detail together with respect for the quality of existing elements are the key features of a restoration project in Piombino designed by Antonietta Ottanelli

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
La Cozza - Ristorante Pizzeria - Litoranea Leuca-Gallipoli 73050 Posto Vecchio Salve (LE)

Salento, between the sea and the land

At Marina di Salve (LE) on southern Italy's Ionian coast, a renovated restaurant has opted for functional materials, plays of colour and sophisticated details in harmony with the splendid natural setting

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
hairdresser shop "Lorenzo il parrucchiere" - Florence - FIRENZE

Creativity, elegance and domestic appeal

Light and modernity take pride of place in the Lorenzo il Parrucchiere hairdresser shop, where functionality meets tradition

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Villa Loreto - Costigliole d'Asti (AT) - Costigliole d'Asti

Relaxing amongst vineyards

In the heart of the Langhe region in northern Italy, a project to convert an early twentieth-century villa into a holiday home used contemporary construction materials based on the local tradition

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Belharra Café - Capbreton (F) - CAP BRETON (FRANCE)

An ocean view

Emotions, flavours and memories are pleasantly intertwined in a brasserie overlooking the Atlantic.

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Ristogourmet Pan Bernardo - Rome - Roma

Tasty, shabby and trendy!

The Pan Bernardo gourmet restaurant has established a leading role on Rome's dining scene thanks to its vintage appeal and contemporary flavours.

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
SUGO Concept Store - Padua - PADOVA

Street food, Italian style

Local products and the flavours of home cooking take pride of place in a space that is intentionally simple but not minimalist, eco-friendly yet steeped in tradition

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Campbell House - Edmonton (Canada) - Edmonton (Canada)

An elegant Canadian home

The home offers a journey through the world of natural stone. Travertine is combined with metal, dark wood and warm earth tones

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Galleria Mucciaccia - Rome - ROMA

for Art

A large gallery located in the heart of Rome stands out for its quiet, well-designed spaces ideal for showcasing contemporary artworks

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Sveavägen 44 Building Facade - Stockolm (Sweden) - Stoccolma (Svezia)

A virtuous example in Stockholm

A high tech building with Art Nouveau styling

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Villa Borgo Duino - Duino Aurisina (TS) - Duino Aurisina (TS)

Villa Borgo Duino, a summer promenade

A charming bed & breakfast establishment set in the greenery overlooking the sea near Trieste

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private residence Garden City - Rome - Roma

A historical renovation

A bright, modern open space in Rome's Monte Sacro district

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Private Residence - Pomezia (Rm) - Pomezia (Rm)

A private apartment in Pomezia

In a new contemporary home, it is the floor coverings that dictate the use of colour, light, materials and finishes

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Park Royal Palace Hotel - Wien (Austria) - Vienna (Austria)

Park Royal Palace: technology & history

The new luxury hotel contains numerous references to the nearby Technical Museum and Schönbrunn Palace

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Florida High Performance Green House - Cape Coral, FL (USA) - Cape Coral, FL (USA)

A house with green credentials

In Cape Coral, Florida, a ranch style building converted into an eco-friendly family home

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Astragalo Cocktail Restaurant - Gravellona Toce (VB) - Gravellona Toce (VB)

21st century meeting spaces

The Astragalo Cocktail Restaurant, a fashionable dining and entertainment venue, undergoes daily metamorphosis from a daytime restaurant to a lively evening disco pub

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Enterprise SpA Headquarter - Rome - Roma

A dialogue between matter and transparency

The new Enterprise headquarters in Rome offers brightly lit spaces that exploit the essential qualities of glass, steel and porcelain tile.

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Holiday Inn Express Malpensa - Somma Lombardo (VA) - SOMMA LOMBARDO (VA)

Is dreaming a little like flying?

The Holiday Inn Express Malpensa in Somma Lombardo (VA) is a functional space as well as a symbol of modernity and cutting-edge technology

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
Klay Sports Club - Paris - PARIGI (FRANCIA)

A hotel-style club

The Klay, the most fashionable sports club in Paris, has opened at 4 bis Rue St Sauveur in the heart of the busy Montorgueil pedestrian area.

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