Construction firms

European real estate demand

The most important resources are in Germany, the UK and France

Despite its heterogeneity, the residential building segment continues to drive the growth of the ceramic tile industry

A total figure of around US $3,300 billion was invested in the residential building sector worldwide in 2016, equivalent to more than 4% of global GDP.

U.S. construction market: prospects for 2017

U.S. residential construction market is made up of two main segments: new residential construction, the most important sector for ceramic tiles, furniture, electrical appliances and other house products; and new home sales, generating home improvement spending

United Arab Emirates: where construction never sleeps

The strong market performance is expected to improve further ahead of Expo 2020.

Renovation: a 50 billion euros potential market

A million houses ready for renovation can be a driver for recovery and a great investment opportunity as a renovated home can see its value increased by up to 35%