Making the customer experience memorable and enjoyable is paramount

For over four decades, Padron Flooring has been a key player and purveyor of Italian tile in the industry, offering a wide assortment of high-end products from Italian producers in its showroom.
By Brittney Harmond

(February 2024) | Since its founding in 1979 by Robert Padron, Padron Flooring has established itself as a flourishing family-run and operated business in South Florida, becoming an indispensable retailer & distributor of porcelain tiles for the region. For over four decades, Padron Flooring has been a key player and purveyor of Italian tile in the industry, offering a wide assortment of high-end products from Italian producers in its showroom. Mr. Padron attributes the company’s success to his team’s fierce determination and hard work, and is proud that his children continue to carry its legacy of integrity, respect, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We spoke with Alisa Padron, Sales Manager and daughter of Robert Padron, to learn more about the company’s values and relationship with the Italian ceramics industry.


When was your company founded? What have been some key moments since its beginning?

Padron Flooring was founded in 1979 by Robert Padron. In the beginning, the business mainly operated in the carpet sector, selling and installing them for both residential and commercial projects. Since then, the company has expanded its scope, with a critical moment being in the early 2000’s when Padron Flooring began importing tile. In 2007, the ownership of the company changed, marking another pivotal moment for the company.


What are your company’s guiding principles?

At Padron Flooring we pride ourselves on quality, consistency, and creativity.


What type of tile products does your company carry and how are they utilized in projects (i.e. flooring, wallcoverings, countertops, custom furnishings, etc.)?

Padron Flooring offers a wide variety of products, but most importantly specializes in the distribution of porcelain tile. Our products are mainly used for interior and exterior flooring, wall coverings, bathrooms, and facade applications.


Who are your main clients and what types of projects do they work on?

The majority of our clients and projects center around residential applications. We work and collaborate with homeowners, designers, and custom home builders to make a design vision a reality.


How would you describe the key characteristics of your showroom? What do you see as the most important aspects of customer service?

We have a very large showroom with an extensive selection of tiles on full display. The most important aspect of our customer service is that our team truly cares about our clients and making their experience memorable and enjoyable.


What specific qualities do you look for when sourcing new Italian tile products?

There are many factors that we take into consideration. High quality and longevity are two of the most important ones that we look for when sourcing new materials. We like to ensure that the manufacturers we choose are extremely experienced and produce durable, top-grade products. We also like to work with companies that continually invest in new innovations and products.


Is sustainability a contributing factor?

Yes, we keep sustainability top of mind when sourcing new products and consider the decisions and production methods the factories make that impact our environments.


What do you think makes Italian producers different from those in other competitor countries?

Italian producers are truly passionate about tile, and this shows in everything they do. Italian producers are highly skilled in developing products whose beauty is only matched by their quality.


How can Italian companies raise their approval level within the North American distribution system?

Italian companies can raise their approval levels within the North American distribution system by educating the end user on the differences between their products and those produced in other countries. Such differences include durability of the product, sustainability factors, new technologies and inventive designs available, etc.


What is the current state of the U.S. construction industry? How does Italian tile perform in this market?

While there has been a downturn in the construction industry, we remain optimistic about the future. Italian tile performs well in all markets, which is a testament to the industry and the quality of products from Italian manufacturers.

Cer Magazine International 68 | 03.2024