cultural venues

Wake Forest University Reynolds Gymnasium - Winston-Salem, NC (USA)

Wellbeing: the new frontier of fitness

Education of the whole person, holistic wellbeing and sustainability lie at the heart of a major renovation project for an American university campus

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Central Public Library - Calgary, AB (Canada)

Not just a repository for books but an agora of exceptional beauty

An international design firm with the support of a unique citizen think-tank created a ground-breaking public library in Canada

Parah Boutique - Forte dei Marmi (Lucca)

Like an opulent dressing room

The new Parah Boutique store in Forte dei Marmi, designed by Foro Studio, stands out for its powder pink tones and natural textured surfaces inspired by a sense of authentic femininity and the brand's sophisticated spirit


Designed by Erich Strolz and Dietrich Untertrifaller Architekten, the powerful new musical complex is a pure volume open to the city and its inhabitants

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA

Torre Prada brings to completion the project for the Fondazione Prada complex which was opened three years ago. The terrace offers panoramic views of the city and features a striking optical-effect black and white paving consisting of porcelain laminate panels installed in a slightly curved and visually-striking layout

Belagflächen: LEA
Humanitas University Campus - Milano

Humanitas and contemporary humanism

Located just outside Milan, the new Humanitas University Campus brings together innovative form and content to create a fascinating, timeless village designed according to principles of sustainability

Hotel and Visitor Centre at Nyíregyháza Zoo - Hungary

A ceramic Pangea

The architecture of a large zoo explores the relationship with nature, using ceramic tiles to enhance form and function

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
IULM 6 Free University of Languages and Communication - Milan

One material, many materials

For the expansion project of the IULM University of Languages and Communication in Milan, the 5+1AA firm of architects designed a tower with spaces for classrooms and laboratories, canteen and kitchens, offices and an astonishing 700-seat auditorium clad with green ceramic tiles

IPSSEOA Buontalenti Hotel Management School - Florence

A state-of-the-art hospitality school

An interior design project for a hotel management school in Florence has revolutionised the entrance areas and teaching spaces

Belagflächen: ABK
Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence, York University - York, Ontario (Canada)

The Renaissance of engineering

Creativity begets creativity: this is the lesson to be learned from the Bergeron Centre in Toronto, winner of the Tile Competition 2018

Belagflächen: ABK
Klebemittel: Mapei
University's Renato Einaudi Collage - Turin

Long live Einaudi College!

Luca Moretto adopted an integral and sensitive approach to this refurbishment of Turin University's Renato Einaudi Collage. The result is both environment-friendly and respectful of the urban landscape. The finished project represents an intelligent balance between architecture and technology, achieved through the use of elementary finishes and materials.

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
The Residence - Perth (AUS)

A custom dream home

The Residence is a display home where porcelain tiles from express the concept of contemporary luxury

Starfield Library - Seoul (South Korea)

A library turns into an attraction

This beautiful library in Seoul has become one of the city's coolest attractions and is boosting business too

Belagflächen: MARCA CORONA
Roof Garden, Metropolitan Museum - New York

Ceramics at the top of the MET

New York, Fifth Avenue, Central Park: this is the impressive address of an incredible installation on the roof of the world-famous museum

Belagflächen: DEL CONCA
Ryerson Service Hub - Toronto, Canada

Back to the future

From a grey brutalist building to a bright contemporary university service hub. Ceramic tile plays a leading role in this successful, award-winning functional redevelopment project

Jerome L. Greene Science Center, Columbia University - New York, USA

Innovative and sustainable solutions for Manhattanville Campus

A new university complex designed to encourage interaction and sharing as well as openness towards the outside world

Spant! Theater - Bussum (NL)

More than just theatre

The multifunctional basement at the Spant! theatre in Bussum, Holland, is finally a place of light and boasts a sophisticated and elegant interior to welcome guests

The Ikaros Foundation school - Calcio (Bergamo) Italy

An enterprise school for the professionals of tomorrow

Porcelain tiles in just one colour for the Ikaros Foundation's new school in Calcio

Belagflächen: REFIN
LePur Yogurt Shop - Pechino

LePur: Beijing learns to love yogurt

Authenticity, freshness and health are conveyed with creative flair in LePur's flagship yogurt shop, designed by Stefano Avesani and Marcella Campa

Politechnika Wrocławska - Wrocław, Poland

A new development at Wroclaw Polytechnic

A perfect balance between glass and ceramic surfaces enhances the geometric lines and volumes of this new building at Wrocław university.

Belagflächen: LAMINAM
Caffetteria Spazio7 Bathrooms at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo - Torino

Contemporary art for living

A successful relationship has been established between Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and the new bathrooms in its Caffetteria Spazio7, honoured in the 2016 Ceramics and Design competition

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Palazzo Valperga Galleani - Turin

The most beautiful house in the world

A Baroque building in the heart of Turin's old city centre has been restored to its former glory as part of a meticulous renovation project combining old and contemporary decorative elements. Starting out from the choice of materials

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
KDV Sports, Golf & Tennis Academy - Carrara (AUS)

Sculptural transparency

The most prestigious sports centre on Australia's Gold Coast has been expanded with a transparent, lightweight multipurpose building resting gracefully on the coastal plainvvvvvv

Museo Palazzo Vecchio - Florence

An invitation to the palace

The most recently renewed sections of the Palazzo Vecchio museum bear witness to how the symbolic building has been transformed into a contemporary museum and exhibition centre over the years.

Belagflächen: CERCOM
Chiesa della Misericordia - Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo)

Porcelain tiles that define the architecture

The project by Archea Associati for the local Brotherhood of Mercy has created a new association headquarters and a farewell room that can be used for many of the client's activities

Belagflächen: TAGINA
Biblioteca delle Oblate, Florence

A renovated cultural centre for use by city residents

Following a major renovation project, the fourteenth-century building complex of the Oblates in Florence now houses a prestigious library, a newspaper library and a conference hall, becoming a major hub for the city's cultural life

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Religious complex - Fasano (BR)

Form and symbolism

A new place of worship establishes a powerful dialogue between the original forms of the local architecture and the expressive power of contemporary materials

Belagflächen: DAYTONA
Complesso scolastico - Capellen (L)

Having fun at school

A new school campus built in the town of Capellen, Luxemburg is experimenting with innovative educational architecture designed to make learning fun. Starting out from the cheerful and highly functional ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: VOGUE
School Complex, Massalengo, Lodi

A school in Massalengo

A new school in the Lodi area combines tradition and technology in a modern version of the country house

Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School - Washington, DC (USA)

Appealing and eco-friendly

The Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School in Washington is also a building that dialogues with the local community

Belagflächen: LEA
Concorde nursery school "Don Arrigo Mussini" - Fiorano Modenese, Italy

A showcase nursery school

All-round excellence reigns in the company nursery built by the Concorde Group for its employees' children and for the benefit of the local area

Belagflächen: Gruppo Concorde
Galleria Mucciaccia - Rome

for Art

A large gallery located in the heart of Rome stands out for its quiet, well-designed spaces ideal for showcasing contemporary artworks

Belagflächen: FIORANESE
CET Multifunctional complex - Budapest

The Budapest whale

Two nineteenth century granaries built on the banks of the river Danube encounter the visionary architecture of Kas Oosterhuis

Belagflächen: NOVABELL
Casa dei Bambini Montessori school - Milan

Colours for growth

The design of the new Casa dei Bambini (Children's House) in Milan, a Montessori school in which education starts with the built environment, is based on the use of colour

Belagflächen: VOGUE
FAES School - Milan

Every age has its colour

The sober façade of the FAES school in Milan conceals an eco-sustainable remodelling project tailored to the age of the school's students

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Hotel-Business Management School Georges-Frêche - Montpellier (FR)

Fuksas, ceramics and a catering school

A landmark city project has been completed in Montpellier, France

San Pio da Pietrelcina church compound - Rome

A roof that combines aesthetics and symbolism

The parish complex of San Pio da Pietrelcina has become the landmark of the Malafede neighbourhood in the suburbs of Rome

Wiltshire County Hall - Trowbridge (GB)

Under an ETFE sky

The architectural renovation project for an old administrative complex centres around a bright internal courtyard paved entirely with ceramic tiles

Belagflächen: REFIN
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities - Turin

A museum of Egyptian splendour

Construction of the new underground floor brings to completion the first stage of the works, which by early 2015 will have totally renovated the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities of Turin

Belagflächen: KEOPE
N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Technology) - Boulder, CO (USA)

A high-precision environment paved with Italian ceramic

Sun, snow and desert. Time, atoms, force, distance and temperature. Here they measure everything, with the highest precision.

Belagflächen: CAESAR
Barclays Center Arena - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

An arena at the service of the city

The new Brooklyn Nets basketball arena provided an opportunity to redevelop the urban life of one of New York's most famous neighbourhoods

Accademia Panino Giusto

A new academy of excellence and taste

A culinary school in the centre of Milan becomes a cultural centre offering its services to the city

Belagflächen: ETRURIA
Don Luigi Palazzolo primary school - Bergamo

A new concept for a school building

Functionality and design, light and greenery create a lively, welcoming environment for children at a new primary school in the province of Bergamo.

Belagflächen: CERIM
New Administrative Centre (NAC) - Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium)

A new administrative centre

In the town of Houthalen-Helchteren in Belgium, the social and administrative services, public library and municipal police station are housed under the same roof - or, to be more precise, under the same roof garden.

Belagflächen: FLOOR GRES
Chetham's School of Music - Manchester (UK)

Music for the eyes

The UK's largest music school has a new look that brings together elements of the past and future.

Soweto Theatre - Johannesburg (ZA)

The pride and joy of Soweto

Designed by young architects from the local practice Afritects, the Soweto Theatre carries on the great theatrical and musical tradition of South Africa

Belagflächen: VOGUE
University residence Camplus Bononia - Bologna

Camplus Bononia:
a city university residence

The new university residence is a modern structure immersed in greenery and equipped with the latest energy-saving solutions

Belagflächen: CAESAR
"The house of the sun" nursery school - Barberino Val d'Elsa (Florence)

A house of colour for children

A kaleidoscope of colours symbolising children's development from the ages of 3 to 6.

"Martino Martini" Institute - Mezzolombardo (TN)

A school tailored to students

The new "Martino Martini" institute in the northern
Italian town of Mezzolombardo opened in September 2011 in the name of functionality and eco-sustainability

Belagflächen: FLOOR GRES
Library and Cultural Center - Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario (CND)

Bradford West Gwillimbury Library and Cultural Center

A space designed not only for the storage, diffusion and transfer of knowledge but also to become a a centre for social gathering

Belagflächen: MIRAGE
Museum Design Hotel - Montaldo Torinese (To)

Museum Design Hotel

The castle of Montaldo features a sophisticated cultural exhibition as part of an original accommodation and wellness concept

College Descartes - Mons en Baroeul (F)

A school that focuses on communication

College Descartes is an example of a successful French public building project where the choice of materials plays a key role in identifying the building's functions

Nuovo Teatro Dell'Opera - Firenze

A new home for Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

The Nuovo Teatro dell'Opera complex is an international-level opera house and an urban space that interacts with the city and its history

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
New Public Library - Greve in Chianti (Florence)

A diaphragm-like surface covering

The project successfully explores the dynamic relationship between cladding and architecture, making creative use of a well-established clay ventilated façade system

Belagflächen: Palagio Engineering
New Central Navy Museum - St. Petersburg (Russia)

New Central Navy Museum in St. Petersburg

The former Kriukov marine barracks now hosts one of the oldest museums in Russia and one of the largest naval museums in the world

Belagflächen: TT120
San Giuseppe Nursery School - Peraga di Vigonza (Padua)

A joyful education

A spirit of light and joy radiates from the San Giuseppe nursery school in Peraga di Vigonza (province of Padua), built in accordance with modern educational principles

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Palazzo Strozzi - Florence

A non-invasive renovation project

The Strozzina, the underground gallery in Palazzo Strozzi devoted to contemporary art exhibitions, has been repaved with large-format tiles installed over the existing floor

Belagflächen: REX
BLA Library, Play Centre, Municipal Archives - Fiorano Modenese (MO)

BLA: a new cultural centre opened in Fiorano Modenese

A modern building clad with a large porcelain tile façade has been constructed in the heart of the Emilia-Romagna ceramic district to house a town library, play centre and municipal archives

Belagflächen: FLOOR GRES
Museum of Cycling - Magreglio (CO)

Uniting the sacred and profane

Magreglio (Como). An innovative cycling museum and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Ghisallo unite to celebrate one of the sports that is most in harmony with the natural landscape

Belagflächen: FIORDO
International building and Library of the Universidad de Lima - Perù

University buildings remodelled in Lima

In an urban context dating from the sixties, the buildings of the Universidad de Lima stand out for their contemporary stylistic features

Belagflächen: TT120
Einaudi University College San Paolo section - Turin

Urban colour therapy

Turin. With minimalism in crisis, sensitivity to the creative use of colour may prove an ethically sustainable choice

Belagflächen: VOGUE
Edmondo Landi Nursery - Lavezzola (RA)

A natural education

A nursery at Conselice, in the province of Ravenna, offers an all-round educational project, from the sustainability of the building to the most innovative teaching methods

Istituto Alberghiero "P. Artusi" - Riolo Terme (RA)

When curves take centre stage

At Rivoli Terme (Ra), a renovated and expanded hotel school is part of a boldly contemporary project in keeping with the spirit of the times.

Belagflächen: VOGUE
"Girotondo" Nursery - Piacenza

An educational Rubik’s cube

A nursery in Piacenza is a child-scale micro-city, a surprising abstract composition of coloured cubes

Belagflächen: GABBIANELLI
State Middle School "Luigi Lombardi" - Bari

Institutional Street Art

In the southern Italian city of Bari, the use of "legally approved" Italian graffiti on a library façade provides an example of student participation in the creation of a shared identity between teachers and pupils

Belagflächen: VOGUE
POLINS Strategic Innovation Centre - Venice

Integrated with nature

In the building designed by Marco Acerbis, architecture, environment and materials combine to achieve energy class A+

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
University of Colorado, Science and Engineering Building - Colorado Spring (USA)

New Science & Engineering Building for the University of Colorado

The spaces and facilities of the complex combine scientific excellence and environmental quality.

Belagflächen: ATLAS CONCORDE
Liceo Veronica Gambara High School - Brescia

The new teaching wing of Liceo Gambara

The extension project for the high school in Brescia stands out for its compositional clarity together with durability and solidity

Belagflächen: CERCOM
International School of Prague - Prague (Czech Rep.)

A colourful education

In Prague, an institution of excellence educates the ruling elite of the future. The school's mission is reflected in the use of multicoloured ceramic surfaces with a strong personality and a high visual impact.

Belagflächen: MARAZZI
Arena Culture and Sport Palace - Ostrava (Czech republic)

ČEZ Arena Culture and Sport Palace

The large multifunctional facility in Ostrava uses a curtain wall system with an innovative ceramic tile design

Belagflächen: Monoceram
Polo per l'infanzia "Lama Sud" - Ravenna

Sustainability and tradition at the service of children

The province of Ravenna is home to a new project based on best practices that establishes the Emilia Romagna region as the world leader in the field of educational facilities

Mediatheque in Mokrá - Brno (CZ)

Mediatheque in Mokrá

A remodelling project has transformed an old coal-fired power station into a multifunctional centre for cultural, social and recreational activities

Belagflächen: CENTURY
"Stefano Ferrari" Regenerative Medicine Centre - Modena

Architecture and morphogenesis

A centre of world excellence in medical research into stem cells adopts cutting-edge ceramic solutions.

Belagflächen: Multibrand
The Sessa Aurunca Castle - Caserta

An Historic Castle

Constructed from elements dating from the Roman and Lombard periods, rebuilt by the Normans and finally turned into a ducal palace under the Marzano family, the castle of Sessa Aurunca is now undergoing a sophisticated restoration project

Istituto Clinico Humanitas Research Centre - Rozzano (MI)

A Cutting-Edge Research Centre and Teaching Hospital

Fully integrated into the Humanitas clinic, the new scientific centre hosts the University of Milan's degree course in Medicine and Surgery, Biotechnologies and Nursing

Belagflächen: COTTO D'ESTE
Litokol Training Center - Rubiera (RE)

Training in red

Colour, together with an original use of materials, is the most distinctive element of the Litokol Training Center

Belagflächen: RONDINE
Job Corps. Center - Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

At school in a ceramic ‘fortress‘

The Cleveland Job Corps Center acts as an urban and social microcosm, where the concept of a community becomes a city

Belagflächen: ITALGRANITI
Montelupo Ceramic Museum

The Montelupo Ceramic Museum

A collection of outstanding historic and artistic interest housed with rigorous simplicity inside a neutral, warm and comfortable space created by the use of natural materials, soft colours and filtered lighting

Belagflächen: EDILCUOGHI
Leeum Museum - Seoul (Korea)

The Leeum Museum in Seoul

With solid terracotta ventilated façades, textured surfaces and the compositional role of light and primary shapes, Mario Botta has lent his distinctive style to the Korean multinational's Foundation

Belagflächen: SANNINI
Wissensturm - Linz (A)

An intelligent tower

Ceramic tiles with relief surfaces provide guidance for the visually impaired

Belagflächen: MARAZZI