Leninsky 38 residential complex - Moscow (Russia)

Leninsky 38, living and having fun in Moscow

A new residential complex in the heart of the Russian capital features a shopping centre, restaurants, cafés, a fitness club, a spa, a garden, a play area and underground parking
Francesca Gugliotta
Andrei Romanov

Leninsky 38, a new residential complex in the heart of Moscow, brings together tradition and modernity, elegance and comfort. It consists of two apartment blocks and an independent 4-storey shopping centre, restaurants and cafés, a fitness club and spa, a private plaza with garden and play area, and an underground car park. A landmark in the bustling Moscow metropolis, it is also an oasis of well-being and a place where residents can unwind and take time out from the hectic pace of their daily lives. The architecture of the buildings was designed by acclaimed Moscow-based architect Andrei Romanov, while the interior design was commissioned from the practice Atria Magna with the shared goal of creating a style that can be described as „modern classic European“. „The project stands as a new symbol of Leninsky Prospekt, incorporating the rhythm of the city while at the same time offering a break from the frenetic pace of the metropolis,“ says Ekaterina Nosova, director of Atria Magna. „The biggest challenge was to create a comfortable, zoned entrance within the long, narrow space that avoids the effect of a corridor. There are two entrances, so it was important to make them equally appealing, one welcoming residents with a hospitable fireplace, the other with a reception area.“ The interior of the public spaces reflects the essence of the project. „The pace of urban living is epitomised by the wide pedestrian „boulevard“ in the entrance area and a dynamic wall with overhangs accentuated by the lighting, while a fireplace and lounge area create a homely atmosphere.“ The interior design firm opted to use natural materials. „The marble, wood and stone used on the walls echo the decoration of the building’s façade. The building’s architecture is modern and essential, and the interiors represent a continuation of this style with their clean geometric lines, minimalist décor, high-quality natural materials, absence of bright colours, and visually appealing individual elements such as mailboxes, shelves and benches,“ said the architects. „The entrance lounge seems to us to be one of the most welcoming places, where one can sit at any time of day with a cup of coffee or enjoy the fireplace and the dynamic curves of the walls.“
This international location also features a little piece of Italy. „For the floors throughout the project – in the foyer, lift entrances, apartment corridors and stairways – we opted for Anima collection porcelain tiles in the colours Graphite and Nero Atlante from Ceramiche Caesar. We consider this material to be the ideal solution for high-traffic public areas, and it also fits in perfectly with the concept of the project, namely the maximum possible use of natural materials. The surface sheen looks completely natural, representing the brightness of the city in harmony with nature.“

Graphite, Nero Atlante
60x120, 60x60, 120x278

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