Cersaie Press Cafe AbitareCersaie Press Café
Silvia Botti talks to Carlo Magnoli Bocchi and Tommaso Dal Bosco (19 November 2020)

In the first three editions of the Press Cafés, Abitare looked at three different aspects of the world of design in the age of sustainability.

The 2017 meeting explored the theme of digitalisation in architecture and the results achieved in terms of comfort, quality, timeframes and costs. This was followed in 2018 by a discussion of the concept of planetary boundaries in the field of sustainable design. Then in 2019 the focus shifted to new frontiers and the ability of technology to verify all conditions prior to construction and testing.

The 2020 Press Café brought together these three themes in a concrete discussion of the future of architecture and interior design, particularly in view of the changes brought about by the health emergency.

Cities are the physical representation of the need for relationships and are an unavoidable presence on our planet. They are among the main causes of unsustainability, but at the same time they offer a way out of the crisis.

Architecture and the construction sector have an extraordinary opportunity: to steer urban development in new directions that are less energy-intensive and harmful, more aesthetically pleasing and inclusive.

In the light of the new measures already in place (e.g. the Italian government’s 110% green tax concessions) and those that will be introduced in the future thanks to European funding, Abitare offered some insights into what can truly be achieved.


April 2021