Ceramics of Italy at the Design Innovation Forum in Taipei

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Taipei (Taiwan )

The five hundredth anniversary of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci is a historic event marked by worldwide celebrations to honour one of the most exceptional Italian minds of all time.

Universally acclaimed as a master of the fields of science, design, functionality, innovation, art and culture, Leonardo is particularly famous for his extraordinary intuitive visions and the futuristic discoveries that became reality hundreds of years later.


These important themes were discussed in front of a packed audience of Taiwanese architects at a conference entitled “Design Innovation Forum” organised by the ceramic tile distributor BNF Be New Form on 25 October in the splendid setting of Nuzone in Taipei.

Organised in cooperation with the local order of architects and interior designers, the event was attended by more than 200 professionals who had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an Italian atmosphere and enjoy a unique journey through Italian culture and expertise.


The event focused on the Renaissance period and the ingenuity and materials of the times. Italian ceramic tile took centre stage in a talk on Cersaie and the main ceramic tile trends 2020 given by Cristina Faedi, head of Promotional Activities at Confindustria Ceramica, who focused in particular on creative inspiration and Italian design.

Innovation and design were the main themes of the talk entitled “The Impact of the European Renaissance on Modern Design” given by Vincenzo Legnante, Professor of architecture at the University of Florence.

Introduced by Andy Chen, the meeting was concluded by a lively debate with the audience on the theme of architecture and design. Informative material on Cersaie and the Italian ceramic industry was also handed out during the conference.

The event was well received by the audience, who appreciated the way it brought together the three cities of Florence, Bologna and Taipei in a dialogue on contemporary design.


November 2019

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