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Scheiblhofer The Resort - Andau (Österreich)

Österreichische Gastfreundlichkeit

Arkan Zeytinoglu Architects hat das Projekt für das Scheiblhofer Resort unterzeichnet, das im grünen Burgenland liegt und ein Beispiel für Architektur für gehobene Gastlichkeit ist

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Level Up spa - Belgrade (Serbia)

An innovative wellness and entertainment venue in Belgrade

Serbia's capital boasts a new spa centre that balances natural and artificial materials, comfort and design

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Lucky Loore Luxury&Sport bar - Tartu, Estonia - Tartu (Estonia)

A sports bar with a sense of sophistication

A visually appealing and lively new bar in Tartu, Estonia stands out for its sophisticated design and welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, breaking away from the stereotype of a location aimed exclusively at sports fans

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Kazan Mall - Kazan (Russia)

A modern but traditional mall

The new shopping centre in Kazan provides all the advantages of modernity while embracing Tatarstan's multi-ethnic and multicultural tradition

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Domaine Les Jardins de Madeleine - Bernardvillé (F) - Alsazia (Francia)

Slow tourism in Alsace

A former stately home in Bernardvillé has been converted into a guesthouse immersed in green, natural surroundings close to France's first thematic tourist route, the famous Alsace Wine Route

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Central Bus Station - Sofia (BG) - Sofia (Bulgaria)

Sofia’s central bus station is a unique city landmark

An imposing building with a dramatic glass curtain wall and a high-performance ventilated ceramic façade, Sofia's central bus station is a vital hub of national transport and a major city landmark

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Habitué-Vin&Cuisine Restaurant - Naples - Napoli

Elegance and good taste

The centre of Nola, a town just outside Naples renowned for its history, culture and commerce, now offers a new gourmet restaurant called Habitué-Vin&Cuisine

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Ocean Beyond Blue ice cream and coffee shop - Pefkohori (Greece) - Pefkohori Halkidiki - Salonicco (Grecia)

An ice cream-inspired colour palette

Ice cream has influenced the entire interior design of an ice cream and coffee shop overlooking the Aegean Sea

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Terme Castel San Pietro Spa - Castel San Pietro (Bologna) - Castel San Pietro

Surrounded by the silence of the woods

The restyling of the swimming pool and vascular circuit department at the Terme di Castel San Pietro spa centre fits in perfectly with the landscape

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Carle Private Residence - Turin - Torino

A smart and extensive architectural renovation

In this residential renovation, the architects had the opportunity to work on the envelope and roof as a single project, focusing in particular on the new composition of the façades and their energy performance

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Entrance portal and hall residential building - Pamplona (Spain) - Pamplona (Spagna)

A new entrance to an apartment building in Pamplona

The Monreal-Santos architecture practice redesigned the entrance portal and hall of a conventional seventies apartment building in Pamplona in keeping with design-for-all principles

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Azzurra Fitness Club - Cisterna, LT (Italy) - Cisterna (LT)

Azzurra Fitness Club: a warm, friendly space designed for all

The aim of the project was to create a fitness centre where it would be a pleasure to train, relax and socialise

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Beyond Society Gastrobar - Xanthi (Greece) - Xanthi (Grecia)

A distinctive but hospitable style in the heart of Xanthi

A location that combines the classical elegance of Eastern Greece with a retro touch and cosmopolitan atmosphere

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Lago di Garda Penthouse - Toscolano Maderno (BS) - Toscolano Maderno

A dream penthouse in a lakeview residence

The architectural complex follows the slope of the land, drawing inspiration from the old lemon houses of Lake Garda

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Markus Food Experience - San Paolo Bel Sito (NA) - San Paolo bel Sito (Na)

Markus: vesuvian cuisine 3.0

An interior created by architect Leonardo Caliandro is the perfect setting for the gastronomic inventions of the young Neapolitan chef Maurizio De Riggi

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Private house - Verona - Verona

A balanced blend of history, art and design

The semi-circular arched windows cut out of the ancient Porta Leoni conceal an open-plan apartment that's a treasure chest of past, present, art, design and craftsmanship

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Theory Bar & More - Athens - Atene (Grecia)

Colonial revival meets fusion style in the north of Athens

The restyling of a well known venue in Chalandri, a northern suburb of the Greek capital, provides the perfect opportunity to express an original, vintage-oriented idea

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Private Residence - Munich (Germany) - Monaco di Baviera (Germania)

When an architect designs for herself

In Munich, the capital of Bavaria, materials inspired by nature add warmth to the geometric rigour of the architectural volumes in Claudia Hauke's light-flooded home

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PlusCity First Class Shopping - Pasching (Austria) - Pasching (Austria)

PlusCity in Pasching, Upper Austria, almost a city of its own dedicated to leisure activities

The extension has added 20,000 sq.m to the floor surface of what is now the biggest shopping centre in the region, featuring 220 stores, 48 restaurants, a multiplex cinema, a fitness centre and a family entertainment centre

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Erika Spa and Relax Hotel - Tyrol (Bolzano) - Tirolo

Wellness among the colours of nature

Framed by gardens and mountains, the Erika Spa and Relax Hotel in Tyrol offers a full immersion in nature and in the beauty of its carefully designed spaces

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Private house - Béziers (F) - Béziers (Francia)

Italian tiles enjoy pride of place in France

In a villa in Béziers in the Languedoc region, the ceramic tile collections of a Modena-based company are the key players in the interior design project

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Alpentherme Kurzentrum - Bad Gastein (Austria) - Bad Gastein (Austria)

High-altitude thermal resort

The project of the new Alpen Therme spa in Gastein promotes a sense of dialogue between the interiors and the outside world.

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